By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney

Cosmic star seeds

Consciousness comes with a choice. Or many choices. It is the school of life with all its aspects and deep learning that is shaping us into a better version of our selves. If we decide to learn from it, that is our choice. Are you willing to walk the talk? Are you willing to move your life and your soul’s evolution to the next level, facing your ultimate potential? If you are, thousands of blessings in disguise are waiting for you. In tantra there is a saying, -No mud, no lotus. So there you go, be inspired here to let yourself flower and shine like the cosmic star seed you are.

The Portal of Expansion

The awakening process comes with so much expansion. It is preparing you, and opening you up to true love, and to who you really are. And in the process you dig deep in all levels and aspects of yourself, through the old pain, shame, grief, wounds, and beliefs that no longer serve you, into the upgraded version of you. It is a process of remembering your soul’s purpose, and also remembering who you really are. When one mask after the other fall to the ground, worn out and faded, its narrative has been exposed and you found the mask to be useless in your new life. You are making conscious choices of what serves you and what no longer serves you, that is self – love my friend. As you expose these old narratives one by one, and shed them along your path, there are portals opening for you. Portals to other worlds, the worlds of your imagination, or is it? The portals of expansion are gateways to a truth that is indeed intended for us, for humanity, are we going to allow this truth to manifest?

3D Narrative of Separation

As cosmic star seeds we are given a choice to experience separation from source by coming to earth it is considered one of the most intense learning curves, and only the bravest star seeds will enter into this intense experience. To embark onto this learning experience, it is necessary to temporarily leave the light-body behind and enter an ” armour,” a physical body as the soul is birthed onto earth with this planet’s density of matter, and it’s fear-based separation anxiety. One’s true identity is still incarnated of course, and it is anchored in our hearts, it is the seat of the soul. As the years pass in our physical form in earth’s density of matter, we feel the separation energy very strongly, it is a deeply painful feeling of such intense loneliness. We feel so limited in our physical bodies and the drama of 3D society threatens to shut down our spirit completely. It is a constant process to keep the energy high in this low frequency of vibration. Society feeds us with fear from childhood, and we are fed with images that say it is “them against us”, the bad against the good, and we are expected to obey the commands issued without questions raised. It is hard to see love, happiness, and joy, these moments are far between, but still there is a lingering whisper from the ancient soul that asks you to remember who you truly are in the midst of the chaos of 3D. It is so important to stop and listen to this voice of the soul. Highly evolved souls are in agreement that Earth is a “warring planet” with so much conflict, suffering and separation, and that this energy has been here on earth for a very long time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to continue in the same track does it? What if the dreams and the wonderful images we have when we close our eyes can come true?

Connect to Your Heart

The heart chakra is the connection between the lower three chakras, which are all about survival, and the higher 3 chakras which connects us with spirit. The heart acts as the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth, Father sky and Mother earth. If you are anything like me, you have lived your life, escaping the confusion of being on the earth plane and dreaming instead of an ideal world, escaping into the spirit realm, without any grounding to earth. Other people might do the opposite, they refuse to look at the spiritual aspects and just focus on earth life, as it is too painful to evaluate all the things that are wrong here, and their choice is to move through their lives in ignorance, in this way refusing to look at the facts. Both of these ways of dealing with 3D world chaos is quite normal, but the thing is, while you are in embodiment on planet earth, you are meant to connect here, however painful it might be. At the same time, we all can use our inherent abilities to connect to source, in spite of the seeming separation, to remember who you are, a star seed who actually have the power and authority to improve this place. This is what the rainbow heart bridge will help you do. In 3D society, living from a mind based, analytical and detached state is the norm; however, this will not support humanity to evolve. We need to learn compassion to evolve. It is what the earth needs at this moment of time. We need people to listen with the heart. Brave heart-centred cosmic star seed souls.

