“When a singer becomes a true servant to the art of singing the soulflow takes over and shines through the being.”

Taking the step towards an alternative approach in classical singing has not been easy nor has it been without sacrifice. However, I know in my heart it is worth it. Connecting with your higher self, your Soul, taking the high road, is giving you different results for a deeper form of singing and performing. For soloist singers and for amateur singers or if you would like to call yourself a non-singer. It does not matter. Aligning and connecting with your Soul is of another level, more true to your heart and your unique path.  

My aim is to assist everybody who desires to learn to improve and use their own voice for either performance purposes, healing or as a self navigation tool. The voice never lies. It always mirrors how you are doing. It is a great tool to get to know yourself and learn how you best serve your own needs towards increased well being.  

As a highly sensitive being with a deep call for expressing myself through singing, I felt trapped and frustrated that I was too often not able to control my emotions or my state of well being when performing. Fortunately my curious nature kept searching for solutions and I discovered what a wonderful and at the same time tough teacher my instrument was. Always mirroring my state of being. Leading the way, my voice became an indicator of equilibrium; a compass for my well being.

The strong desire for singing made me focus on finding ways to keep my energy field in balance through meditation, health food, body work, disciplined vocal technique work and energy exercises – to name just a few. With increased awareness about my own energy field, I was able to find my balance that resulted in freedom and joy when singing. I went through a holistic and evolutionary journey that included a REIKI master education and an education in a special Psycho Synthesis based therapeutic method called Joyful Evolution which I have integrated into my singing and teachings.  

On this road less traveled, I have created a unique path, based on my own experiences, education and intuition. When stretching the frame of the classical world I realised following the path of the Heart and Soul would not be easy. I soon became aware that I somehow had fallen into the crack between two worlds – the opera/classical world and the spiritual world. I felt neither accepted my approach. Feeling a call so strongly for my own voice, and the desire to help other sensitive singing beings, I continued on my path, challenging lions to walk with me on this holistic journey. 

 Today I am feeling so grateful for all the growling lions on my path, specifically the most resistant ones, because they have taught me the most. I managed to arrive to a point where I decided to surrender to my Soul’s agenda and simply flow with it, providing me with new treasures at every corner. Allow the Soul to lead the way, to be my focus. Let the energy use me instead of me trying to push or force the energy to work with or for me. Setting the Ego to the side and become a servant to my call in connection to the Soul, resulted not only in more joy but in an increased Soulflow in performances, sound healing and teachings. Spreading my wings in giving my voice and guidance to those that are open for my ways is my call in life.

What I offer to you in service is following:

1) Classical concerts with a pianist, without programs where I choose the songs/arias while tuning into the audience.

2) Ave Maria programs in churches with local organists

3) 3 – 4 Ave Marias as a part of a Church Service.

4) Soundhealing for a group of 6 – 8 people. (lasting ca. 2 hours)

5) Private sessions in Soulflowsinging (on-line as well)

6) Soulflowsinging sessions for small groups, 4 – 6 (singers or non-singers)

7) Workshop – a day or weekend for 10 – 12 people. 

8) Masterclass for classical singers in Umbria, Italy. (16.06.-24.06.2019)

9) Soulflowsinging Retreat in Umbria 06.09. – 13.06.2019)

All of the above, except Masterclass and Retreat, can be requested and arranged and I will come to you!

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