By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney

With our deep love for trees, of course, it would not be long before articles about trees show up on Tuntrelife! We have some real gems for you today that we want to present if you would like to read more about the subtle world of the magic communication, quiet compassion, and powerful wisdom that goes on in the lifespan of a tree! And they do live for a very, very, very long time, -we learned from the book “The Hidden Life of Trees” that the oldest tree in the world is close to incredible 10000 years old! It is a Pine tree found in Sweden. Of course, by living such a long life this Pine tree must have seen a lot of folks come and go, it must have heard a lot of nonsense, and it must have heard a lot of inspired wisdom too.

We are at a point in our human saga where trees are becoming fewer and fewer, to the point of threatening to create severe problems for us all. There are many really important causes in the world that we at Tuntrelife could potentially support, but nothing seems as urgent as supporting the trees, as supporting nature. If we decided to help the world’s children, which is also an important goal, but what would it help really if they do not have a planet to thrive on? To us, it really seems like the way to go to help restore a faith in humanitie’s future here on earth. We need mother earth, but mother earth does not need us, in any way. After all we can’t move to another planet, not yet anyways, besides, we at Tuntrelife really like this little, blue planet that we are on, we actually love our life here, so it is time to get into gear doing our bit to protect it, and to share that passion too.

  • “The Hidden Life of Trees”, by Peter Wohlleben. This is an amazing book packed full with amazing wisdom from the trees I would think! It is very interesting and mind-boggling providing groundbreaking and up-to-date new scientific discoveries. And so much compassion and love for the trees. The author lets you in on amazing secrets, like how trees communicate, and what do trees actually feel. Here is a very good review of the book from the Guardian website and a video from the author. The review article’s title is: The man who ​Thinks Trees Talk to each Other (such an amazing title). This book gets 4 1/2 stars in Amazon reviews and is currently the best selling book in their tree category (yes they have such a category). This book is an absolute must-have, and a top gift idea for about everyone you know! Just go get it! Preferably from Tuntrelife shop!

  • “Around the World in 80 Trees”, by Jonathan Drori., a former BBC documentary maker, and Illustrations by French artist Lucille Clerc. This book reads almost like a love letter to trees. The author takes you on a journey with the trees and lets you get to know the different trees from a scientific point of view, but also from a personal perspective, at the same time weaving in traditions and folklore from the parts of the world where the different trees actually grow. The illustrations that go along with the text are so beautiful, they really take you on a deep journey between the trees just by themselves. This is a book of 80 stories — about the lives of 80 trees. A review by Publisher’s Weekly indicated that each of Jonathan Drori’s tree stories “is accompanied by Clerc’s meticulous drawings, which offer a level of detail even photographs might not easily reveal.” This book gets 4 1/2 Stars in Amazon reviews and is number 15 in their Tree Best Seller list.

  • “Grow Your Own Fruit“, is written by Carol Klein, a gardening Ambassador from the Royal Horticultural Society who lectured at North Devon College and taught art before setting up her own plant nursery, Glebe Cottage Plants, in 1993. She is also a presenter on BBC Gardeners’ World. If you are anything like us, permaculture enthusiasts, then this book is for you. It offers very good information about setting up your own fruit orchard, and not only that, but you also get so much information about many different berry bushes too. The book is very practical in its style, with amazing and inspiring photos, and an appealing design. It just makes you want to fulfill your dreams of living in an orchard eating your very own home-grown fruits forever (Hilde and John both have this dream and we are sure you do too — hehe)!

Anastasia: The Ringing Cedar Series, Book One, by Vladimir Megre and translated from Russian by John Woodsworth. This book is about a lot more than just trees but we wanted to include it in this list because a central focus is the Ringing Cedars of Siberia, and just because we love this book. It is number 15 on Amazon’s Diseases and Physical Ailments, Infertility list (yes they have that list — hehe). It is also on the Amazon Best Seller’s lists for Ecology and Mysticism, which gives you a hint about the diverse topics discussed. Anastasia is the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, there are nine books to date (including books numbered as book 8.1 and 8.2., instead of Book 9). This book is the story of a commercial business trip the author, Vladimir Megre, took along the River Ob in the Siberian taiga in 1995. Megre was an entrepreneur looking to expand business opportunities into the region until he meets Anastasia, a woman living in the area who shares her views with him on gardening, child-rearing, healing, Nature, sexuality, religion and other topics. Megre also witnesses spiritual phenomena connected with the sacred “ringing cedar” trees that grow in the region. This book reads like an amazing novel adventure, but it was written as nonfiction. The claims detailed in the book by Megre are so extraordinary that many refuse to believe they are true and that this must be a work of fiction. You will have to read it for yourself to determine if you think it is fact or fiction. We think this is one of those life-changing books. Megre also claims his experience with Anastasia and the ringing cedars transformed him so deeply that he gave up his entrepreneur pursuits to write this book about the spiritual insights Anastasia shared with him. And just as Anastasia promised Magre it would, if he wrote it, this book has become a life-changing book that has impacted the lives of many. It is also an international best-seller. This book series was so powerful that it has birthed a nature-based religious movement, as people in Russia, Eastern Europe, and across the globe are looking to reconnect to nature and the spiritual connections with trees shared by their ancient ancestors.

Sacred Trees of Ireland by Christine Zucchelli. Almost every ancient culture considered trees sacred and shared a deep connection with trees, and nowhere was that bond stronger than in Ireland. Veneration of trees has deep traditions in Ireland and this book explores that relationship telling of specific sacred trees and types of trees across Ireland, utilizing full-color pictures. It could be used as a travel guide for a tour of ancient, sacred trees still growing in Ireland or the locations where sacred trees once grew. Topics covered in the book include: trees of religious manifestations; tree relics, amulets, and protection; sacred trees and holy wells; spiritual transformation; trees of miraculous origin; and trees of life and death. It is known that similar traditions with trees were practiced across the globe, but the exact nature of many of those traditions has been forgotten. This book is valuable as it outlines similar ancient and modern versions of these traditions in Ireland, helping to shed light on the experiences shared by our ancestors across the globe. The section in this book on Christianity and Trees is parts enlightening and parts disturbing. The book is a fast read and definitely worth it. The book is number 335 on Amazon’s Tree list but it deserves to be much higher.

Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness by Dr. Qing Li. This book was new in April 2018. Here at Tuntrelife, we are huge advocates of Forest Bathing (it is probably not what you are thinking). Popularized in Japan, the act of forest bathing, or Shinrin-Yoku, utilizes presence amongst trees to promote health. Shinrin-Yoku translates as “taking in the forest atmosphere” and the practice is considered as medicine in Japan. Water is not involved, but I guess, clothes are optional, as you are bathing in the energy of the trees during peaceful time spent in a woods or forest. Buzzfeed listed it as a top book from 2018 and stated it was: “The definitive guide to a Japanese therapy that says that mindful, intentional time spent around trees can reduce stress levels, boost mood and creativity, and even help you live longer.” Dr. Qing Li is a leading expert on forest bathing, who has studied the effects of chemicals, stress, and an improper lifestyle on our bodies and our immune function. Dr. Qing Li in this book provides the science behind many of the positive attributes attributed to forest bathing. Beautiful photos are pictured throughout the book along with anecdotes from forest bathers. Research is provided to demonstrate how Forest Bathing can help: provide a boost to the immune system, lower stress, boost creativity and problem solving, increase energy, reduce blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and help you lose weight, improve pain thresholds, increase positive emotions. This book gets five stars on Amazon reviews (our first book on the list to get 5 stars) and is number 9 on the Amazon Tree book list.


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