By Hilde H. Olsen

Counting your prayers

A mala is an ancient tradition, it is the Sanskrit word for the prayer bead necklace. We also find this in other religions and cultures. The Japanese Buddhist has their version of it, so does the Tibetans. In Islam and Judaism they also have their version, and in Christianity we know it as the Rosary. It helps the devotee keeping track of their daily prayers. By sliding the fingers from bead to bead, it is a way to know where you are with your repetition of different prayers, songs or mantras.

So much more than a necklace…

Traditionally the beads of the Mala are from different types of wood that are considered sacred or auspicious, which carries a specific energetic vibration. Semi precious stones are also widely used. It is because the different stones and crystals carries and energetic frequency or pattern, and this ingrained vibrational wisdom that the crystal holds is used to set the intention for your Mala. The Amethyst for example is a wonderful stone to connect to spirit, and the Rose Quartz holds the energy of love.

How our Malas are made

At Tuntre Life, the Malas are handmade in a high vibrational meditative space, and we set an intention for the Mala according to what stones we are going to use. Every bead is knit onto the string with the intention for the Mala. The crystals have a memory that absorbs the intention or mantra, and this is passed onto its owner. The finished Mala is also infused with the loving healing energy of Reiki that John and I do together.

The Mala will find it’s match…

We truly believe that through the intention set, and with the high vibration of the crystals memory and our Reiki healing, the Mala itself will find it’s right home, with it’s right soul.

Let your heart decide

As you browse through our shop to decide which Mala would be for you, we believe you should listen to your intuition. This will give you the Mala with the highest potential to assist you in your life. It will be you energetic match and guide you, inspire you and fill you with love as you need it. The Mala is like a partner for life, it is very durable and can be your companion for years to come! Take good care of it, love it and respect it. If you need to wash it, lukewarm water should be fine, with a gentle, sustainable soap. You can even put a drop of Young Living essential oil of lemon to the soap water to freshen it up.

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