“Compassion is Not Weakness”, quote: HH Dalai Lama

While in 3D existence, the energetic frequency is quite dense, and slow, because we are of matter. Or you could say because the vibration is so low, it causes our light bodies to materialize. That does not mean that we can’t increase our energetic vibration. Even small things like drinking a cup of coffee has been scientifically proven to reduce our energetic vibration by 3 Hertz, and it takes us a few days to restore that energy. By this example with only one cup of coffee, we understand there are no coincidences, we can affect our own energy levels by our lifestyle, our thoughts, our choices. Everything we do to our bodies will influence us, in a positive or negative way. This is our choice, and where we have the ability to take action. If you want to improve your life, you must wake up and take responsibility.


By HH. Dalai Lama
“No matter what is going on
Never give up
Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
Is spent developing the mind
Instead of the heart
Be compassionate
Not just to your friends
But to everyone
Be compassionate
Work for peace
In your heart and in the world
Work for peace
And I say again
Never give up
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up”

Everything is Energy

According to the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, the lowest emotion you can be in is shame and it has such a low vibration that it creates a feeling of humiliation and misery that sends a person into fear — fear of not belonging in society, not being able to fit in. Fear is humanity’s deepest wound. It is such a painful state of being. These feelings are evoked in us already in early childhood, which means they can be deeply ingrained into our emotions and behavioral patterns. Anger, grief, guilt, and apathy all have a higher vibration than shame, but still a person harbouring these feelings will find it hard to trust others. Also, they might feel a strong sense of hopelessness, hate and disappointment with all and everything. It is hard to move beyond these feelings, but of course, I am here to say that it can be done! By turning one rock at a time, and becoming aware of one’s thought patterns, things will change. With time, the person moves into a more satisfied, and neutral state of consciousness, where the person again can start to trust life, and trust others. The soul keeps evolving, driven by a deep feeling inside that says there must be something more to life. Doing the work, and changing the lifestyle to the better, will help lift this person even higher, and suddenly miracles will be the reward.

Bliss is Our Birthright

The density of this person’s energy is decreasing as awareness is increasing. Hope has returned to this person, and a feeling of optimism and meaning behind his life is restored. He or she will feel a heightened sense of purpose and might feel like he or she has been called into a sacred mission.

Love Can Move Mountains

The feeling of love is so overpowering and it resonates in every action and interaction with others. It is not only reserved for the beloved in his or her life, at this stage, it is natural for this person to include everyone into his or her love. The person knows he or she will always have enough love in his heart, and here is the heart expansion. The soul is expanded and is feeling a sense of flow. He or she attracts similar people into his or her life. There will still be challenges on this person’s path, but they are easily dealt with, it doesn’t take this person’s energy down anymore. He or she stays in a high energy, even the smallest things will put a smile on this persons face, like the birds’ singing, or the sun’s rays shining through the leaves, or a walk on the beach. As this person vibrates even higher, from love, into compassion, there is a big release, which gives peace and acceptance. The soul lets go in surrender. A permanent state of bliss is truly our birthright, it is natural for us to be in this high vibration and we should accept nothing less. In this energy, we will attract our soul family, our soul’s mission and eventually our twin flame. It is living a life of juiciness, in an even higher state than love and compassion, were ecstasy, also divine sexual ecstasy, union with source and true enlightenment occurs. The soul feels complete, it feels as if he or she has come home at last. The soul is one with all. Union with source. I am one.

Ascending into 5D

This is the ascension. The souls energy is so high that density is no longer possible. The physical body can no longer remain matter, and the soul is becoming a light being, a light bearer, and is merging with his or her true nature. In this state, often referred to as 5D, miracles occur, and everything is possible. There are no limits. It is possible for souls in this existence to manifest his or her thoughts into matter instantly. It is the awakening, the realization that you are so much more than a human being. You are a divine soul having a human experience. You are all, you are one. The twin flames will unite in this high vibration, it is only in this high energy that they again can attract each other like magnets, making it possible for them to meet in physical. It is reaching the ultimate potential of your self.

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