In Gandhi’s immortal words, -Be the change you want to see in the world. is meant to be a spiritual and cosmically international information hub for the absolute best and deepest lifestyle and healing methods that are available. strive to gather and unite everything under one starry sky, so that the reader on his or her path to self love and fulfilment in life, easily will find the ultimate tools. It enables us to step through the portal with feet steady, feeling the support of the community and the love from all that went before us. Deeply trusting. It all starts with a personal responsibility, to strive for betterment of oneself, and as the person is empowered by the healing frequency from a loving and ever expanding universe, the world will also change accordingly. As above, so below, we are a merely a reflection of the vast universal force.

Invitation to co-create with us

We would like to invite you to write an article about the topic that is closest to your heart, your deepest passion and ambition to be of service in life. You can help us grow & improve the quality of our site while at the same time gaining valuable exposure for your existing endeavours. Submitting to our site will open additional platforms for you to reach new clients and markets, spreading information regarding what you are passionate about, and at the same time creating a broader client base for your business to help bring change to this beautiful world. If you do not feel like a creative writer, but would like to be featured, we will happily write a short presentation for you. will benefit from having empowered and visionary souls write for us, adding the type of original content sure to catch the attention of Google and other search engines. We will grow together, as increased visitor flow to our site will only generate more exposure for you, and is sure to send new opportunities your way.

Of course, the public also wins by having these amazing tools presented to them, all in one place, easy to find. With, we are hoping to inspire change in people’s lives, to live a truly tuntre like life, one heart at a time. The way we see it, this is empowerment. This is love. Love with the power to heal.

We hope that you feel inspired to join us in this adventure, and to help bring in the new earth in all its wonder! And we hope to find your article in our inbox very soon.


Hilde and John

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