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By Hilde Helle Olsen and John Kearney


In the ancient scriptures it has been mentioned throughout many sources and in many cultures, – a liquid, Soma, also known as -“The Nectar of the Gods”. Heard of it maybe? It was said to open up a person to the great mysteries, and thousands of people have tried to recreate the Soma drink from thousands of “true and original” recipes, without success so far. The legendary drink of Soma continues to this day to intrigue people, to the extent that even the CIA or FBI have tried to find out what it is and what it is all about and to understand it’s power. Still Soma eludes us, it is shrouded in mystery, many have tried to make it, and the number of recipes are thousands upon thousands. hard to know which one is the right one among them all. It is mentioned in every culture and tradition around the world, from the Vikings and the Celts, to the Native Americans. But maybe, we are searching for it at all the wrong places?


Maybe in our desperate search for it, we sink down and study the old mystery teachings in long forgotten manuscripts and dig so deep in dusty stacks of books that we forget the answer might be much closer than we think. What if it was just below our noses, or how about if it was even closer than that? What if it actually is to be found inside of us, within? Inside our brains. How about looking at the Pineal gland? An organ so neglected and like Soma itself, so misunderstood and shrouded in mystery to what it is, and how it actually functions. And what is its true purpose, what does it have the capability to do for us humans? It seems to have some functions we are only beginning to understand today, and that it’s objective is beyond regulating sleep, and releasing the so called “Spirit Molecule” – DMT. How far can it take us? The pineal, this tiniest of our glands? For tiny it is. But interestingly enough it seems to have the capability to grow, as in India, the Pineal gland of some of the holy gurus and masters, have been found to be the size of a lemon. Apparently it is possible to train or expand the Pineal somehow! Now this is getting really interesting. Especially when you think about how the Pineal gland is lined up with and directly associated to the Third Eye Chakra. Also in Christianity we refer to this point between the eye brows as the All Seeing Eye of God. But what if the eye of God is our own Pineal glands? That we can expand it, detox it and stimulate it to support us in our daily lives, the way we read in the ancient stories, legends and myths. We all remember the fairytales from childhood, of people with supernatural powers, like Superman with his x-ray vision that sees through everything. And there are just so many more ancient stories too, that talks of mind over matter, and the power of the mind. As children we listened to the stories, and we heard them told, but so far it has been like a faint whisper of things that was, things that no longer come to pass, and no one any longer knows how to do. It is just an echo from the past, or is it? How about if we can re-ignite our own power to this capacities within?

Rediscovering your birthright

The ancients whispered about a secretion, a liquid found inside our brains, that held mystical properties. In Taoism, it is said that women have 3 secretions coming from them, the first is from the brain, the second from the breast (do not confuse this secret with breastmilk) and the third being the secretion excreted from an opening close to the clitoris. In Hinduism this nectar is known as the Amrita, and the man who had his woman excrete Amrita during sexual union, was seen to be a very lucky man, it would give him longevity and empowerment if he would drink these drops. It is also said about this liquid in the old Sanskrit teachings, that once you start to open up your pranic channel (Chi – Prana – life force), and to live from the universal energetic nourishment, and not relying on physical food alone, then as the pranic channel opens up and expands the pineal will release a secrete that trickles down into the throat and then as it is released into your mouth, you get to taste it. It is said to taste like sweet nectar.


