By Hilde H. Olsen

As I have mentioned many times already, the Twin Flame dynamic is in a league of it’s own. Magical, mystical, unbelievable, and otherworldly things happens. It truly is like stepping into a new universe where the rules as you once used to know them has completely changed… It is magical and mystical and deeply fulfilling with the amounts of love cascading over you, but at the same time it is scary stuff. And you seem to enter this energy, seemingly alone, armed with nothing else than your hopes and dreams, and lessons of the past. It leaves you confused and excited at the same time. It contains all and nothing. You are all alone and you are divinely connected. With many ambivalent emotions going one at the same time, and while the body is processing it all, you are just trying to hold on to dear mother earth for dear life…

Entwined at the roots

At the same time as you are trying to remain grounded in all this, your twin flame is also taking steps to upgrade his or her energetic vibration and probably also going through kundalini awakening on their own. This is how the twin flame dynamic works on the two of you. You are one soul trying to merge the two bodies. This is what the twin flame union is all about, becoming one. Your energies are intertwined, and you are always attached at the roots. This means what ever you do to deal with your own issues and challenges, this will also affect your twin. This is the spiraling dance, as long as you move, expand and vibrate ever higher, so will your twin. Your energies are forever entwined. He or she is not a mirror reflection of you, rather he or she is responding to your energetic vibration, your increased frequency of love. Take responsibility for your own life and walk the talk, then you will find as you heal your twin does too.

The dynamic goes back and forth and spirals upwards as you evolve

Even if you are still not in physical union, and you might not even have met yet, this is how the divine feminine and the divine masculine within the two of you ignite each other, through the beautiful spiraling dance. You will both of you have memories to transmute, and old templates to transform as you rid yourselves of the old belief systems concerning love, relationships, and sexuality. and everything you do not need anymore. Everything that doesn’t serve you as your energy vibrates higher.

It is the caterpillar becoming the butterfly

Both of you will go through, before union, -and after, trials and initiations. You will be doing them one by one, and you do them for yourself and your twin for him or herself. Twin flames are not perfect , we still live in physical bodies and go through the school of life on planet earth, and lessons take place as the personality evolves and stretches. This is not dependent on being in union with your twin, quite the contrary, and your mission together is not dependent on the two of you being in union either.

As twin flames come together they seem to activate each other

There are of course many things you can do to heal your twin, but the number one thing you have to remember is to take responsibility for your own shit… It is all too easy to project to your twin what is wrong with them and what they should do. But this is not how the healing takes place between the two of you. You need to look at and deal with your own issues. In my own amazingly beautiful twin flame journey I have noticed that as I bravely expand into this and heal myself, my twin flows in perfect harmony with me through it. It is beyond words how this works, it just does. My beloved and I seem to respond to each others energies and he always responds to the changes in me and we keep flowing together in the river of love, totally trusting. It feels like autocorrect of the energies!

You heal your twin by responding to your own life lessons, trials and tests and by dealing with the challenges as they come to your attention. But still, I would like to give you a few tools to help you expand your heart and reach out to your twin, and help healing him or her. Whenever you send loving thoughts and feelings his or her way, you will heal your twin. Your twin will feel it. You do not have to be a healer to do this, it is your loving intention that radiates to him or her.

3 Simple exercises to heal your twin

I will give you 3 simple exercises you can do to connect and heal your twin, even if you are not in union, even if you have not even met yet. This is how powerful this energy of love is. It transcends everything, it moves mountains and it is unstoppable. Miracles happen as you both heal.

  • Eyegazing. Close your eyes. Imagine you sit in lotus, facing him or her, look into your twin’s eyes. Feel into the energy of him or her. Send love and healing 2- 5 minutes every day.
  • Close your eyes. Connect to each chakra, also the new ones. Imagine your chakras merging one by one. See them fill with light and see your twin in a shower of the purest light.
  • Sit in lotus, with your eyes closed. Then lift your hand up, visualize your twin sitting in lotus facing you, and touch his or her heart with the palm of you hand. Now send the purest love to the heart of your twin. Practice this until you feel your heart filled with love for each other, and everything.

This will strengthen your connection further, and make you ready for union. Excited? Magic and mystic magnificence follows! It just has to when you hear the call, step up the game and do your part. Blessed blissful union to you.

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