By Hilde H. Olsen

It has been almost 8 years since I turned my life around, and healed my self by switching to a raw food diet. And during all those years I have flipped through quite a few raw food cookbooks let me tell you! So I decided as a gift to Tuntrelife readers, that I would review my 5 favorite books.

What is Raw Food?

It is fresh, raw fruit, berries, greens, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that have not been heated over 42’C. It has all the vitamins, minerals, and fats still intact, which is great for maintaining and it also has the power to help you to ultimate health.

The reason these books are on my Top 5 list, is simply because I keep going back to them again, and again. And not only for my own daily food preparation, but I have used them as inspiration for so many raw food classes that I have taught during these years, and also for inspiration for many catering events that I have done too. If you do not have these 5 books, I can only say, get them now!

The Top 3 books were really hard to chose between, they have been used so much all of them. The photos in all these 3 books are fantastic, which is a must for me, I am a very visual person. The colors and designs are so appetizing, one literally feels like one is invited to join the authors for a raw food meal! I also have these 3 books as my top 3 books because the recipes are delicious, and mouthwatering, with the most interesting flavor combinations. to suit the most advanced gourmet cook, even if they are not used to raw food. In fact, these books with their recipes would completely surprise a gourmet cook by the incredible flavors. So tasty and it also fills you up, should you be a beginner at raw food, that can sometimes be a challenge. So, let the drum roll begin…. Presenting my favorite

#1 “The Art of Raw Food” by Jens Casupei and Vibeke Kaupert

This book is a collection of delicious flavors from around the world and easy to make. It has so many yummy Italian pasta dishes, dairy, gluten, and wheat free of course. It has Indian and Japanese dishes and crazy good Mexican dishes too. You just need this book in your kitchen! Even though I live in Norway, I have not had problems finding the ingredients in my area. All the recipes are raw food, but you will find they are super easy to use alongside with non raw food, in case you have friends and family who are not completely convinced to your new style of eating! I have one tip for you, try the Chili…. OH MY GODDESS…

#2 Ani’s Raw Food Asia” by Ani Phyo

If you, like me, are a lover of all Asian foods, then this book will blow your mind! Is it possible that Asian Raw Food can taste EVEN BETTER? Apparently so, this book has made me really happy so many times, with the clean, fresh and exciting tastes of Asia. For me, not having the amazing markets that the author has access to, some of these recipes I have not been able to find the right ingredients. My all-time favorite in this book is the different rolls with all the amazing dipping sauces…. YUM!

#3 “The Art of Raw Living Food” by Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross

Oh Heaven, I didn’t expect or even imagine that it was possible to make raw food taste so good! This book takes raw food to the next level, with all it’s flavors and rainbow colors, I am sure you feel very inspired by this book. The recipes for Raw food cheeses are just unbelievable! This book is a must, it will be impossible for you to make a dull meal ever again!

#4 “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe

I have followed David Wolfe for years, he has been such an inspiration for me when I had to take action and turn my life around. So this book is less of a cookbook than the 3 above, but it certainly has great recipes. What I have really valued about this book is al the information it contains. David Wolfe has so much knowledge and this book has come in very handy for me at the time I was healing my body with foods. I always knew what to looks for and there are so many suggestions to how you can best support your different organs etc. Look for the Erotic cream… And the raw food ice creams to cool you down after…

#5 “Raw Food Recipes and Preparation” by Saskia Fraser

This raw food book is one of my newest, but I still want to introduce you to it, as I find it has a lot of interesting recipes for making different kinds of nut milk and how to use raw food as a breakfast meal. Her muesli and smoothies are simply divine. She gives very thorough explanations about how to live a raw food lifestyle. Sprouts are also mentioned which I think is important as it is an excellent protein source for a high raw vegan and should be incorporated into this way of eating together with nuts and seeds.

I hope that you have found this helpful and that you feel really inspired to try this raw food lifestyle for yourself and for your loved ones! If you would like to order these books, we at Tuntrelife would greatly appreciate that you would follow the links in the article to purchase them, as that would help us keep this website free for everyone! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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