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Until his death in 1976 Master Chuang, a descendant of 35 generations of Taoist Priests, carried out his ancient rituals for the benefit of a small band of believers in Taiwan. His family, who claimed to have come from Hua Shan, the Taoist mountain in western China, followed the observances of the Dragon-Tiger Mountain sect in southeastern China. Although there are many conflicting Taoist schools, the antiquity and authenticity of Master Chuang’s traditions cannot be doubted.
Michael Saso, a Western disciple of Master Chuang, recounts the teachings of Taoist Master Chuang, including Taoist history as Master Chuang understood it, the role of Taoist Priests in modern Chinese society, and Master Chuang’s own rituals of Taoist black magic, meditation, and rarely discussed exorcistic thunder magic.

…classic of modern Taoist studies, providing a rare first-person account of the daily life of a Taoist practitioner in Hsinchu… — Ian Johnson, Beijing Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal/The Asian Wall St. Journal

Taoist Master Chuang is a must-read for anyone who aspires to a greater understanding of modern, living Taoism. — Brock Silvers, President – The Taoist Restoration Society

Taoist Master Chuang presents a rare view of Taoist history, philosophy, religion, and ritual, spiced with lively anecdotes… — Professor Kenneth S. Cohen, Author – The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing

About the Author
Michael Saso, Professor Emeritus at the University of Hawaii, has researched and written about Taoism for over thirty years. An initiated Taoist Zhengyi Sect Priest, he is one of the world’s best known Taoist teachers and lecturers. Professor Saso has authored fourteen books and countless articles on a variety of Taoist topics.

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