By Hilde H. Olsen

“Even butterflies and bees do it”…

Sexuality is a topic that always catches people’s interest, and like most people, I am also passionately interested and fascinated by this topic. Sexuality is the creative force in nature. Everyone has sex. Like in the famous song the lyrics go – “even butterflies and bees do it”. The sexual force is so intensely strong, and it has the capacity to take us to places we can hardly imagine to exist. If the sexual energy remains pure and love-centred it will merge us with the universe. The sexual force affects us in every way, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It has the power to heal us.

Not only does it bring you close to your lover, it also relaxes you and makes you happy. Good sex has the capacity to bring you into a self less state where the ego is dissolved, time is non-existent and you reach a state of union with all things.

However, there are so many aspects and levels to sexuality, there is the coarse porn based sexuality that does not favour men nor women. Sadly this is very dominant in society today. This way of looking at sexuality is “friction based”, in and out… This way of sex looses all it’s interest after one has experienced energy sex, then one certainly outgrows friction sex very quickly. Friction sex shows a lack of understanding of both the feminine and masculine psyche as well as the body’s functions, needs for intimacy, and the souls purpose and capacity. And what’s worse, it has shut down the connection to our inner treasure chamber of sexual energy. If one starts to open up this treasure chamber within, the divine feminine and the divine masculine will start to emerge. And with it expanded awareness and divine sexuality. Now we are talking!

Are ancient philosophies relevant today? 

These ancient, secret philosophies from the East, both from tantra and taoism are starting to re-emerge today. They have been shrouded in secrecy for 1000’s of years, it was only the really advanced spiritual disciples and royalty that ever got insight into it’s delightful mysteries. Today is another story, the truth spreads easily on the world wide web, and the ancient wisdom can be used and adapted to enhance our modern lives. In my opinion even the old wisdom can be enhanced and expanded further by modern research methods and findings. Another way that could see tantra and the ancient mystery philosophies evolve to the next level, would be through the opportunity we have today of improved diet and lifestyle. And with this I am thinking specifically about high fruit raw food diets/ juicing, Because of modern technologies and inventions have given us the opportunity to buy pineapple and bananas in the middle of winter and mangoes in places they would normally not grow. Our health has the opportunity to be optimized to a whole new level, -if we do the work, make the necessary changes and walk the talk of course. If we do opt for the change in lifestyle, this will bring us a whole new view of sexuality, we would start to really understand the deep healing it will bring forth. And by surrendering to, and refining our sexual energies, it transforms into awakening into unity, consciousness, divinity, -our true birthright. Because it is our birthright to be happy, live long, healthy and prosperous lives, in love and grounded wisdom, with a deep spiritual connection.

Sex is energy

My own discovery and experience with this crazy wonderful sexual energy, was when I completely out of the blue and unaware, entered into my first kundalini awakening. A few months after all this weirdness, the next life changing event hit me right in the face, or in the heart as it was. I met my catalyst twin, and I went into a deep process, where my catalyst twin, totally unintentionally, was helping me remembering who I truly am. All the things I have known and used to do in past lifetimes, both with others, also with him, and of course my twin flame. These past life memories came rolling in, and I “saw” in my inner eye, my third eye, how the sexual energy worked, I saw how it moved through the chakras. I saw how my chakras pumped and circulated when he was close, I saw how the energy moved through us as we were making love. I saw his penis, turn into a pillar of light! I saw the energy from his pillar of light as he entered, it lit up the cervix, and the energy kept going up the spine, out the head chakra, the root chakra, – and the heart chakra, it filled his heart chakra and went down the spine and filled his pillar of light with more light, and the cycle was repeating and repeating. It was not until 1 1/2 years later that I ordered a tantra book by Diana Richardson on amazon, that I realized what had happened to me. By reading what I wrote above, you must have thought I was going crazy, I can assure you that it felt crazy to me too, although I never felt crazy, there is the difference! As soon as I opened the tantra book, the first thing I read was that the Sanskrit word for penis was Lingam which meant “pillar of light”. My chin was down to my knees, now it was finally making sense to me, in the craziest way I could have imagined. I had heard of tantra before, and was intrigued by it, but now life had opened the door slightly, for me to walk through it. The more I read in the book, the more I understood that I was just tapping into my old and ancient memories of who I really am, what I have always known. Of course I knew I had to study tantra.

Claiming our cosmic birthright

John and I believe that Tantra, or more correctly, the ancient wisdom and philosophies of divine sexuality comes form Atlantis. And before it came to Atlantis, probably it was cosmic intergalactic knowledge, who knows. It is hard to trace the origin of Tantra, but the oldest known scriptures on tantra are dated to 400-600AD. Scholars claim Tantra originated from Hinduism, but that again came from the north, possibly Siberia, but there is no evidence, only that it seems to follow goddess worship, or worship of the divine feminine where tantra seems to be known.

A tantric life is a lifestyle

Most people seem to think that tantra is all about sex. This couldn’t be more wrong. When you start looking at tantra and delve into it, you quickly realize this is a full lifestyle in itself. And it is “bloody hard” work, in the sense, if you want to expand into it, you have to do the work. The body will not lie, and everything that needs to be healed will come to the surface to be looked at, transmuted and healed. This is why I am saying it is hard work. The chakra work will stretch you, trigger you and make you wiser, but you have to DO it. Tantra is a blend of art, science and religion, and it demands wisdom and understanding from it’s followers. It is a lot of meditations, (and the dynamic ones will take you there even quicker), breath work, qigong/yoga, mantra, yantra and rituals. It has the power to transform your life, and you will emerge like the most beautiful butterfly! It is through the sexual union and the opening up to love that the transformation will occur.

Sex as an energy is just as important for a healthy body as breathing, nutrition, exercise and balance in life.

Balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine is a deeply important aspect of Tantra, and this is one of the main reasons too why I think it is so important and why I have made tantra a part of my life. It is the yin and yang of all things. It is the light and the dark, and the duality of nature. All the ancient tantric and tao traditional exercises teaches practical guidelines to attain a deeper understanding of sexual love and lovemaking. It talks about the preparation to make love, and how to strengthen the bonds of love, trust and harmony between the two lovers. It teaches to attain balance and harmony between the feminine and masculine energies with in the self, and to meet the lovers needs from an expanded understanding and respect. This is the beauty of it, also that it encourages to love making when your heart really is in it. Loving yourself and your partner fully, that is when tantra really can take you to the ultimate potential of you, of expansion into union with your beloved and with source. Because in the end everything comes down to love…

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