By Hilde Kearney

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Have you paid much thought to the different energetic levels of our human bodies? There is the physical, the mental, the emotional, the etheric and the spiritual bodies. If you like me think that it must be one of the goals in life to keep bettering oneself and learn from the challenges we face, then it should naturally be an aim to refine these energetic bodies. It is a journey of self awareness. On my part, I had the spiritual one nailed already. If possible, I think I must have been born spiritually complete… And I was longing. My whole life I was longing. To go back to spirit. To unite with source. I was longing for something bigger, something grander, something more comprehensible, something to make sense and hold on to, than what I witnessed around me. Although my love for this blue and green planet and its beauty was overwhelming at times, I could not understand the social laws around me. I never felt Norwegian even though that was my nationality. I felt cosmopolitan, and at the same time alienated and unable to catch up with the rest. I felt as if I belonged “out there”, where there was infinite space above my head. At the time I interpreted that to be abroad, outside of Norway on the international scene, where there seemed to be a much higher tolerance for people that think differently than here in this small country with it’s small and stereotypic population. I belonged somewhere where dreaming the ultimate dream was allowed. Where living in harmony was the norm, and where everyone was in a blissfully happy state, where everyone was living fully present and inline with their innermost wishes and desires. Because that is what we all deserve, and I believed it to be our birthright to live free from suffering. I was fully idealistic in nature, and could not relate to the language of the world around me, of the behavior I witnessed around me. The lack of respect and love for nature and each other as humans bothered me deeply. I withdrew into a spiritual idealistic world and preferred to remain there as it was understandable to me mentally, and emotionally.


However, it is not enough having one of the energetic bodies under seemingly control, it will never be fully balanced until the others mature and catch up with the rest of the energetic bodies. I was wildly disconnected from my physical body. In fact I rejected it. It felt foreign to me. I rejected my feelings too, not able to fully take them in and thus taking responsibility to heal them. I had become so ambivalent in my mental states, what I witnessed didn’t resonate with me, nor did it make sense logically. It was painful for me that it didn’t match the way I understood the universe spiritually. For all those years growing up and way into adult life, I continued to hide and neglect that part of me that only I understood, the part of me that society at large finds unacceptable, the part of me that if I shared it, people would find it weird. I was completely alone, seemingly, with all my thoughts, expectations of life, and idealisms.


Was I really the only one to feel disconnected to human life, the human experience? Can you relate to this? Do you know what I mean?

I think there is a reason you were drawn to read these lines. We as humanity awakes, have come to the stage collectively that we need to heal the seeming separation from spirit, our source. And we have to become responsible, to take action from our physical bodies, fully present in physical form, at the same time as we are learning to enjoy living in a physical form to the max! Fully embodies and grounded, sensitive and sensually alert, awakened to accepting our sexual nature fully and surrendering into the joy of it. Free from guilt, shame, stress or any belief in sinfulness. Don’t let the old paradigm stop you from living in your body fully, and loving it! The enjoyment comes when one thrive in ones own physical form. It might take a while to get there, but the rewards are amazing! I will discuss my process a bit under, as I hope my story might inspire you to take the next step for yourself. And remember what you do for your self, will always affect your twin flame tremendously and heal him or her too.


My body had been going through so much trauma, physically, mentally and emotionally, for many years prior to my huge awakening. Even spiritually I was suffering as I felt I was going nowhere in my life, and I felt lost and ungrounded. Lifestyle changes were needed, urgently, and as often happens, it came about, and it was not pretty while in the midst of things. I had felt an inner calling to explore veganism some years earlier, and with that I got into raw foods. It was at this time I met my dear friend and also inspiring raw food guru Hilde Larsen at Through finding and incorporating raw foods into my life, I healed my physical body, my mental state and my emotional body. It was so needed.



