Body Manifestation Strong voices Three TRANSFORMATION


By Gitte Lassen

There is power in writing things down.

There is power in play and creativity.

There is power in free flow.

There is power in taking a look inside yourself.

There is power in envisioning a future of your dreams.

There is power in structured thinking.

There is power, a lot of it, in writing down your goals and coming back to them over and over again.

This workbook was created to harness that power.

Have you felt or heard the call of your Soul? Calling you to stop what you are doing and walk a new path in life? Maybe it happened to you a long time ago. Maybe it’s happening now. Or maybe you just yearn to do your Souls’ Work instead of going through the motions of living, working…

Your soul’s work is sacred work. It is a sacred trust given to you by God.

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