By Hilde H. Olsen

Last week we wrote an article about the importance of doing a detox for your Pineal gland. It created a lot of interest and we want to look a little closer at some of tools to get you there. The glands of the human body are largely overlooked. John and I want to really go deep into understanding them and also inspire you to take more interest in them too! All the glands are connected to a corresponding chakra.

  • Root chakra – sexual glands, testes in men, ovaries in women. Secretes sexual hormones.
  • Sacral chakra – adrenals. Metabolism, Fight or Flight response, immune system.
  • Solar Plexus chakra – pancreas. Regulates the metabolism.
  • Heart chakra – thymus gland. regulates the immune system.
  • Throat chakra – thyroid gland. Regulates body temperature and immune system.
  • Third Eye chakra – pineal gland. Regulates sleep, biological cycles and moods.
  • Crown chakra – pituitary. The Master Gland. Governs the other glands, and produces hormones.

Sometimes you will find the pineal gland connected with the Crown and the pituitary with the Third Eye chakra. They are both situated in the centre of the brain, very close to each other. To us it makes more sense they way we listed over, that the pineal gland is associated with the Third Eye chakra.

The connection between the glands and the chakras are closely linked, and an imbalance in either chakra or gland, will show itself as a blockage of energy in the connected chakra and gland. The energy can be over or under active.For example if the energy of a person’s Heat chakra is out of balance, it might result in heart related symptoms and problems, or it might manifest as something lung related. The emotions will also be affected, the heart chakra is all about love and expansion, but will be blocked energetically if a person suffers from heart ache, longing, grief and sorrow. This is when you would benefit from balancing the energies.

The Crown and Third Eye chakra glands serve to regulate overall glandular and biological function. The pituitary’s main function is to regulate body chemistry. Located between the eyes, this pea-sized gland regulates emotion and intellect and works in partnership with the pineal gland to achieve overall balance. Essentially, the cone-shaped pineal gland governs and inhibits pituitary gland function when needed. It is the balancing of these two glands that helps facilitate the opening of the Third Eye through the release of DMT Dimethyltryptamine, sometimes referred to as “The Spirit Molecule”. It can cause mystical experiences, vivid images, and euphoria. So now we are getting closer to why this little gland is so important to us, it activates our birthright, and our inner ability to remain in a high state of bliss and ecstasy, naturally… Because that is what we are meant to experience, at every second of the time we walk on this planet.

So what does Black Pepper have to do with this?

Black peppercorns are the dried, tropical fruit of the Piper Nigrum vine. Black pepper contains an alkaloid known as Piperine. To put it simply this is the active component of black pepper and acts like a little helper to increase the bioavailability of essential Pineal gland detoxification ingredients to absorb more efficiently. It acts like a catalyst. It also assists the immune system as it breaks down and eliminates heavy metals and other toxins from our body and brain. Black pepper supports and maintains a healthy pineal gland.

We at Tuntrelife suggest that you use black pepper in it’s natural state, as a powder, use it in your food. You might also want to consider buying vegetable capsules and filling them up with finely ground pepper. Take one capsule. Always consult with your doctor if you want to take high doses. I am not a medical doctor. 20mg per day is considered a “normal” amount. Be careful, start small and increase gradually.

The essential oil of Black pepper is another tool for your toolbox you should consider. I like to add 1 drop of Young Living’s PLUS oils in a vegetable capsule. I can recommend the Young Living oils, they are 100% pure. The + oils are safe for consumption and have been approved. (Still working on getting this link ready for you so that you easily can get them from our shop!)

With a decalcified and properly functioning pineal gland you might feel improved sleep, a stabile and positive outlook on life, even through it’s ups and downs, and an increased sense of connectedness to all things. By adding black pepper, you are well on your way to cleanse your pineal gland and you will feel in a more awoke state. There are many other ways to do this if you would like to go deeper into it, and to support your pineal even further, like these Third Eye Activator supplements or other suggestions from our post –


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