I had made raw food a part of my life, and I had cut down drastically on my intake on the 3 white foods – dairy, grains, and sugar. I was taking the superfoods wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella. These things are very powerful and I am convinced they helped transform me and take me to the next level, even though at the time I had no expectations of that, or sensation of what was about to happen. In a meditation my ex-boyfriend from back when I was 18 came to me in spirit and performed an intense healing of me with golden light in a temple ceremony. It was so profound it kicked me into a state of all consuming love, bliss and ectasy where I was to remain for a long time. More or less 1 1/2 years. I was falling in love with me and my life all over again, even though everything was in shambles around me and I was separating from my partner of 20 + years. Strange as it may seem, the pain of all that wasn’t even real to me, I couldn’t access it as my mental state was so outside of the mindset of pain and suffering. It was no longer existing in my life. It was an immense heart opening I was experiencing and that was the only reality, -LOVE. All I could see was pink clouds and golden rainbows! 6 months later I met my catalyst twin, that was a journey in itself an I have written about it many times. He gave me such a deep opportunity to heal my heart to the core, at the same time as he was activating the sexual energy of the kundalini inside of me. This was the next phase of my kundalini awakening, to remember my sexual nature. The universe had different plans for the catalyst twin and me, we never entered into a relationship. He was there to help me activate and expand my heart, to prepare me for the meeting with my twin. Those wheels were already in motion although they were not visible for me yet, sometimes I thought maybe my catalyst twin was my real twin flame? There was certainly a strong heart connection, but nothing every worked out between us, it was not written in the stars for sure! When I finally took this in over me fully, I went into a tremendous heart healing and grieving process that was healing lifetimes of sorrows. While in this intense awakening my friend Hilde asked me to join her in doing a juice fast. I couldn’t eat at all at this time, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect, we started our red grapes and green juice fast. This was all I ate for the next 60 days. And still after that I went onto a mango and watermelon diet for several months. This deeply detoxifying and cleansing fast was just what I needed at that moment. It allowed my body to dig up so much old”gunk” and finally deal with the emotions before finally setting them free. Intuitively I kept at it with the high raw diet, knowing that would support me the best with all the challenges I was facing. It seemed I could just trust the kundalini in me was in control, and keeping me safe. Then Kundalini took another direction all of a sudden, another totally unexpected one of course.



I was shown in my inner eye some images on how the sexual energy moves between a goddess and a god in love. I immediately resonated with it, although it was hard to comprehend at first. (Feel free to read more about this sexual energy in my other post here.) Again my inner guide supported me, and I bought my first Tantra book. I had been thinking about it for many years, but somehow never got to it until now. Diana Richardson explained it so well in her book about how the sexual energies work, I knew I had to go deeper into this ancient wisdom. There is an endless opportunity for growth and expansion in Tantra. Doing the chakra work necessary kept me constantly refining and upgrading my energies, even though I was going through the worst heart healing and grieving at the same time. It was as if the flood gates to my many lifetimes of grief, sorrow, sadness, hurt and pain had opened and it had to release all. Now another 1 1/2 years passed with crying and tears. As I resurface and regain my standing again from this heart healing, a new side of me slowly, slowly starts to emerge. It is a side of my self that I like much better too… Which was a great added bonus!



You can’t escape it, it has to be done, the heart healing, healing of your emotions… There is no way around it, so at some point life will call you to just dive in and get it done! Connecting the lower chakras with the higher chakras with the heart as the bridge between them. Everything starts from love and compassion. Through starting to connect to your lower 3 chakras you will feel more in place in your life, more grounded and more relaxed in your life. A great way to feel more in tune and grounded is forest bathing! For me the fastest and most efficient and safe way to healing your emotions, -and at the same your chakras, was through tantric meditations. It goes very deep and you can’t hide from your body, from your self, it all comes clearly up to be looked at. There are so many different ways to deal with tantric chakra work, here in our video interview with the spiritual singer Sudha we discuss how sound healing works on releasing old wounds and balancing the chakras. The new me is a whole lot better at setting up boundaries for herself. The new me is shedding her ego more and more every day, even her spiritual ego. The new me loves to laugh, have fun and even to laugh at my mistakes. The pride no longer has a home here. The new me is relaxed and easy, taking things as they come. This is all a part of becoming pranic.


For me, the next logical step on the path to becoming the best possible version of myself, was to become a breatharian, a person who can sustain him or herself partly or fully on the universal energy. For many years I had been fascinated and inspired by Ray Maor, the master of awakening, and himself a breatharian. I knew I was going there, where he was indicating, I just had to prepare my physical body thoroughly first. It is the summit, it is the peak experience, and I am ultimately grateful for having been so blessed as to be able to take this journey. It opens up to a whole new level of consciousness, and when you are ready yourself, I can only say, go for it! The transformational magical energies of the breatharian initiation is otherworldly. It has a very high frequency and that is the reason why the physical and emotional body detox is necessary before you embark on this journey.


By increasing, step by step, your chi levels, your prana, your electromagnetic frequency and vital life force, you will encounter a completely new, transformed you. It is a journey in itself. But an additional bonus with it’s own transformational powers awaits in this landscape of awakening. You will at some point encounter your twin flame, if that is a part of your life mission. It might be, or not, but the thing is, you will have already transformed into the most shiny and extraordinary cosmic star-seed that you ultimately are. You will be in a much better space to serve others on your path. As your light shines so strong you will automatically upgrade and transform others through your brilliant light. As you change and transform, the world will transform. One encounter at a time, you shine your light forth and it will spread into the lives of everyone you surround yourself with. Stay in that high vibration, always in peace, always calm, whatever goes on around you, remain in compassion.


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