By Hilde and John Kearney


Is it an emotion, a virtue, a behavior? It is a very personal thing for each of us. It is one of those things we just kind of know deep down inside — we know it and feel it. It is believed that gratitude may even stem from our evolutionary past and that animals engage in “reciprocal altruism” because they are capable of recognizing at a basic level that another animal may repay the favor at a later date. Gratitude is connected to, ultimately, why we are here on planet earth. It is part of how we experience the deepest possible love in connection with other people, other souls.

Here at Tuntrelife, we think this seems to be one of the most important things — the opening of one’s heart chakra, to unlimited, unconditional love, and in that we will remember who we truly are. As the heart chakra opens more and more we are at the same time opening ourselves up to the love of the universe, which again enables us to become one with the universe, one with the creative force, one with our Father Sky and Mother Earth. Oneness with our source. We once heard of a psychologist who had a lot of experience working with the boat refugees that came from Vietnam, they had been through the worst possible experiences and were really traumatized. But at the end of the day, the psychologist said she spent that time talking to them about love! Who they loved, if they were in a relationship with them or not, their heartaches and their victorious sweet moments with their beloved. Or how to get the challenges out of the way so that they could be united with their loved one in a lasting relationship. This just goes to show, and sums it up beautifully, how we as humans are social beings with a need for connection and approval — for love.


Although this might not seem to be an easy task, you just have to keep at it. There are so many ways to open your heart truly, and as humanity evolves, it is evident to see that most people use many ways to connect themselves closer to the ultimate state of love, on a daily basis. Just to name a few -there are very powerful heart-opening Qigong and yoga exercises, -there are very powerful heart herbs to assist this opening, -there are essential oils like Rose and Melissa to help the heart expansion. There are so many meditations that will support heart-opening and many of them include super powerful sound frequencies that change deep emotional barriers by penetration with sound energy healing. Or it could be very biodynamic tantric meditations, to heal the chakras. There is homeopathic medicine to support this heart transformation, with it’s gentle, subtle energies, – and there is the power of the mind to assist you in breaking up old mental programming to shatter old programming — connecting with nature, smelling the forest and its flowers, feeling connected, and feeling loved. This is just to name a few, and to illustrate how we do so many things to open up our hearts to love on a daily basis, all of us, more or less consciously. Because ultimately, it is all about love.


By delving into all of the above-mentioned heart-opening practices, it will take you on an energetic spiral that seems to increase in momentum and move upwards. Of course, you are already experiencing more love and connectedness in your life with your loved ones. As you evolve, you will feel you enter into a state of flow, that is very much talked about. This is a state of being where life flows beautifully and your life seems easy, and limitless.


Tomorrow is a mystery

Yesterday is history

Today is a gift

That is why it is called the present

We love this sweet little poem, bringing it back to what is important. You know that in the present moment you have the power to decide in what ways your thoughts will go, you can think positive or negative, this is your choice. You also know that right here and right now you are safe. You have so many things to be grateful for, pick only a few, and feel into how grateful you are. Examples of gratitude feelings could be – You can visualize yourself having a shower and feeling the water flowing over your body, how pure and clean you feel. It could be heartfelt joy in hearing the birds sing outside your window. It could be the color of the fresh fruits you just added in your breakfast muesli. Trust in that and release any thoughts and expectations about the future, and let go of hurt and pain from the past. Just stay in your heart right now, feel your heart filling with gratitude. Becoming conscious about how powerful your thoughts are to manifest is part of the process and just another thing you can feel grateful for!


In the words of His Holiness Dalai Lama,



  • Start your day with a positive mindset, decide to be happy and grateful from the moment you wake up and open your eyes. Wake up knowing you will have a fantastic day. Know it, own it, and feel it.
  • Savor your positive experiences, enjoy them, and send them gratitude.
  • Make a conscious decision to upgrade an average experience to a positive experience. Do not settle for mediocre life experience.
  • Visualize your enjoyment, feeling the feelings of love, gratitude, and joy.


