This is a one-of-a-kind Introductory Qigong course where ancient meets modern. Learn the ancient Chinese art of Qigong, mixed with secret energetic healing methods from the Druids, and modern stress reduction techniques. This is an Eight Week Course with a live guided Qigong Session every day. Space is limited. Taught by Dr. John M. Kearney (pictured above), Qigong Master, Stress Management Coach, Empath, and member of an ancient Druid family bloodline. Click on one of the two options below to sign up for a group or one-to-one version of this course. Space is limited so sign up now. The one-to-one course is the same live course but offered for individuals (or couples). This is nothing else like this course on earth. BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE FROM BEAUTIFUL IRELAND.

Qigong (pronounced chee-gong, or chee-gung) is an ancient exercise that combines controlled breathing, gentle flowing body movements, and quieting the mind. Most people are familiar with Yoga Or Tai Chi. They both evolved from the same exercises known today as Qigong. So why not do the original exercise? The movements are simple and easy to remember, unlike many in Tai Chi, and they do not require strenuous poses or balancing, like in yoga. There is evidence that Qigong possibly is 10,000 years old, or older. A famous set of ancient instructions stated of Qigong that it was possible to: “Mind the body and the breath, and then clear the mind to distill the Heavenly elixir within.”

Due to its potential for health benefits, The Harvard Medical School called Qigong and Tai-Chi “Medication in Motion.” Qigong is sort of like yoga but much simpler to perform –anyone can do it — and I truly believe that is why Qigong sees much better and quicker health results than yoga. It is simple to learn and perform and each exercise can be performed sitting or standing. It does not require a lot of hard-to-perform positions like yoga. During the free morning session, John will show how to do each exercise sitting or standing. If you would like to know more about Qigong, or read about the science supporting the health benefits — check out these articles from Tuntrelife:

What Is Included In The Course:

Included In Course

  • Live Online Instructions 3 times per week
  • Live Guided Qigong Session Every Morning — with little talking (at least 30 mins per day)
  • Unlimited live Questions And Answer After Every Session
  • You will Learn Over 20 Qigong Exercises
  • Health Secrets From The Druid Grove, An Exclusive From Tuntrelife — including Tree-Gong, Quartz-Gong, and more energetic methods that are not being taught anywhere else.
  • Modern Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Written Instructions For Each Module
  • Lifetime Access To a Recording Of Each Instructional Session
  • 2 Live One-to-One Energetic Healing Sessions
  • Certification of Completion

What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction To Qigong
  • Preparing the Body
  • Stretching and Strengthening The Body for Qigong
  • The Qigong Diet
  • The WuJi Posture
  • Moving Qi
  • Awakening the The Energetic Body
  • The Energy Channels
  • The Microcosmic Orbit
  • Balancing Qi
  • Cultivating Qi
  • Purifying Qi
  • Storing Qi
  • transforming Qi
  • Regulation of Breath
  • Dissolving In Qi
  • Transmitting Qi
  • Moving Yang Qi
  • Turn Qi To Shen
  • Secrets from The Druid Sacred Gove, Including Tree-Gong, Quartz-Gong, working with the moon and other natural energies, and Secrets of the Celtic Knot (Ouroboros)
  • Introduction to Sexual Energy
  • Modern Stress Reduction Techniques.

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