Healing Services

Twin Flame Healing

Designed to balance Twin Flame energies & strengthen your Twin Flame connections   

Twin Flame Consultation

Consultations are offered to help you make the types of life changes necessary to invite your Twin Flame into your life.  Also guidance regarding how to deal with Twin Flame energies before and after union with your Twin Flame

Kundalini Healing

Soothes the tumultuous physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms often experienced during a Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening Stimulation

Designed to help guide you through the Kundalini Awakening Experience

Sexual Energy Healing

Blocked sexual energy can cause frustration, anxiety, loss of creativity, low motivation, poor decision making, disconnected feelings, anxiety, lower back pain, prostrate problems, fibroids, endometriosis, and emotional problems.  This Healing is designed to unblock sexual energies and return you to an uplifting, rejuvenating,  & pleasurable life

Peaceful Sleep Activation

A remote healing to help you relax and facilitate the body’s release of melatonin, so you can fall asleep quickly for a sound, rejuvenating, peaceful sleep 

Group Healing

This healing is designed to combine the energies of a group to increase the overall desired healing, inspiration, or creativity effects for each individual group member.  It is perfect for corporate or spiritual retreats, goddess circles, wedding receptions, pep rallies, & parties.  Also ideal as motivation before or during halftime at sporting events to help teams achieve peak performance. 

Group Meditation

A guided meditation specifically tailored for the needs of any group and designed to boost inspiration, creativity, healing, or other desired goals.

Pet Chakra Healing

Pets have chakras too and if imbalanced can cause anxiety, detachment, diabetes, food allergies, vomiting, and obesity. Balancing your pet’s chakras can allow for a happier, healthier life. 

bone Marrow Healing

Ancient Taoist monks performed a secret Qigong exercised intended to rejuvenate their bone marrow and brains, which was believed to be the final step towards achieving enlightenment or Buddhahood.  This healing is designed after the ancient practice and intended to heal the white & red blood cells found in bone marrow to boost your immune system, improve relaxation, increase sexual energy, and improve overall health. 

Gland Healing

Our glands produce hormones which regulate our organ function & most major bodily processes. Thus, a hormonal imbalance can affect numerous bodily functions. Depending on the gland involved, thyroid, adrenals, etc., symptoms of an imbalance may include:  weight gain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, depression,  headaches, and loss of sex drive. This healing is designed to balance hormonal levels and return bodily functions associated to gland health to optimal levels. 

Earth Healing

Healing done for the benefit of nature, trees, air or water quality, or some other aspect designed to provide environment healing. Makes for a wonderful gift or tribute.