By Hilde H. Olsen

We are launching with a big bang, and what then is better than writing about the ultimate in nutrition and health on all levels! Hilde Larsen has been one of my most important sources of inspiration along my path, she truly is a sensational and inspirational woman who has ,-in her own words, gone “From Hell to Inspired”. This is also the title of her first book, and it is such a powerful story. The lifestyle that Hilde promotes brings the deepest potential to turn your life around, very quickly even. I have had the privilege of knowing Hilde through many years now, and I have seen her beating the crap out of some severe health issue, taking charge and becoming a spunky lady, thriving in her life. Today she is living her life in alignment with her souls mission, and sharing her passion for the ultimate nutrition,


Super simple, yet super powerful beyond your wildest imagination. Her lifestyle, is truly right up there, and with this lifestyle change your ultimate tuntre life is so close within reach.

In my own personal experience from having known Hilde for many years, and myself being one of the many she has inspired, this lifestyle is brilliant! In it’s simplicity, eating only fresh fruits, berries and some greens, it blew my mind even how amazingly well I felt once I first did it.

It works on all levels, -body, mind, soul, and spirit

Your body will thank you of course, for finally feeding it with the foods it really does want and recognises, and in gratitude it will give you inexhaustible energy that lasts and lasts… It will also help you detox all the old “gunk” for living a life in the Western world with it’s less than optimal diets to put it mildly. Your emotions will get such a boost, you actually feel on “cloud nine” surrounded by pink elephants and glittering rainbows most of the time. Of course emotions are emotions and you will still have those, I mean to say in the sense that if you get some sad news or an emotional blow of some sort, it is so much easier to deal with it when you claim your high fruit lifestyle. Your system will not feel so easily overwhelmed. And all the good feelings are multiplied, I found it incredible how much love, joy, bliss and just pure happiness I got from sticking to this high fruit diet. Everything becomes easy, mental clarity and focus follows, and this was a big thing for me, having suffered a while life from “brain fog”. Even your spiritual life takes a turn for the better, your whole consciousness, your soul or your spirit if you like, is suddenly feeling connected on a whole new level that few people get to experience.

Be your own science project, fearlessly, and trust

By all means, – do not take my word for it, nor Hilde’s for that matter. Just embark on a journey of giving your body the best, and try this on yourself. Trust your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Start gradually. Let your body guide you into this. Some people react to fruits in the beginning, then a gradual approach is needed, for them it is helpful to start out with vegetables, and slowly weaning themselves onto fruit. There is just so much information out there, let yourself be inspired, like I did and so many other with me. Hilde’s website is listed under, I also found a lot of inspiration from Hilde’s mentor in all this is Dr. Morse of FLA, USA. He has helped thousands of people through this lifestyle.

Give your body only the best, on all levels, because you deserve that. And it will kick start your new life, your tuntre life.

By the way; Humans are considered primates, and what is their preferred diet? I will write more about that later. For now just posting an article to support that scientifically for those of you who would like to understand more deeply why fruits, berries and greens are so important!

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