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By Hilde H. Olsen

Friendship for life!

Just the thought of the tranquil, swaying Lavender fields of Provence puts me in a state of peace and relaxation. Lavender purple as far as the eyes can see across the rolling hills. Only interrupted by the tall Cypresses and ancient sand colored villages. The tradition of extracting the essential oil from the Lavender plant, seems as old as the villages themself. It appears to be an ancient tradition with deep roots in the landscape, and for the French, this oil is precious.

Traditionally there were 3 ways to use oils

  • Internally, most common in France
  • Topically, as in Aromatherapy, most common in UK
  • Inhaling the vapor, most common in Germany and Austria

Today we also diffuse the oils, with the invention of modern diffusers.

Even though the Lavender oil was and still is recognized in France for its medicinal properties, it has always been a part of the French tradition to enhance their local dishes with the flavors and scents of essential oils. This might seem a bit bizarre to us today, but try to visualize drinking Lemon water with a drop of Lavender oil added. Sounds really refreshing doesn’t it? And when you look at it in a broader perspective, considering all the different plants that grow in The Mediterranean area that has traditionally also been used to make essential oils, then it no longer looks so strange. I am with this thinking about Orange, and Orange Blossom, Mandarins, All the wonderful Citrus, and the herbs too, like Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and many many more. There is also the trees, Cedarwood, Cypress, and Pine just to name a few.

My favorite way to use LAVENDER…

I love my Lavender oil, and I stick to my Young Living essential oils, as they are 100 % pure. I add the Lavender oil to my Neal’s Yard Rose-hip organic facial oil, and of course anything that goes on the sensitive skin of the face needs to be 100% pure. I love to add 20 drops of essential oil into the facial oil bottle, it makes it even more amazing. The skin on my face feels amazing for it, and now I can not do without it. Economically this is such a good option too, even though the essential oil is a bit costly, you only need to apply a few drops, 3-5 drops of the facial oil blend and apply that to your facial skin and the skin on your chest. The bottle will last you a long time, I find that mine lasts for around 6 months which is fantastic. And imagine if you were going to buy expensive French face creams instead, that quickly adds up. It also makes the whole “beauty regime very easy, I only use this oil, no need for lip creams, eyelid creams or t zone creams. This homemade little blend of oils covers them all. And that is a great added bonus if you ask me!

Tired feet?

The best . thing you can do for your feet on a weekly basis, is to treat them to a foot bath. We tend to neglect our feet, they are just down there, but seriously they do an awesome job carrying us around all day, so give them a much needed rest on a weekly basis, it will serve you both well! I normally add a mild, easily bio degradable soap to the foot bath, then 2-4 drops of Lavender oil. It does wonders for the skin. It feels like walking on pink clouds after, just enjoy the feel of your refreshed feet!

Lavender lifts the mood

Try putting a drop on the pillow before you go to bed at night, it is great for helping you relax with its flowery scent. It can help you relax and might even help you get into a deep, relaxed sleep.

Inspired and want to learn more? Please do contact me on Tuntrelife, I love talking about the essential oils!

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