One-To-One Druid Qigong Course Start Any Time After 11 May 2020

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This is a One-to-one course for individuals or small groups. The other course is for groups with up to 10 members. This is a one-of-a-kind Introductory Qigong course where ancient meets modern. Learn the ancient Chinese art of Qigong, mixed with secret energetic healing methods from the Druids, and modern stress reduction techniques. This is an Eight Week Course with a live guided Qigong Session every day. Space is limited. Taught by Dr. John M. Kearney, Qigong Master, Stress Management Coach, Empath, and member of an ancient Druid family bloodline. BROUGHT TO YOU LIVE FROM BEAUTIFUL IRELAND.

What You Will Learn
Introduction To Qigong
Preparing the Body
Stretching and Strengthening The Body for Qigong
The WuJi Posture
Moving Qi
Awakening the Energetic Body
The Energy Channels
The Microcosmic Orbit
Cultivating Qi
Purifying Qi
Storing Qi
transforming Qi
Regulation of Breath
Dissolving In Qi
Transmitting Qi
Moving Yang Qi
Turn Qi To Shen
Secrets from The Druid Sacred Gove, Including Tree-Gong, Quartz-Gong, and Secrets of the Celtic Knot (Ouroboros)
Introduction to Sexual Energy
Modern Stress Reduction Techniques.

Included In Course
Live Online Instructions 3 times per week
Live Guided Qigong Session Every Morning — with little talking (at least 30 mins per day)
Unlimited live Questions And Answer After Every Session
You will Learn Over 20 Qigong Exercises
Health Secrets From The Druid Grove, An Exclusive From Tuntrelife — including Tree-Gong, Quartz-Gong,
Modern Stress Reduction Techniques
Written Instructions For Each Module
Lifetime Access To a Recording Of Each Instructional Session
2 Live One-to-One Energetic Healing Sessions


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