Hilde and John would like for you to be able to tap into your own inner pool of creativity, sensuality, and healing energy to enable you to live in the highest vibration of love possible for you. We would like for you to open up to your own inner multiverse, and to communicate your soul’s purpose on all levels to live in fulfillment. We would like for you to feel the healing beauty of heart expansion, and to inspire you to search for your fullest potential, whether that is on the twin flame journey or not. A major part of our Twinflame journey is a sense of calling to provide healing to others. We are very excited to present to you the healings currently offered by Tuntrelife and the system of healing that we developed at Tuntrelife.

We have created several Twinflame healings and meditations to address a variety of issues. We do the healings together as Twinflames but the healings are for everyone. We do the twin flame healings together, as we find this strengthens the momentum of the loving healing power.

We have developed our own healing method that is unlike anything else available, which we call the Tuntrelife Healing Method. Hilde and John have both received the Reiki attunements and have experience with Reiki healing, but the Tuntrelife Healing Method is so much more than just Reiki. The Tuntrelife Healing Method incorporates healing aspects from ancient shamanistic practices, ancient Taoist and Qigong healing methods, ancient magic and mentalist methods, tantric sexual energy healing of the chakras, and aspects of modern approaches that are similar to those popularized by Energy Healers like Dolores Krieger, Barbara Brennan, and Donna Eden. The Tuntrelife Healing Method also incorporates healing with raw foods/juicing, sound healing, color healing, crystal healing, and an exclusive method utilizing the healing frequencies of trees. Hilde and John also each have their own unique healing intuition skills, as Hilde has developed a strong ability to sense and visually detect energies and John is a very strong empath that can feel energies. We are able to combine these skills to provide a very powerful assessment to determine what is causing a breakdown in an individual’s energy systems and the best solution for treating it.

Reiki is a type of energy healing that was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui utilizing methods brought to Japan that originated from traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of four branches, or components, each with ancient origins: acupuncture, herbs and diet, massage therapy, and Medical Qigong. Chinese medicine has been used as an applied practice or “science” for thousands of years and has an ancient history submerged in energetic magic and Taoist shamanism. This is why Tuntrelife has returned to the ancient roots of Chinese Medicine and energetic magic to develop the Tuntrelife Healing Method.

It is believed that early Qigong practices were learned from ancient shamans and that the Qigong healing methods predate the written Chinese Culture, so determining an exact source or age of Qigong is difficult. The earliest evidence of Qigong practice is believed to be 5000-7000 years old and found on pottery of the Majiayao culture of the Neolithic period in Northwest China’s, Qinghai Province.

John and Hilde both do regular Qigong exercises and we feel this practice is a vital part of the effectiveness of the Tuntrelife Healing Method. Most people are familiar with the concept of prana from yoga, and similarly, Ki, Qi, and Chi have all loosely been interpreted to mean a type of universal vital energy or breath, a lifeforce. Gong means cultivation or mastery, and thus, Qigong has been translated as “vital energy cultivation” or “mastery of your energy.” Qigong is similar to Tia Chi (but is much easier to perform and achieve deeper meditative states than Tia Chi and yoga) and is done as an exercise practice consisting of posture, movements, breath, and meditation. The exercise type of qigong is known as Qi cultivation, or personal Qigong, and is distinguished from the External Qigong component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses emitted Qi in a practice that is similar to distant Reiki healing.

For people not familiar with remote Reiki healing methods or other similar remote energy healing practices, it may be difficult to grasp these concepts. You may even be questioning the existence of Qi or the ability to heal at a distance. This is perfectly understandable because modern science is just starting to understand how energy healing might work and they are still very far away from a full understanding. However, failing to understand how something works is not the same as saying it does not exist. Chinese researchers starting in the 1970s, (and western researchers later) proved under double-blind laboratory conditions that Qi is real, that Qi can be emitted from a great distance by Qigong masters, and that it has healing properties. Extensive documentation was collected by the U.S.A. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and has recently been declassified on this early Chinese research and it can be viewed here and here and here.

A new book by Lynne McTaggart, The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World — provides extensive details of studies showing that remote healing is possible. The book tells of controlled studies that were done which altered the molecular structure of water just by the intentions of a remote group thinking about the water. The Chinese studies referenced above that were collected by the CIA found similar results in controlled laboratory settings, including a study where a Qigong master emitted Qi from a distance that altered a sample of DNA.

Chinese researchers have continued to lead the way on modern Qi research, but research is also now being done at western institutions and published in peer-reviewed articles. A study in 2007, headed by Myeong Soo Lee of Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Exeter, United Kingdom, reviewed randomized clinical trials that assessed clinical evidence of external qigong as a treatment option for pain conditions and found remarkable results. Myeong Soo Lee and her colleagues found that external qigong demonstrated greater pain reductions in the Qigong groups compared with control groups and showed a significant effect of external Qigong compared with general care for treating chronic pain. A study conducted in 2004 by Kevin W. Chen reviewed the existing Chinese research and concluded that the Chinese studies had “confirmed the existence of measurable” external Qi effects from various perspectives utilizing multiple recording techniques and that the Chinse studies “documented some important correlates” of the external Qi healing process “which cannot be explained by psychological effect or the known biological processes.” Other randomized placebo-controlled trials have been done regarding external Qi showing that external Qi is useful in treating Premenstrual Syndrome and for treatment of cancer via cell cytotoxicity with human cellular immunity.

Also western researches, through the modern study of Biophotonics — the emerging science of biofields and the interaction of energy and matter with the electromagnetic fields that occur within our cells, tissues, organs — have started to make discoveries regarding the release of light, or photons, from cells that one day may help to fully understand Qi healing. Research done at the Rhine Bio-Energy Lab, part of the Rhine Research Center, has measured “dramatic increases” in the release of photons emitted from Qigong masters and energy healers who were meditating, performing healings, or claiming to manipulate Qi. Tuntrelife also will be working to fund and conduct research into the study of Qi through our Soma Project, details coming soon.

There is one other aspect of the Tuntrelife Healing Method that is unique, which we wanted to highlight. When John and Hilde first met, John, was living in the USA and Hilde was living in Norway. For over seven months, we connected and bonded energetically from a distance on all levels. Utilizing our Twinflame energies, we were able to create an ironclad connection that made the distance from New Jersey to Norway disappear, as if we were in the same room. We developed the ability during this time to feel each other’s energies to an almost unbelievable degree. This allows us to connect our energies during our energy healings, creating an intensity that we could not achieve apart as two separate healers. The strength of our Twinflame energetic connection allows us to provide a more powerful healing experience. We soon also realized that we could use this same connection method that we created while apart in New Jersey and Norway to connect to others to accomplish very powerful remote healings.

Tuntrelife also offers guided meditations. We can work with individuals or groups to tailor a mediation to meet the specific needs of the individual or group. The Tuntrelife meditations can be designed to incorporate sound, visual, color healing methods, and ASMR, intentions, manifestations, remote energy healing, and other techniques.

For new clients, we are willing to provide a free initial consultation to better demonstrate how the Tuntrelife Healing Method works and to find the best healing solution for each individual client. To schedule a consultation or for additional information, please email us at Tuntrelife also provides a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your healing, meditation, or consultation.


More information about personal Qigong exercises, Qigong cultivation, and Medical Qigong is coming soon to Tuntrelife. Books on Qigong exercises, medical Qigong, and ancient Taoist energetic practices can be found in the Tuntrelife Shop.  As always, if you purchase books from our shop you are helping to fund Tuntrelife and allowing us to continue to do all the work of Tuntrelife, including making our healings possible.

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