By Hilde H. Olsen

Don’t you just love the lightness of being you get from a real belly laugh? And how the whole body tingles, and feels so present and awake to the present moment? You feel jittery inside from all the little butterflies in your tummy, and almost lightheaded from dizziness? Or what if when you feel you have to pee your pants for laughing so hard!

Human response to connectedness

Laughter leaves us with an incredible good feeling, it somehow makes us feel younger, more alive and connected. Of course when it happens in a safe space for all involved, and no none feels excluded in the fun. That sort of situation is not serving our highest purpose and should always be avoided.

Be inclusive to everyone as much as possible!

What I am talking about here is the soft space of love that is formed from fun and laughter when everyone is included, and the tremendous health benefits it has on us humans. Laughter brings health, and everyone wants to be happy and healthy.

Real or fake laughter…

It has long been established in scientific reports the benefits of laughter. But did you know that it has also been found in scientific studies that the body can not differentiate between real laughter and fake laughter? According to one gets the same benefit from real laughter as you do with fake laughter! That means if you do not consider yourself as a very easy to laugh type of person, you might just reconsider, and make it a part of you. Even from the first fake laughter attempt you will be healing yourself.

Fake it till you make it!

You will get immediate stress relief and you will benefit equally, whether your laughter is fake or real, physiologically and psychologically. Clinical research conducted at Bangalore, India and in the United States has proved that Laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood.

3 Health benefits of laugher

  • Laughter releases feel good hormones, endorphins, a boosts your mood, and it also makes you feel connected. Once you start laughing, it is contagious, for yourself, but also for others. If you laugh more, your energy will attract positive, likeminded people to you.
  • Reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. This is why some hospitals have brought clowns in to help heal the patients. It also expands your lungs and oxygenates them, making you feel more energetic and relaxed as the oxygen fills the brain.
  • Laughter carries a positive, upbeat energy with it, and ultimately gives you a bright, optimistic outlook on life. It can help you deal with the big and little challenges in life.


  • Laugh in your car, even if you sit in your car by yourself. Laugh as if you are in the biggest laughter fit you have ever been in! Don’t worry about other people around you, they will just wonder what radio station you are listening to! FAKE IT TLL YOU MAKE IT!
  • Essential oils, orange, citrus, ginger, makes one happy and lifts you energetic vibration, making you want to laugh more.
  • Laughter meditation every morning, first thing as you wake up. Start by streching like a cat while making cat sounds for 1 minute. Followed by 3 minutes of crazy, wild, top of your lungs belly laughter! Again: FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT

Make laughter a part of your life,

It is said that a good laugh extends your life! I have included some inspiration under to get you started, letting those laughter muscles have some exercise! HIHIHIHIHIHIHI!

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