By Hilde H. Olsen

Healing power from Mother Earth

Every Thursday I plan to post about an essential oil and how I use it in my daily life. Since I discovered the essential oils, I have also discovered that I can’t live without them! It has become a natural part of my life and they just bring so much happiness into my life! I use the oils in many different ways, topically of course, but I also inhale them, make sprays from them, and for cosmetics. I make house hold cleaners from them, and I also eat them! Yes, that is right, I use some of them in my food. BUT, with regards to ingestion you have to be mindful what you are doing, because there are only around 20 essential oils that have been certified as safe for consumption by the FDA, and in the EU only around 10 essential oils have been certified as safe for human consumption at this present moment as far as I know. Topically you also have to show caution as some oils can “burn” the skin. The citrus oils will burn and so will cinnamon. I have personal experience with this! A couple of years ago I was flying to Greece and I had put a small oil bottle in my jeans pocket. It was called “Stress Away” which I felt was a great oil to bring for airplane travel. Stress away is a mix with Lime in it, so now you see where this is going. I forgot to tighten the lid and the bottle leaked oil all the way from London to Corfu. Midways I started to itch right under where the seat belt buckle is. I thought it was just pinching me somehow. When I arrived I understood that it was the oil, and I could finally close the lid. But the lime oil had already done it’s job! I had an open wound for 3 weeks! Learnt my lesson though! If you should burn yourself, do rinse with vegetable oil! Water will not help at all.

My preferred oils are the one’s from Young Living. There are many good oils, but look for organic, 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Young Living has the highest standards and they have a vide range of oils to choose from too. I will talk about the some different way I use the oils in every post. And if you would like to sign up to these amazing oils that I use, I will leave a link for you at the bottom.

Northern Lights Black Spruce

It seems suitable to start out with this one, not only is one of my favourites, but it is perfect seeing that today is Winter Solstice and mid winter is the time for pine scent and Northern Lights for those that live where they can actually be seen. This oil is so invigorating with it’s pure arctic freshness, which also is so needed in the wintertime, specially if you live up north which I do. It got it’s name from where it is harvested, far north in Canada under the Northern Lights.

The frequency (hertz energy Hz) of this oil is even higher than that of essential oil of Rose, can you believe it! It has such a high vibration. The oil has the capacity to take you far and beyond, I feel very cosmic when using it. Try putting a drop on your third eye chakra or on your crown. In ancient cultures around the world, the Northern Lights were thought to be a link between our world and the worlds beyond. The Northern Lights could bring messages from the universe and act as a sort of bridge. In Norse mythology this rainbow bridge between the worlds is called Bifrost, and I think of this oil as exactly that. It puts you in an awareness of the deepest mysteries. So as you see, this oil is a must for your meditation practice. I also feel very supported and held by cosmic forces when I use this oil. It makes me feel connected and protected somehow.

The scent of the oil is so clean, so pure, so gentle but at the same time so powerful. To me this oil feels masculine in it’s energy. I guess all pine oils with their hard pine needles are of a male character!

For kundalini awakening this oil can help you connect with your higher self and with the universal force. I simply love the positive, high vibration of this oil, and I am so happy I get to share it with you.

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