But this is not the purpose of this secretion, although we do not know the purpose to the full extent at all. We can only imagine that the purpose to this sacred secretion when released in this way might be to energetically nourish a person, a spiritually awake soul, who is on the path to enlightenment, empowered by his or her own immortality. Because to reach the conscious state when this secretion is excreted from the pineal, it seems directly connected to the spiritual awakening process of an individual. Sacred secretion, because it empowers. The limits of the physical body have been exceeded, and there is no need to ever look back. The awakened soul is empowered and does not have to ever rely on food for nourishment again if he continues on the spiritual path that is. Could this be the true nature of Soma? It has been known by the mystics, and in the esoteric wisdom for thousands of years, maybe we, – humanity as a whole, are ready for this mind-blowing wisdom now? It certainly seems to be resurfacing after so many years in hiding. John St. Julien talks about Chrism, and how it is the greatest secret never told, could this be one and the same? It all seems to be pointing that way. Most people today don’t know the importance of a healthy Pineal, and most have calcified Pineal glands, unfortunately. With a decalcified Pineal your spirituality shuts down, your sense of feeling interconnected to everyone and everything does also. It numbs and dumbs down the senses. It might also affect your feelings of joy, happiness, exalted states of bliss, as it controls and regulates DMT. Is somebody out there wanting us to live our lives like “brain dead zombies”? As expressed throughout this article, we at Tuntrelife do not know whether Soma was an actual drink used in spiritual and ritual practices or just a spiritual metaphor for a secretion that may be emitted from the pineal gland; however, Tunetrelife wants to find out, we want answers, real scientific answers to these types of questions. Part of the mission of Tuntrelife is to bridge the gap between what is being experienced on a daily basis by folks headed down a spiritual path and science. Tuntrelife will be announcing very soon some exciting endeavors to fund research that can answer ageless questions like these, so stay tuned, and high vibration, and keep checking back for updates at

Detoxing your pineal is possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF!

To help you embark on this journey to rediscover your inate capabilities, we have listed a few things that are easy to do in your every day life. PLEASE do them, and feel things shift in your life! The caterpillar becoming the butterfly, allow the process. We will make these products available to buy in our shop, so that you can get started right away. It might seem like a long list, and it is, but you do not have to do all, you just pick the ones that are easy for you to get you started and then as you feel ready to add more, please do so.

  • Black Pepper. Have you ever come across the brand Yogi Tea? Their teas are based on the ancient Ayur Vedic principles from Hinduism and theyir teas are great recipies to gain optimal health, and most of their teas contain Black Pepper. The ancients knew the importance of pepper to detox, cleanse and stimulate the Pineal gland, there are many ways, we included one of our favorites in the link over, but there are many others containing piperin, turmeric, curcumin, and many more herbs known to detox.
  • Black pepper essential oil, and oregano. preferably use Young Living oils.
  • Tamarind (Ayur vedic herb) add to your smoothies, salads, or just eat as a snack
  • Tamarind tea
  • Red Grape detoxing diet, Mono-diet on red grapes ONLY for 1 week.
  • Waterfasting, one day a week as a start. Use distilled water.
  • Dryfasting, if you have the experience, if not, start SLOW, this is very powerful!
  • Raw food – and preferably freshly pressed juice from fruits helps you to increase your vibration, green leafy vegetables are great alkalizing foods. Lees energy spent on digestion, more energy is spent in body to self heal.
  • Qigong, Tai Chi and Falun Gong. We recommend Qigong. You have to do Yoga for 5 years to achieve the same as you do from Qigong in a year, as Qigong works for your Etheric body and helps you harness the energy.
  • French Green Clay
  • Meditate in a pitch dark room, sitting upright while you stare into the darkness. Use a black scarf to cover your eyes, if you can’t manage to get your room absolutely black. Feel your vision turn inwards,In the Taoist tradition this part of the brain, including the pineal is called “The Crystal palace”. Imagine your pineal gland turn into all the lights and colors of the rainbows, also let yourself see all the colors you haven’t seen before. Do this for 10 minutes minimum, and increase as you feel like it.
  • Still your mind, go within, calm your senses, practice non attachment and 1 hour of meditation every day, it will stimulate your pineal.
  • Connect with nature, bare feet walking, get lots of sun, and do sun-gazing!
  • Natural, non-fluoride toothpastes only. We love to make our own, see Oil-pulling. Hilde Larsen has many good recipes in her book “Know the Truth and Get Healthy”
  • AVOID: Processed foods, Coffee, Meat, Sugar, Dairy, Wheat (gluten from all grains), Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, excessive eating, excessive sexual relations, excessive screen time…


–Tuntrelife, -Hilde and John offer Reiki gland healings and chakra healings. We also offer healings for your Pineal and Third Eye chakra. See contacts page to contact us


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