Daily Guided Qigong

This is a guided Qigiong Session that occurs online via Zoom five days per week, Monday through Friday. at 6: 00 p.m. (18:00) (London time). There will be a live guided Qigong warm-up, Qigong routine, and meditations that are easy to follow. No experience is necessary and a free introductory, live session is provided so you can learn the exercises in advance.  A recording of the introductory session can also be provided. The sessions last for one hour.

The sessions are intended to help you make Qigong a part of your daily routine.  Doing Qigong on a regular basis can provide you a means for self-healing, stress reduction, living pain-free, reaching your peak performance, or to just thrive in bliss like you were intended to live. You can join individual sessions on a pay per session basis or subscription packages are also available. Please see the payment options below


Please Select One Of The Following Payment Plans:

Single Day Drop In

This purchase allows you to enter one Qigiong session. It can be used any time after the purchase.

Five Days

This purchase allows you to enter five Qigiong sessions. It can be used at any time after the purchase.

One Month Subscription

This payment plan allows you to enter all sessions over a one-month period. The subscription expires thirty days after the date of purchase.

Donate To Best Online Santa

This payment plan allows you to Donate to our Online Santa Project to Help Children who may not be able to visit or talk to Santa this Holiday season due to COVID-19.

Customer reviews About Druid Qigong

John offers a wealth of knowledge which I don't feel can be accumulated through reading books alone. This means you can integrate more quicly and deeply - without spending years looking to piece together all the elements, which John has done for you, and now kindly passes on through years of lived experience and mystical learnings.
This is truly good for both body and soul. John is genuinely interested in Qigong and has good knowledge of the subject and that made this course so great to follow. I can truly recommend it.
I have enjoyed it a lot and have benefited from more energy and a relaxing grounding practice for me. Your passion for Qigong is amazing ### I will definitely recommend you.