By Hilde Kearney

Essential oils and the sacred oils, are you one of those confused by these two terms?

Imagine this possibility –

In the vast universe somewhere, someone of cosmic origin, a great soul and lightbearer decided to incarnate on planet earth, on Gaia, to help support humanity through this intense time they are facing. This lightbearer has the ability to shape shift, of course -because the energetic frequency of souls in this sphere is so high there are no limitations anymore, not even physical form. Effortlessly the shape of a plant appears out of thin air. 

Can you imagine an abundant universe that gave us essential oils in this way? That the energetic vibration of the plants are souls or energies if you like, that originated from other dimensions, other far away star systems yet totally within reach, from one of the billions of galaxies in the universe. The sacred oils are actually energies from soul who came to serve humanity, and support us at this crucial of times, so that humanity as a whole can evolve and the concsiuosness of humanity raises to reach its highest potential, and the highest good for all. 

Portals of opportunities

What makes sacred oils sacred?

It is often been said that the essential oils have a consciousness, and energetic imprint, and that it contains the soul of the plant. Rosemary is known to be an oil that will help you remember, even into your past life experiences. Frankincense is used to open up to the spirit realm and is very popular to use as a tool for meditation. Ylang Ylang has a very sensual earthy scent and works wonders for the root chakra, and for this reason a very popular oil to be used in the ritual of love making! Modern research shows through measuring energetic frequency -Hertz, that each sacred oil has its own frequency pattern. The same can be said for emotions. In this way a pattern emerges, that connects our emotions to the various sacred oils. With this in mind, you can change or elevate your energetic frequency pattern to heal your emotions. Something humanity has known for millennia, science has also determined this as a fact, how awesome is that!

Relaxation and Lavender goes hand in hand

While the essential oils have many different usages, and people use them from so many different angles, it is truly through intent, your intention to view it as a sacred oil, that is how it becomes a sacred oil. By us consciously deciding to harness the energies they radiate, and honour them. Your sacred act of creating a sacred space, for a sacred ritual, and you give an intention for a specific sacred purpose. All through intent of the loving heart, and a focused intention to create, purify, bless, heal, or manifest.

The evidence of different cultures using sacred oils in rituals, magic and for natural healing takes us far back. Scriptures dating back as much as 4000 years point to the ancient Chinese and Hindu cultures understanding and knowing the plants natural healing properties, and purifying abilities. Ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls dating from this time, also mention herbs used for medicinal purposes, and oils used for perfume and incense. 

Sacred rituals are our heart intentions in the moment, and creating sacred space is not only a thing of the past.

Even in todays modern society we still love to indulge our senses with the lovely, rich scents of essential oils. Some things never change right, we love to give and receive massages, and the act of adding a few drops of lavender oil into your diffuser has similarities with the ancient legends telling us how Cleopatra stayed young by bathing in Frankincense. Also today we like to add this oil to our beauty regime. 

By gazing straight into a flower something ignites inside….

However the practice of the sacred oils is quite different, and can be compared to the opening up a space for meditation in a retreat or healing centre, making this area sacred and putting the intention to it with different purifying, and loving acts. In this way lifting the energetic frequency of this sacred place, this temple if you like. The roots of these acts have their origin in ancient spiritual cleansing and mystical rituals. The essence of the oil, the spiritual properties of the oil then becomes more important, one would use the oil from the plant that best enhance the ritual. Modern measuring techniques has discovered that each plant has its own unique energetic Hertz frequency and with that each plant has a corresponding emotion to that same frequency.

In aromatherapy, which is one of the most common ways to use the essential oils today, the practitioner uses the fragrance of the oils to elevate and lift the client while performing a massage. In the ancient times, oils where of course also used for beautifying and massages, but in the creation of a sacred space of a temple, the use of the oils, would be based in the contemplation of prayer and meditation as well as purifying the energetic frequency. The sacredness of the essential oils is in your loving actions and careful considerations. It is through your compassionate heart and consciousness that the sacred space occurs.

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