By Hilde H. Olsen

Just the thought of this oil sends most of us back to Bethlehem around 2000 years ago remembering the 3 wise men from the east that brought baby Jesus the 3 gifts, -Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Imagine a time where new born babies received Frankincense oil! This tells us something of how valued this oil must have been back then. It also puts to mind a story about Mary Magdalene washing Jesus’ feet. It was customary to anoint the feet in oil after, and it is easy to imagine that she must have used Frankincense oil. The Frankincense tree grows on the Arabian peninsula, and was available through the trade routes in the Middle East at that time.

Feel good oil…

Even today this essential oil with its heavenly scent must be one of the most treasured in the history of oils… It is a versatile oil, with so many uses, and equally many benefits. Certainly it is a feel good oil that uplifts your emotions, but at the same time, it is a sensual oil that always should be found in your bedroom for some connecting time with your beloved…

Add Frankincense to your beauty regime

For me this is a “go to” oil, I use it all the time, and the Young Living Frankincense oil is so pure, you can even ingest it. I put a drop in a liter of water, and have this as my treat during the day. It is known to support the digestion. Frankincense is a very antiseptic oil, and it is also used a lot in cosmetics. Even Cleopatra is know to have taken Frankincense baths to enhance her already well established beauty. I have to admit to following Cleopatra’s example… I always add Frankincense oil to my facial oil. I use Neal’s Yard’s organic Rose-hip Facial oil, and when I open a new bottle, I add 10-20 drops of Frankincense to the bottle, and shake it. In this way a little goes a long way. I use a few drops of my facial oil blend morning and night. I simply love the addition of the Frankincense oil. I also add it to my body oils in the same way, and I am equally happy with that! This oil is excellent to use for aging skin as well.

Elevates your energetic frequency

If you have a diffuser, of course, you will love the scent of Frankincense in the room, it is also said to have an euphoric effect. If you like to meditate, you should try the Frankincense oil in your daily meditation practice. Either diffuse it, or just use a drop that you put on your temples, the third eye chakra, or directly on the crown chakra. It helps to open up to spirit, and at the same time, it’s earthy scent will help ground you too. The earthy scent might also help with relaxation and puts you in the right frame of mind for meditation, and it sharpens your focus and elevates your frequency. The measured frequency of Frankincense oil is 147 MHz.

If I ever was put in the situation where I would have to choose one oil only…. This would be it! I think… It would have been very hard, so definitely happy I do not have to make that choice. But certainly one of the oils that I use EVERY day and it supports me on so many levels, I just love it!

Scientific study finds Frankincense to be anti carcinogenic

Young Living has conducted scientific studies that show the amazing qualities the Frankincense oil has as an anti carcinogenic. I have attached some videos below, one of them where the study is discussed.

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