By Hilde and John Kearney

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Nature is out of balance at the moment, we all know that and our planetary home we thought was safe and permanent, lasting forever, is in much more trouble than it is easy to admit and take in emotionally. It is huge, do we as humanity have a future on this beautiful planet? I certainly have no wish to move to planet Mars or any other SpaceX noble ideas for our future. I want to remain right here, and I am willing to pick up my share of the responsibility for getting into this unsustainable mess here on earth. Nature will survive, and rebalance herself. Nature does NOT need us humans. We humans need nature though. We are a part of nature. We are nature. It is going to take work to get us out of this mess. It always demands work to clean up a mess, and we all have to get involved.


For our deep love and respect for the trees around the world, we at Tuntrelife have the great pleasure of introducing our wondrous TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT! Who doesn’t love trees? We all do, but sometimes we might take them a bit for granted… They are always there right, and they do not say much. In fact, when they are at their “noisiest” when they speak up the loudest on a stormy day, we tend to seek shelter indoors. Think about this, when was the last time you were out in the woods on a stormy day? Here at Tuntrelife we feel it is necessary for humanity to take a close look at our relationship with the trees, and actually to open up to a whole new level of being in a relationship with the trees. The fact is a lot of nature is endangered at the present time, entire ecosystems are at the verge of total collapse, and the same goes for the trees. It is time we as humanity interact with threes from a heart space, and not only what can they give us in hard cash value. Embarrassed to say, but there it is, the core of how we have related to these magnificent beings. Let’s change this now, together. This is the whole point of our Tuntrelife Tree Treasure Hunt. What can we do for the trees?

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First, some sweet insight into the trees before we show you how you can take part in the TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT, and embark on this wonderful adventure together with the powerful trees.


In the ancient Celtic culture, it was well established that the sacred knowledge was associated with the trees, and the seers and wise of the tribe would seek trees for guidance.  In the times of ancient Ireland, the Celtic belief-system was firmly linked with trees, where they found their sacred knowledge, and a means for becoming one and gaining mystic insights.  The sacred groves were indeed sacred, and worship in the old days was often outside between the trees of the sacred grove.

Across the world, you will find the same, an idea of the world tree, or the tree of life, the cosmic tree. With the branches of its crown, it reaches and stretches towards the sky, our father sky, eager to connect with the heavenly spheres. It also stretches and reaches down with strong roots, deep into the earth, our mother earth, for nutrition and nurturing.  A tree’s trunk is sort of like a human heart, right between crown and root, in the middle, connecting the two. The crown and the root also refer to our human chakra system, as the crown and root chakra.  How fitting to give the chakras names after the tree!

The tree of life, with its branches and roots, makes it a communicator with the divine, both the female energies through mother earth and the masculine energies through father sky.  This is how the ancient Celts would regard the trees as a medium, or a transmitter of the sacred knowledge and the mystic inspiration that would support spiritual transformation.  It connected them with the divine.

In past times trees often symbolized creation, knowledge, and protection. Sacred groves of trees were honored around the world by Celtic, Germanic, Australian, Indian, Native American, and other cultures.  A Scandinavian tradition that predated the Vikings saw the planting of a guardian tree, or “Tuntre” — with roots from a sacred grove — at a central location on family farms.  The Tuntre was thought to bring prosperity and protection to the homestead and symbolized a connection to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life in Norse mythology.  Like the Tuntre, we at Tuntrelife would like to plant the healing seeds of inspiration, love, and divine wisdom into people’s hearts.  It is vitally important for the future of humanity that we re-connect with nature and return to our roots.

The ancients lived in a deep understanding and balance with nature, and the season would always be a strong influence in their spiritual and mystical understanding of life.  Trees came to symbolize death and rebirth through the changing seasons — observing how a tree transforms from its winter sleep, and as the sun returns and the fresh green shoots bring spring.  Then the long days of summer with its never-ending light in the northern hemisphere, before the leaves turn red and drift off with the autumn wind, into another winter rest in nature.

