By Hilde H. Olsen

Growing up in a protestant Norway, certain aspects of religious life was not making sense to me at all. These questions that was growing in me became even more evident as I travelled with my family to other countries in Europe where Catholicism was the dominating religious factor. Of course many things were different, also many were the same, but the thing that was disturbing me the most, was how come in Norway there was a a Male God and his son and the holy spirit, and worship of the feminine was non existent?

Where are the women? How can I be expected to take this protestant explanation seriously when there are no women to be worshipped in this ideology? Where would I as a woman be able to find my inspiration to soothe my inner most feminine hurts, challenges, pains and wounds? Who would I love as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter? The Father? Jesus??? How was even Jesus born if it wasn’t for a woman? Who was I supposed to relate to when I go through life and facing the challenges that are typically feminine, like pregnancy, child birth and all the things related to this? Jesus or the holy spirit? And how about all the feminine qualities like nurturing, family health, compassion and caring? How about my sexuality? Is it shameful to be a woman? Is it some sort of “mistake” to be born as a girl? Something to be wiped away? Am I of lesser worth and value?

It felt as something was just completely and insanely wrong. Everything in nature was based on the principle of male -and the female. The ox, -and the cow. The lion -and the lioness. It is completely natural, the one doesn’t exist without the other. Everything in nature exists in balance with each other, shouldn’t men and women also be following this natural principle?

My search for answers to this very important question about balance, and feminine and masculine qualities and energies, eventually took me to the ancient wisdom of Hinduism, to the mystery teachings of Tantra. Finally I found a way of thinking that matched mine. I felt as part of on whole. Like a really important part too, one that without it, the balance is disturbed and chaos follows. The missing pieces of that puzzle fell into place.

Years later, after having been a Tantrica for years, and travelled on the path of Tantra, I am so grateful for Tantra has brought into my life, my health and just my understanding in general. It has expanded me into a love so deep, as it has also expanded all my chakras. Through Tantra, you get to explore, and cleanse through the chakras by meditations, breath work, chakra healing, chakra massages, exploring into divine sexuality. And by being willing to and actually doing all this Tantric chakra work, I eventually met my beloved twin flame. The deepest love and the greatest union I can imagine. 

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