By Gitte Lassen,

Co-founder of School of Health, self-employed at:

It takes energy to change.

It takes energy to be happy.

It takes energy to make dreams come true.

Your codependence steals all your energy.

The energy I am talking about is life energy. As I define codependence it is a confused way of being and living that makes life rather more miserable than it could be. Here are in short and simplified the symptoms:

Self-esteem problems. Difficulties saying no. Not knowing who you are. Not speaking your truth. Not living life for yourself. Mental, emotional, behavioural extreme self-expression

Control and manipulation. Resentment, blame, feeling powerless. Difficulties trusting.

Addictions (alcohol, romance, worry etc). Difficulties in close relationships.

I believe that in truth people really want only three things:

PEACE inside,

FREEDOM to be yourself,

LOVE unconditionally as a state-of-being.

It seems to me that almost everything we do is an attempt at getting to feel this way. I know from myself that the more I have of those three things in my life, the less important everything else becomes. It is a wonderful feeling of detachment from everything and everyone, and a feeling of relief that I am free of the bondage of the consumer society. I don’t own a lot, but the way I feel about myself and my life I would never trade for any amount of material goods.

Peace, freedom, love -all of that takes energy to have. As I mentioned in the beginning codependence is the biggest user of energy. As I have, for many years now, actively worked on my codependence recovery, gradually all the energy that was invested in codependence has been freed for something else. First I noticed I felt happier, then I felt that the more I recovered the faster I recovered. And then I became very good at making dreams come true!

Recently I have healed myself from a three year bout with Chronic Fatigue. During those years I had very little energy. Those years brought home to me very strongly and powerfully how essential energy is if you want to be to be happy, to transform, to create the life you want. Now that I have healed, the amount of energy I have makes all the difference in how I feel about myself and my life and what I can create my life into becoming.

The lesson was driven home to me that if you don’t have energy nothing much changes no matter how much effort you put into it.

I have learned to live my life in a way that maximises my life energy: Because that way I feel best, my life flows best, and more wonderful things happen to me (or I help make happen). This is a very conscious decision I have made. To me, the greater my self-care and self-nurture the more energy I have, the more joy I feel, the more I love my life just the way it is and the more I am inspired to grow in all areas of my life.

So here are a few of the things I do:

I continuously work on my codependence recovery

I eat the healthiest most nutritious health food possible,

I make sure I get enough sleep(!),

I keep my energy field clean and charged,

I make my dreams come true, and

I have chosen to live my purpose in life.

I always follow my integrity.

I never let fear stop me from living and working my Highest Truth.

All those are the things I do on a daily basis. Most important, though, is the fact that this is how

I live my life.

It takes energy to create your life the way you want it to be. I have learned over the years as I have been self-employed, that in order to succeed at my endeavours, I have to put energy into it. Not effort, but energy, life energy. I have learned that no amount of advertising and promoting can make up for little energy. And that putting a lot of energy into something makes advertising and promotion close to unnecessary.

It takes energy to change and change frees energy. The more energy you have the happier and more joyful you are, the more contentment you feel. You have more peace inside, you are more free to be yourself, and you become love unconditional.

Codependence is the greatest stealer of your life energy, so the fastest way to free energy is to work actively on your codependence recovery. And with more energy you fill yourself up with yourself, get to know yourself because now you are more of yourself and start living life for yourself, focusing on what you want and making your

Dreams come true.

All of this is an ongoing continuous process that I have observed in my own life for many, many years now. As I have seen this process clearer I have changed my life (and it is easier to change your life the more energy you have) to enhance and strengthen this process.

Lastly, as my chosen life’s work is to facilitate codependence recovery, the more energy I have the clearer I can ‘see’ people, the more energy I can add to facilitate their transformation, and the better I become a true reflection of my teachings.

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