By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney


Tantra, isn’t that like loads of animalistic sex, porn, and orgies? Have you heard of tantra and always connected it to this? Does the word tantra give you these associations? We at Tuntrelife will explore this topic as we believe sexuality is the most beautiful expression between two souls that share deep love bonds, and their connection will only deepen when it is expressed from the heart and merged in the physical, but also meet a physical act of making love. Tantra has the potential to transform and enlighten humanity, through doing tantric exercises one can be taken into very deep spiritual experiences, kundalini awakening and experience euphoria. Read our story Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening 9 Things You Need to Know.


It seems in our Western society today, women are urged to catch up with men, professionally, mentally, emotionally and also sexually. To be a respected, successful women today, you need to “grow a set of balls”, which yes, to balance our divine feminine with our divine masculine is needed. But when women become like men, then feminism has failed miserably. Shouldn’t women be respected for being women, and for having all the feminine qualities natural for them? When a woman adapts the masculine behavior that is not natural for them, all to fit into a patriarch structure, to get a “successful” job or “perfect” life, she becomes out of balance with her feminine energies. It is easy to forget our feminine qualities in a society and set of rules that do not really appreciate what we have to offer as women. It is success in the traditional male dominated professions that is still viewed as being successful. Entering into this male dominated scene is daunting, it is as if there is a foreign language spoken out there, it doesn’t come naturally to most women. Nurturing, health, healing, creativity, beauty and spreading joy are just a few of the feminine qualities that are not valued and respected in society, take one look at the paycheck that traditional female professions pays. I once read an article in a Norwegian business newspaper with the headline, “Top positions in Norway are held by men of both sexes”. I remember it made me giggle at the time, but really it is just deeply disturbed. Another way the feminine has been distorted is through the various expressions of sexuality, women today are being encouraged to claim power over their own sexuality, which is of course good and beautiful, but if women claim the power over their own sexuality by adopting the tradition male behaviour of conquering and spreading his wild seeds, then is this a natural way for women to support and please themselves sexually? Or do women need more. in tantra the theory is that the Yoni, -the Sanskrit word for vagina meaning Sacred container or vessel, it is just that it is sacred and should be treated as sacred. By both men and women. The cervix deep in the Yoni is directly linked to the heart and the feelings of love and connectedness. This is one of the most important reasons why women should not invite just anyone into their sacred chamber of delight.


On the other hand, one could argue that men have been through an even worse time than women, having been denied any expressions of emotions, and forced into a “robot” trance like state where feelings of any kind are viewed as feminine and therefore weak. The “weaker” sex right… But men also have a right to be able to express their emotions as they come up, this is life, dealing with situations and feelings, instead of hiding them in the corners. They only tend to pile up, and will in the end cause some for of unbalance in their system to that could result in any type of psychosomatic symptoms or disease. To make matters even worse, men are forced into the most intense competion with each other, when brotherhood and bonding would be the normal condition for humans. Men should celebrate each other in their victories, whether it is pay rise, promotions, or any other kind of goal reached. And then there is sports… Don’t even get me started, it is such a waste of the male energy. It is such a display of ego gone berserk, winning is the only alternative. What a pressure to deal with. Shouldn’t sports be played for fun? Replace the ego with fun and laughter and the energetic vibration increases instantly. Another way the masculine energy has been distorted is through the traditional male expression of sexuality. It often is a quick routine that doesn’t satisfy his female partner, with its main objective is to ejaculate as often as possible. In the tantric wisdom it is seen as important to be able to preserve the masculine life force energy by holding back the ejaculation. If a man ejaculates, the body will respond by becoming tired and with a need to produce more semen, while if a man practices semen retention, he will not tire, and can become orgasmic with his partner in a whole new way. Another great advantage for the masculine is as the consciousness of a man evolves, he will experience an “upgraded” version of his penis, and by this we mean his penis will attain the sexual healing energies if he connects to his heart. In ancient Hinduism, Sanskrit traditions, the penis is called Lingam, and literally this means, – pillar of light. This inner light energetic shift in him will transform any sexual union and increase his own sexual ecstasy and bliss. He will be able to go into love making that lasts for hours. And it deepens his sensation of the orgasm significantly. And another great advantage is that this deepens the bonds between him and his lover, because as he is able to last longer, he is able to please his woman on a whole new level.


In tantra there is balance between feminine and masculine energies. Neither is more important than the other, and they both need to be healthy for a woman, -or a man to thrive. This is the beauty of tantra, that the balance between divine feminine, -Shakti, and the divine masculine, -Shiva, need to be balanced. To achieve this balance, according to the tantric tradition, one can follow many different paths. Meditation, chakra work, diet, breath work, and exercise like Qigong or Yoga will all help you get there. But the difference between Tantra and many other spiritual practices is that it also takes the sexual energy seriously, and guides one into divine sexuality. The sexual energy is one of the strongest healing tools there is. It is rightfully called divine sexuality.


Through practicing divine sexuality and tantra or the ancient Chinese sexual philosophies of Taoism you will not only get into a whole new level of sexuality that will see you soar in pleasure, you will also mature on many other levels. Physically your health will increase and you will feel better and more energetic. On a mental and emotional level you will get the opportunity to meet your “demons” and if this sounds freaky we can assure you that it only will take you into a deeper space of knowing yourself and releasing old wound that there is no need for you to carry anymore. Through the release you will expand your chakras and open your heart, which enables you to live a life that is more aligned with our nature, our birthright as humans. Ultimately your spirit will transform and you will become lighter, more happy, loving and content. Your spiritual experiences are enhanced, you will move into a increased understanding of interconnectedness between all things.


As one upgrades ones energetic frequency through all this practices mentioned over and enter into a high vibration of love, the heart chakra and all the chakras are fine tuned, cleansed and balanced to enable them to shine with more and more energy, more and more light of pure love. When this intense and sometimes very challenging heart opening takes place, the soul is being prepared to enter into re-union with his or her twin flame. Through the twin flame template and this sacred union between divine masculine and divine feminine the soul seeks to be re-united with source. It is made possible in the intensity of kundalini awakening that often follow hand in hand with the heart chakra activation, and the the increase orgasmic sexual energies. This is the Ascension into the light. Read our story about twin flame euphoria and bliss


If you should feel that your soul is not walking along the path of the twin flame template, you will still experience a huge transformation in your life through the practices mentioned above, and your sex life and ability to feel love and expansion will greatly increase. We believe that this information of these ancient practices have never been more relevant than today. This information has the potential to life humanity to the next level through a great increase of consciousness on the earth plane. Who would want to fight, when the alternative is to thrive? Make love not war, right? If humanity finally would open their eyes and wake up, it would be so clear, that separation is not real. Co-operation instead of competition is the new norm, balance between feminine and masculine is restored, humanity wakes up in bliss and peace rather than fear and a belief in lack, and men hugging other men and showing public affection is once again a sign of a truly strong man, in balance with his feminine energies.



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