Here is a simple gratitude meditation that we created at Tuntrelfie.  You can try it or use it as a guide for creating your own. We feel it is always best to personalize these meditations and make them your own for better results :

  • Stand straight with your knees slightly bent, and arms down by your sides.   Spend a few minutes relaxing and calming your body by starting with your head and feel the sensation of relaxation and calmness as you move down your body: feel relaxation and calmness in your forehead, neck, thyroid gland, shoulders, arms, liver, heart chakra, torso, kidneys, adrenal glands, hips, thighs, calves, and the soles of your feet. We like to do a mix of body parts, organs, chakras, and endocrine glands. Relaxing and calming some of each.  You can add or subtract more or less depending on how long you want the meditation to be. You can personalize this and make changes that feel best for you. 
  • Next, think of something or someone that creates a feeling of gratitude in your life. 
  • Start in the souls of your feet and work up to your head, feeling the gratitude in each part of your body that you just sent calming and relaxing energy. Take a deep breath, breathing gratefully, pushing out your tummy and filling your diaphragm and lungs with gratefulness as you breathe in a deep breath. Next, take a long slow out-breath sending the energy of the gratefulness to each body part. Moving from bottom to top, breath in gratefulness and send it to each body part you worked from head to toe.   
  • Now we are back at the top again and we will work from top to bottom going through each chakra, sending gratitude to each chakra. Do this by holding your hands over the chakra and imagine that you are cradling and rocking it as if rocking a baby to sleep. Bring your elbows in tight to the sides of your body like you are giving the chakra a deep, warm hug. Allow your third-eye, or mind’s eye, to enter each chakra, breathing deeply, and sending thankfulness and gratitude to each chakra as your rock and sooth it. Try to have a grateful thought for each chakra. Personalize the movements, apply them to each chakra as if you are soothing and comforting a baby. You can get very involved and rhythmic with the movements — slow and calm is probably best. Or you can just stay very still, doing all the movements with your mind. Feel into it and do what feels right for you. The following are just very simple suggestions to help you create your own feelings of gratitude for each chakra. You can use them as a start to create feelings for each chakra. To help make it your own:
  • The Crown Chakra connects us with the Divine, feel thankfulness and gratitude for having the chance to connect and be One with the Divine energy.   
  • The Third Eye chakra opens up for intuition and to seeing what is normally hidden from our sight.
  • The Throat Chakra is the seat of communication and self-expression: send and feel gratitude for the opportunity to find your true voice and the ability to express yourself with complete openness and satisfaction. 
  • The Heart Chakra is the center of love, compassion, and the connection point that binds and bonds us to all other living things. Feel gratitude for having this love and connectedness in our life.
  • The Solar Plexus is the source of our courage, self-esteem, and personal power. Feel grateful for how courageous and powerful you are, and that you are filled with positive self-esteem at all times. 
  • The Sacral Chakra is the seat of creation and sacred vessel of the womb energy. Feel gratefulness that you have the power of creation and the ability to manifest the life of your dreams. 
  • The Root Chakra is the source of our stability and grounding with nature, but also and the primal origins of your sexuality. Feel gratitude towards our connection with nature and its ability to boost and strengthen the juiciness of the sexual energy you share with your lover. 


With time, when making gratitude your style, your facial expressions will soften, worry lines will release, and you will feel like an upgraded version of yourself. Say YES PLEASE to becoming Supermen and Wonderwomen! Through the feeling of gratitude, you are now letting your inner smile come to the surface. It will attract other high vibrational souls into your life, and you will then feel more grateful, and happy, and content in your life. How about keeping this going, in an ever-increasing upwards surge of flow, gratitude, and love. Think about it, don’t you also feel more fulfilled in interaction with others, if you feel appreciated and they show signs of being grateful you are in their life? Make sure they know how grateful you are to have them in your life too, even scientific evidence suggest this will further support and enhance the loving relationship between you.


Feeling gratitude isn’t just the latest spiritual fad of the week, there is hard science emerging regarding the benefits of gratitude. A recent Harvard study found that there is a connection between gratitude and happiness and that it can be strengthened with practice. The more often we practice being grateful the happier we will be. The research on Gratitude is in – and the results are amazing. Studies have shown that gratitude can help with increased happiness and positive mood, better sleep, less fatigue, and lower levels of inflammation. Grateful adolescents also showed more interest in their school life and they were found to be more kind, helpful, and socially integrated. Gratitude is the new sexy!


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