By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney

Ok, we get it, we have all been in love, and it is hard to distinguish the difference between just good old falling in love, and the intensity of twin flame love. If this is something that hasn’t happened to you yet, of course it is hard to put yourself into this situation. But we can honestly tell you, out of our own personal experience, that this twin flame love bubble journey takes you on a ride that you wouldn’t have been able to imagine, not even in your wildest dreams. It takes the energy of love, into a whole new dimension, it is the pristine, crystal clear purity of divine love, and the deepest feeling of coming home you will ever have the chance to experience, simply because it is among the ultimate experiences we can attain here on the earth plane. The weird and wonderful energies that emerge between twin flames in the love bubble is euphoric in nature and intensely transformational, even down to a cellular DNA level. For a deeper understanding of the twin flame template, read our story Crystal Clarity: What it feels like to experience a twin flame union.

What is the twin flame LOVE BUBBLE?

Basically it is a full on spiritual awakening. It is an exalted state of pristine consciousness. Magical and miraculous things will happen to you both. You have been in the process for a long time already, whether you have been consciously aware of this or not. Then you get to the point energetically that you are strong enough to handle this pure intense love energy to enter into your soul and your body. It will hit you as a lightening bolt. It is the Hieros Gamos. It is the divine sacred marriage of the twin flames, it is a cosmic celebration. The Hieros Gamos and the Kundalini energy awakening is ultimately intertwined. As you enter the Twin Flame “Love Bubble” your kundalini is activated and the two dormant Kundalini snakes, Ida and Pingala will start to raise, and wake up to what is ultimately your birthright. One wakes up to seeing the truth beyond duality. Every thing is one. You are one with your twin flame, and your soul has come home. The energies between your twin flame and you behaves as magnets, all they can do is to unite, and come together, in a spiraling dance. You are destined to be together and your energies are rushing to unite, and a single even brighter light will emerge from the two of you! More on how to ignite the Kundalini inside of you here.


  • Mystical spiritual awakening that is unique to the twin flame template. The “Love Bubble” indicates that this is your twin flame, and it is the real thing. The experience itself is exalted because it is enhanced by your higher self. The “Love Bubble” is one of the most important signs of the twin flame relationship and it is hard to understand why there is so little information on it on other twin flame forums.
  • The intensity of the “Love Bubble” will last for 1 week up to several months. In our case it was 3 1/2 months approximately. The point of this energy is for the two of you to recognize each other and start to remember who you truly are. It is absolutely unique to twin flames because of this. If you think you have met your twin flame, but you have not experienced the euphoria of the “Love Bubble” energy then we are sorry to say it is most likely not your twin flame you have met. Perhaps you have entered a relationship with your catalyst twin? It is also an amazing journey in itself, do read our story Twin Flame Signs and we will write more about that also at a later time.
  • In a twin flame sexual union, the ability to feel the energies through the etheric body is greatly enhanced. This is because the twin flame template is an energy, and it is felt energetically, as well as physically. Although the physical aspects of twin flame lovemaking are of less importance. The union is felt physically, mentally, emotionally, etherically, and spiritually, just let it happen. It is something even twin flames have to get used to and remember. Twin flames have normally been doing the Hieros Gamos cosmic lovemaking ceremony on many occasions in different lifetimes, but in this lifetime on the physical plane, it is all about remembering who they are, and to re-learn what they already know.
  • In the love bubble of twin flame lovemaking, the twins will experience massive and miraculous healing of long-held health challenges or beliefs that no longer serve them. They will sense deep healing beyond anything they have ever experienced before. It is a feeling of being “upgraded” into his or her ultimate potential. It is a full-on cell level upgrade of the DNA strangely enough. The whole physical body is changing through healing, sexual energy. The carbon-based body is becoming a light body, a crystalline body of divine light and now carries the purity of the highest frequency of love.
  • No physical limitations in love bubble lovemaking. The twin flame energy is so intense, national boundaries and geography of the twin flames whereabouts are of no importance. Many of the twin flames that get together now at this time, will meet on the internet, and they come from very different walks of life, but they will experience this extremely strong sense of belonging together, of union with the other half that has been missing.
  • The orgasms of twin flames are no longer a physical, genitalia based sensation. The “Love Bubble” has them entering an energy where orgasms last for days on end, and they are so intense it involves the whole body. The phenomenon is called Divine Sexuality and Full Body Orgasm, and it is the orgasmic, sexual energy moving through the tissues of the body. The intensity is otherworldly and it is experienced also as a deep meditative and transformational state. It takes the twin flames into a state of permanent bliss.
  • The “Love Bubble” enables the twin flames to travel to each other while sleeping, meditating, and through the astral plane where our dreams occur. This enables them to feel the other part of themselves even though they are physically far apart, in reality, the twin flames are waking up to the fact that they are never apart. They are ultimately one.
  • The “Love Bubble” has all the chakras between the twin flames lining up and activated. Through entering the love bubble, the chakras are expanded beyond recognition, and there is a cleansing process going on in them, as well as a balancing and merging energy. Through this merging, their chakras are expanded and upgraded even further. Things now seem to happen very quickly, experiences of healings and upgrades occur on a daily basis.
  • The “Love Bubble” activates the twin flames to open up the pranic channel, this is the life force energy channel that gives us life, also known as Chi from the Chinese tradition of QiGong. It expands and the twin flames are becoming more and more pranic, as the relationship evolves. The “Love Bubble” provides them with more prana than they could ever use, creating unmatched healing potential for the twin flames, allowing them to tap into powers of immense proportions — satiating their every need. With the excess prana, they are then able to serve and help others.
  • When the “Love Bubble” ends, it is doesn’t mean you fall out of love with each other as twin flames. Quite the opposite actually, the love between twin flames only deepen and expands further, but the crazy intense energies from the “Love Bubble” has done it’s job, the purpose being to activate, and ignite the twin flames understanding of their true nature and ultimate potential.
  • They enter into a mission together, the mission of divine service that they are here to fulfill is activated, as the “Love Bubble” overflows with enough love and healing to spread to others. As the twin flames give and serve unconditionally they become the embodiment of divine love and vibrate at a level of the purest love. These vibrations of divine love then emanate to others helping to heal and lift others up to achieve their own true potential, helping them embrace and follow their own path of love. This path may lead to their own twin flames or it may just lead to a better life and an overflow of self-love and service of others.

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