By Hilde H. Olsen

Awaken to your birthright

The kundalini “awakening,” or the rising of your kundalini energies, is a major part of your twin flame journey, it will happen simultaneously with a lot of other “weird”, wonderful, and totally incomprehensible things going on with you as you walk the path towards the ascension into the light and union with all things, union with source energy. -And union with your beloved twin flame. It is the alchemical marriage, the Hieros Gamos. A Kundalini awakening can happen to anyone, and as with all the articles we write at Tuntrelife there is a lot to learn in this article for anyone interested in the topic, not just Twinflames, or someone looking to attract their Twinflame. Our mission is to spread the experiences we have had to everyone.

So what is the Kundalini?

The Kundalini is a latent sexual energy that has its base in the groin. It is related to the root chakra, which is located a few centimeters up from the Perineum. This energy is also referred to as the life force energy, It is related to your awakening process and spirituality, as it brings with it consciousness and a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe. Sometimes it is also referred to as Prana or Chi. This energy can take many shapes and forms, it can come as an explosive volcanic eruption, or it might come trickling, a little at a time when you are ready for the next level. For John and I, we went through the Kundalini awakening in very different ways. John’s was more like the eruption, while mine was going on several times, and over a longer period of time. I had no idea what the fuck was going on with me, I thought I was going crazy at times. It was not until after my first Kundalini awakening that it started to dawn on me that this is what had happened to me. John was also in the same situation at the start, but later in his process, he knew what was happening to him and he could just surrender into the love and the miraculous upgrades.

If you trust and understand the process of the kundalini awakening it will guide you to a fuller and enriched version of yourself, an upgraded version walking the ascension path in authenticity and wisdom. It is important to open up the heart chakra as a part of this process and open up to universal love on all levels, as it is a power that can burn you or be misused. If handled with respect and care it will bring you so much joy and happiness in your life, and it will also help you release stress.

Be cautious

I have talked about the Kundalini energy before, and here is a word of caution again as it really can be fierce, so you have to approach this part of the journey with caution. Keep doing the chakra healing work, keep raising your energetic frequency by detoxing with raw food, preferably a lot of juice. Meditate. Do tantric chakra healing work. And do Qigong. Also, treat yourself to Reiki healing when you need it to support your body in coping with all the new understanding and patterns coming in, and in releasing the old programmings that there is no need for anymore.


1 – Through breathing. Sit in lotus position, with your spine straight, and inhale deeply. As you inhale feel the energy rising from your root chakra and travel up the spine as it reaches your crown chakra, see it go into the universal light. Then as you exhale feel the energy coming back down again, into the third eye chakra, then the throat chakra, next to heart chakra before it goes back to root chakra, and you start from the top. Don’t worry about feeling the energy moving up the spine when what happens physically is air going in and out of your lung. Energy flows where attention goes. This means the pranic energy will purify and move through your chakras as you in your mind feel it happening. Repeat this cycle 10 times, every morning. You will quickly start to feel the Kundalini rising.

2 – Dancing wildly! Shake your hips to wild, intense tribal root chakra music. Lots of drums and great beats to shake up and stir your root chakra, waking it up! Do this every day for 10 minutes. Dance as if no one is watching! Let the songs inspire you; “Shake that Booty”, and “Hips Can’t Lie”, and “Sexual Healing”, all in one crazy wild dance. This is so simple, yet surprisingly effective.

3 – Sound healing. There are so many ways, I myself prefer the Tibetan singing bowls, gongs or the Solfeggio Frequencies. You can also do chanting or mantras focusing on the root chakra. Just remember as you explore the powerful vibrations of sound healing, that all the chakras need your attention in the form of purification, healing, and detox. Have fun healing all of them with sound! It is so amazing and powerful!

I am including some links under that you might find useful, and that can help you get started.

Happy Kundalini awakening!

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