By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney.

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Kundalini explained

Kundalini is a profound spiritual experience. It can be experienced in many different ways, some have an overnight, explosive volcano like experience, that threatens to almost rips them apart. Others experience it as layers and layers that deepen and an enormous heart opening into deep love for all of life. In both instances it is life changing, and will make you feel and think different about life in general. The human ego sheds and one becomes alert to the universal interconnectedness. It might be intense, but stay in high vibration and trust that spirit would never let this happen to you unless you were ready at some level. Everything you knew from before is being transformed and you will find yourself emerging from the experience a better version of yourself. A person you will feel happy to love. A person who emanates love. Not only for yourself, but for being alive, for life itself and everyone in it. It opens up the heart to a deep sense of gratitude.

As Jana Dixon puts it in her book Biology of Kundalini

“The heightened psychic, insight, sensory awareness of active kundalini can make one more sane in the cosmic or universal sense than the consensus-trance of conventional reality, but more easily triggered into dramatic action as well because everything in the psyche and soma is less repressed…that is one becomes more Godlike and more elemental/archetypal also. The barrier between material and spiritual becomes permeable and the range of our consciousness expands into regions wee could only vaguely sense previously.”

9 important things to know about kundalini awakening!

  • A kundalini awakening might be brought on by several factors in your life. We have previously talked about the importance of detoxing your Pineal gland in the post Pineal Gland Detox here on Tuntrelife, and the reason for it is that anything you do to detox your body is a contributing factor to awaken the kundalini. This also is true for how you enliven yourself through exercise and bonding with nature and trees. Another way would be to strengthen yourself through grounding to Mother Earth and meditation practice. Yet another way is to live your life impassioned, high vibrational and enthused by life. Also by actions to attune your loving heart with spirit.
  • Increased healing abilities, psychic abilities and increased sensation of the subtle energies called Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese tradition or life force energy.
  • Increased sensations, greater depth and range to love, compassion and empathy. All emotions and feelings are felt deeply.
  • Time warp, perception of time changes, one experiences time standing still, or speeding. Time is collapsing or expanding. Portals occur to other dimensions simultaneously as life is lived on the earth plane.
  • DNA upgrade, the tissue make up of the physical body changes, and one experience a different and more enhanced sense of embodiment.
  • Bubbles of bliss, muscle twitchings, itching, shaking, trembling, tingling sensations, vibrations and throbbings.
  • Pressure build-up in sacrum, perineum, spine, thorax, neck, eyes throat, and head.
  • Psychokinetic interference with mobile phones, internet signal, and electrical equipment. Ability to draw a light flash from a light bulb. Crazy ability to turn off street lamps and other lamps. Inner visions of light flashes, geometrical patterns and vivid, enhanced colors you have never seen before.
  • Visions of spiritual souls, saints, gurus, and enlightened souls. Downloads of things you never knew you knew. Remembering past lives, seeing scenes from past lives. Remembering your true nature, who you really are. LOVE and DEVOTION. BLISS. EXTASY. Tapping into your orgasmic nature. Awakened sexual energy. Sexual ectasy with no stimulation. Multi-orgasmic. Scent of roses or peaches coming from your skin.

Intensity of your kundalini awakening

To stay safe in your kundalini awakening, it is important to take care of your self by staying calm, and peaceful. Go with the flow of the river. Trust. All is well. Where attention goes, energy flows, – meaning that if you go into fear, anxiety or panic, it might make things harder in your process. Know that this is a perfectly natural state for us human beings although it is not very well known and understood. The kundalini awakening is really our birthright as humans, so go ahead and claim yours. Who wouldn’t like to stay in a permanent state of bliss? It is our original nature. Our paradise of Eden. Be God-like, become the Goddess or the God! It is where we are supposed to be, and where we are heading as humanity as a whole.

Happy kundalini awakening to all of Tuntrelife readers and beyond!

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