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By Hilde H. Olsen

Here is a little mystery, how can they hold such fascination with us these twin flame stories of the past? Apparently this story goes deep into times long forgotten, but what was true then also rings true today. 

Maybe it was because their meeting was already written in the stars.

She had been walking for ever it seemed, her soul was weary and tired, her  body was exhausted from the challenges, her heart ached with the deepest longing. Something propelled her forwards, only the goddess would know what it was this secret drive, this deep urge. She had been moving forwards as far as she could remember, that was her only task in life so far. Her mission was to keep on moving, expanding, no matter what. She just knew it, that was her destiny. That was the way of her heart’s song. Expansion, whatever the cost. Time had rolled over her, molded her, shaped her, she sometimes felt like a ship adrift on the ocean, just hoping for a safe harbour someday soon. She kept looking out for that day. That day when she could rest her weary soul. 

The endless noises seemed to drill into his brain again. The office landscape was filled with lost souls, and their exhaustion. He had been trying to help for years on end, but now he was wearing out. The last drops of juice was being squeezed out of him, and unless he got himself out of there, he would not know what would happen. Something was waiting for him, he was still hopeful, vague almost inaudible promises were whispered in his ear through all the noise. That was what kept him standing, still upright, facing the noises of the tireless tornado. It was threatening to rip him apart, but strangely enough he knew in his heart of hearts there was a brand new life waiting for him. It was taking place at this very moment, and he dared to hope, dared to imagine.

The forest that opened up in front of her, it seemed magical somehow. She had noticed it from a distance. The desert like scenery that had been exhausting her patience for so long, was finally coming to an end, and her hopeful heart thought to itself, maybe this is safe harbour finally. Could this be it? She was grateful for the change of colour in the scenery, from the golden sand and the intense light from the suns, the one Sun of Man with it’s golden light, and the other light green Sun of the Lady. She was so used to them both by now, but still aware of them in the sense that she was very grateful to see the changing scenery that came closer with every excited step. She was in awe at the time she reached the forest and stepping into the forest floor with it’s shimmering moss. The colors of the moss radiated in every shade of green under the Sun of the Magician and Sun of the Mystic. Brilliant shades from the ground beneath her feet. She felt her heart chakra stirring and leading her on, it was like as if her whole body and soul was longing for the healing color of nature. She was so grateful for this piece of heaven to enjoy some rest, and then while she kneeled in the grass, she heard a click in her heart. It was scary at first, but then she relaxed, it felt right. Something fell into place. 

There had been signs, he had felt them. His body was growing more and more sensitive to the signs every day, and what was going on was massive. He felt the importance of it deeply. It was way past that stage that the signs could be ignored. They were too significant and right up in his face for that. It was as if he was going through an energetic full body upgrade, that shaped his body and his whole soul too in preparation. He was always being guided, and he seemed to be taking the right steps, in spite of the incessant noise. He couldn’t delay it any longer.

Funnily enough she then gently stretched her fingers out to touch the soft moss, when all of a sudden she noticed something sparkle in between the moss. It seemed like a faint sparkle at first, but the more she looked at it, the brighter it got, as if wanting to reveal itself to her. Or communicate with her somehow. Her fingers reached to touch it. It was an emerald, shining from inside, with such an intense inner light, it seemed to glow and radiate around her where she was seated on the moss. This beautiful glow seemed to penetrate her mind, it went in between her eyes and lit her up from inside. In pure surprise she got to her feet quickly, despite how sore they were. Overlooking the dark green moss surrounding her, she then saw the magic every where, the whole forest floor was filled with these shining little lights. In between the dark green was sparkles, twinkling and self fluorescent lights as far as her eyes could see. The undergrowth of the trees were lit up from the glow. Her feet took her deeper in between the trees. Imbedded in the dark greens moss was glowing lights of all colors, even fantastic colors she had never seen before. Shades of pinks, aquas, turquoises, yellows, peach, blue like the sky, raspberry red, gold and indigo and also many of those without names. They all seemed to radiate with different messages of the deepest truths for her. They were messages of opportunities, of loving paths, of her own success, of bliss, sensuality and ecstasy. Of purpose and protection. Of her own value and importance. Of the deepest transformation, and of becoming one. A feeling of love and gratitude overcame her and she could feel every cell in her body whispering words of longing and love. With goosebumps covering the skin on her head, she raised her head upwards and closed her eyes, feeling her body wanting to soar. She knew she had to find her emerald, the one that would help her sing her song, and create her magic. Only then could she be whole, singing her soul song. 

He went for the door, determined. He was going to make himself whole again, it was high time.

In front of her was a beaming sunshine jewel. She picked it up, gently. 

The persistent noises, gradually faded. He could hear himself think again. His heart was throbbing from the excitement, but there was also an underlying feeling of stress that pulsated. He would want to shake that off. He knew it would be important. He kept walking. Suddenly he noticed a wooden landscape ahead of him. The trees appeared before him, he was being called in, and something clicked in his heart. Now he knew where he belonged. It was so quiet there between the tree trunks. They were old, gentle, calm and wise. The frequency in the air changed, as the trees quietly healed him with their grounded vibration. He was soaking up their wisdom, their energy, their healing frequency. All of a sudden he heard a little bird’s song. It brought tears to his eyes, as he had forgotten what that sounded like. The noise had been going on for too long. It was all rolling back to him now, the memories of how he belonged there, how connected he was to all the forest’s creatures. Suddenly all the birds in the forest started singing to him, the song of joy for seeing him there again. He was the chosen one. The connection he felt from nature was endless, he was nature and nature was he. A powerful thought entered his mind in pure happiness, and he felt himself growing wings. He was ready to take flight. The flight of the eagle.

As she opened her eyes again, bewilderment shot through her. In a confusing instant the whole forest had flipped upside down. She was now walking on the light and fluffy clouds in the sky and the forest floor was above her like a sky lit up by glowing jewels. The majestic trees were hanging down from above. She rubbed her eyes again and again. She wanted to be up there where the beauty of the forest had filled her up with so much joy and gratefulness. Running from cloud to cloud trying to make a leap didn’t seem to help, the forest quietly remained out of reach. An eagle flew between the clouds. It seemed to fly closer, it was coming directly towards her. With slow relaxed beats of his enormous wings. He seemed to be wanting to merge into her energy as he determinately flew closer and closer, not taking his penetrating eyes off her surprised gaze. All of a sudden he flipped midair, turned 180 degrees on his own axis over her head and she followed him in his movement. She felt her body flipping backwards, until her head was hanging down and up was down. The eagle had transformed into a hologram that covered her whole vision field. Everything around her was prisms and crystals, she was inside them then, and she was outside of them at the same time. Her reflection was everywhere, everything was reflected everywhere, in shades of aqua, black, white, blue, silver, crystal brightness. She was her own reflection, she was everything reflecting everything, she was nowhere to be found and she was in all things. She was like the eagle, she was the eagle, the eagle was all, and all was everything in a unified multiverse. 

He knew something awesome was waiting, he could see it reflected to him a million times and more, as he saw her reflected to him a million times and more, and he saw the eagle’s eye reflected there too. They were all connected now, the way it had been before, and the way it was meant to be forever. He would never let her out of sight again. They were one and they were all. Both of them saw the eagle’s eye blink, and at the same time their hearts both clicked. They both knew expansion was theirs.

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