Biovessel – Eco Living Composter Powered by Food Waste


  • Designed by Nature – Biovessel was born based on nature parametrics, ergonomics, etc. Is most suitable for its inhabitants and users.
  • Convenient size for 1-3 people family. Perfect for keeping on the kitchen counter.
  • Easy to Use – Simply add food waste and check soil for moisture, light, and pH level, it takes care of itself with no odor.
  • Powered by Nature – 7 Liters of bedding soil, containing 500–600g of composting worms is required to activate Biovessel.
  • The Biovessel Starter Kit: Vessel x1, Inner Structure x1, Cork Wood Lid x1, Top Caps x3, Bottom Cap x1, Food Waste Container x1, Moisture/Light/pH level Probe x1, Fertilizer Scoop x1, Sprayer x1


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