But in a less obvious way, that takes up to hundreds of years to complete, is the journey of a seed falling from the tree, and then begins its journey to root itself and stand among the other trees.  This journey is slow and less apparent to a human, as trees, generally speaking, can live hundreds of years.  They stand as silent witnesses, and their wisdom anchors deeply in the trees’ consciousness.  They are our past, our present, and our future, and symbolizes the continuous cycle of life.  Symbolically the Tree of Life supports us, gives us nutrition, shelter, and warmth, it holds the ancient wisdom and showers us in its patient love and caring.  Trees seem to have eternal life, living for centuries, quietly observing what takes place around their trunks.  The magic it holds is almost unbelievable, from the tiniest seeds from the old mother tree, it shoots its tender soft roots down into the soil.  A young tree is empowered only by the sun’s rays, raindrops from above, and a small amount of nutrition provided by its mother before being sent on its way.  As if by a miracle, it stretches it’s trunk towards the light and soars its empowered crown through the undergrowth of the forest. Springtime comes with iridescent shooting leaves of the most sacred light green color.  Its color is pure love, pure healing, and pure power.



This absolutely fabulous Tuntrelife Tree Treasure Hunt that we have developed for you, is a great activity to do with just about everybody you know, if they are interested in trees and outdoor life. Think about it, wouldn’t your 85 years old grandma or grandpa just love it if you took them out for a small exploration in the local forest? And think of all the stories you will hear! Maybe even how your grandpa proposed to your grandma under a Linden tree? In Germany it was seen to be the trees of romance and many Germans have been proposed to under this magical tree with the heart shaped leaves. It is certainly a fun activity for everybody in you family, it will bring you all closer as you do something fun together, and it is a great way to show the young ones in your family to respect the trees, to distinguish them, and to love them. Hey, while you are at it you can even teach them treehugging and barefoot walking! Chances are your little . ones in the family might even be teaching you treehugging as it comes so natural from their hearts to care for all things, and hug all things!

Then think about how wonderful it would be to do the TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT with your best friend, imagine all the deep, and insight ful conversations you will be inspired to have between the trunks of the trees. It will bring you even closer to each other. Read our article on forest bathing and learn more about how being in the forest affects you here. The same goes for your colleagues, neighbour, and all your friends, – and your lover. Make this activity a social one, or make it an activity between you and the trees only, or both. It is all good, just do it! It is everybody friendly.


There are numerous ways to invite the energies from the trees, from the world’s amazing forests into your life, only to mention a few:

  • MAKE FRIENDS WITH A TREE! Pick one you feel connected to and check in with it daily! Your new best friend?
  • Love the trees. Make love under the trees…
  • Reforest the planet to save humanity, through the trees. We heal the trees, they heal us and the planet.
  • 3 angles: healing from the trees
  • Start to hang out with the trees, forest bathing
  • Guerrilla gardening, Fruit tree planting. Research on how reforesting will help prevent global warming
  • Trees helps people heal naturally, the color green is very calming, the scent of trees freshens and energises the air, listen for spiritual messages that might help solve a problem you might be facing. Become the forest goddess Anastasia from Vladimir Megre’s inspirational books.
  • Research the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature/trees, read up on them and educate yourself.
  • Plant their seeds where ever you go. Keep seeds in a small box or cloth bag you bring with you wherever you go from now on. Can you see yourself planting a billion trees! Wouldn’t that be awesome! We at Tuntrelife belive this is possible, and in the words of the beautiful Louise Hay – we can do it!!! Together, we can do it!


We will start the tree treasure hunt by receiving the ancient knowledge of the Celtic Druid, and getting to know the Druid’s trees. These trees so well known and beloved by the Druids, grow in large parts of Europe and also North America, but also other parts of the world. Also they are very familiar to us, as we live in this region. We will look at one tree at a time, and introduce a new tree weekly. We are moving into the winter half now up here in the Northern hemisphere, and the leaves are shedding their leaves at the moment. Identification without being able to study the leaves can be challenging for the untrained eye. To make this easier, we will start the TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT with the trees that are easiest to identify, like the conifers. Then as we move into spring we can start looking at the deciduous trees. However if you do not find these trees that we present weekly on Tuntrelife in your climate and location, then by all means don’t let this stop you from connecting with and studying the trees. Be inspired by your own trees be it the Frankincense tree, the Mango tree or the Bamboo. As you gain knowledge, your love and respect for the trees will grow too. Just invite them into your life and see the magic the trees bring with them unfold in your life too.


To further increase our awareness of the trees, and our knowledge, so that we in this way at the same time also will increase our love and care for them, we have set up this amazing TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT! We have been inspired by the trees we walk among on a daily basis, and we have found that as you start to invite the trees’ energy into your consciousness, they will become a part of you too, they might even start to communicate with you! Yes, communicate… Sounds weird? Just try it for yourself and see what happens! Here is our suggestion for how to start through the TUNTRELIFE TREE TREASURE HUNT. As we will introduce a new tree weekly, we encourage you to go out in your local area to treasure hunt for it! Make sure you get a good look at the tree.


  • Make sure you get up close to the tree and take a proper look. Use all your senses. In fact, some trees are easy to identify because of the sound their leaves make when they tremble in the wind, -the Aspen.
  • What do its branches and bark look like and feel like?
  • What is the difference between a young tree and an old tree of the same species, if you can find them?
  • What do its leaves look like?
  • Is it an evergreen, conifer or a deciduous tree?
  • What does its crown look like?
  • How tall is it? In fact, the beeches are among the tallest trees here in our part of the world. Maybe you have an even taller tree close to you?
  • How does the visible part of its root system look if it is showing over ground?
  • Try to describe the green color of the leaves, cold, warm, dark or light.
  • Make a little leaf collection from the different trees, but make sure to take the trees on the ground if possible. In that way, you will cause no harm to the tree.


We truly believe this, because we experience this daily. Read more about the magnificent trees and their wisdom here in our story THE NEW CURRENCY The trees grow to be very old, imagine all the things and events they must have witnessed through the ages. The oldest trees on earth are thousands of years old! And because they do not live their lives in the fast lane like many humans, it doesn’t mean that they do not have a consciousness or a way of communication, and even feeling! Maybe they see everything going on around them, they feel pain and loss, they observe and take in data, maybe they even hear us. They have the clarity of wisdom, exactly because they do not live life in the fast lane. They have time and plenty of it for retrospection. There is so much research going on at the moment with regards to this, and it is just super exciting to see what the scientists are finding. They are so connected to the wisdom, and their height reinforces this, they reach for the sky, they connect with the eternal energy, our spirit. Through the wisdom of the universe, the trees are only pure love. No bullshitting, no agenda.

The color green of the leaves has the same color as the Heart chakra. The trees also have chakras, and the location of the trees’ heart chakra is the trunk, just above the ground. The root chakra and Crown chakra speaks for itself, and it is interesting to observe that the same human chakras are named after these. They are here the trees to help us learn to love, compassion for all things, to open our heart chakras, to help us experience unconditional love. Patiently like a tree, calmly, just being present and aware, then there it is….





The Sufi spin. Have you seen the Sufis dance? It helps the Sufi connect to the cosmic wisdom, a higher consciousness, and it will also stimulate and increase your kundalini. Start carefully as you will quickly might feel dizzy! Arms stretched out, right palm facing heaven, left palm facing earth. Keep your eyes open, and focus straight ahead. make your eye-height focus become your “equator” as you spin. On the Northern hemisphere spin to the right, and opposite if you are on the southern hemisphere. Feel your right leg grounding you with deep roots down into earth holding you steady as you spin. Let the left leg slide you around in a circle. Feel your arms stretch outwards and your head upwards, at the same time feeling rooted through your feet. let your whole body become as strong as a a pillar. Becoming the Axis Mundi. The pillar of the trees trunk, becoming the tree. I AM A TREE


Quiet your mind. Meet a sentient being in the calmness of your inner eye, make it a tree,- the most serene of trees, become one with it. Listen to it, and send it love and healing . The ask it for a message.

Gratitude, read our article GRATITUDE IS THE NEW SEXY

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