by Hilde H. Olsen

The Magician and the Mystic

Remembering their own epic nature

The summer had been magical on all levels. As if all of nature needed them to merge, and silently sung incantations for it to happen. It was time for them to join forces, and become the powerhouse they were meant to be. Together. The stars and planets were aligning, and all of natures forces. Her yoniverse was allowing it. Then there was the pull of the universe. 

The longing for the other part of these aspects within themselves was pulling them forwards, pulling them towards each other like magnets. It was unavoidable. The pull was too strong, their intensity kept growing, and with it their intention to unite. They couldn’t feel complete before this energy was restored. The longing was older than any of them cared to remember anymore. The stories told of them and their love was sung across the land. It was like nature even guided them in the right direction, the direction of becoming one. One with source, one with each other one with themselves. Restored with no more broken pieces or missing links, no more amnesia or emptiness inside. The longing for coming home was guiding them to union. Their ultimate goal was to become whole, be united. Only then they would come home.  

But still, something had kept them apart for the longest time, sending them both through spirals of pain of the acutest kind to the point that only the faintest bicker of light had them holding on to its hope. For a long time they had both forgotten their names, their universal true names, that embodied who they truly were, for each other, but also just for them self. That was the time spent in the deepest pain and confusion. That time served as a crucial time, it was what catapulted them onto their path again, without it they seemed to be blindly stumbling along. 

The faint hope had seemed like a promise. Then there was the longing of the heart, this faint whisper, and the occasional murmur of a union in unconditional love. The longing within them had them searching for the other for thousands of years. The longing inside of them was as old as the stars themselves. They were star seeds, made up of stardust, in all the sparkly colors of the endless universe. Somehow the time had stretched and drawn them apart, it was incredible that the knowing was still there, they both knew in their hearts deep down who the other was. They were ancient souls seeking the one they had lost ages ago. Buried in the furthest corners inside they both had vague memories from that time. It was as if an anchor had anchored the knowledge in their hearts that they would be seeing each other again. A love as strong as theirs had to eventually be remembered, and reunite. Reignited. Clothed by the rays from the stars. 

Everything seemed to be happening for a reason, there were no coincidences. Little mystical and magical things were going on, but also the weird, big unexplainable mystical and magical things. Even years before they met, they would heal each other by distance, how could they not? They loved each other beyond time and space. They were one. Not really consciously aware of the deep healing they sent to the other part of them self. It just happened like a force of nature. Their DNA changed, it had to restore and upgrade. The same happened to their chakras. It was the force of nature, and they were in the flow. 

They had their own vibration channel, that only they could use. Because they were twin flames. Their very own divine twin flame channel, only recognizable by their own love frequency. This is how they could visit each other through the unawakened years, but also later as they gradually got the understanding and knowledge to put the pieces together. They could visit during the days, or the nights, while sleeping or awake. They would always find a way, it was just all down to remembering.

It was the Magician and his Mystic.

He was so filled with smiles, happiness, bliss and ecstasy, he felt her all over her. Then she would feel his smiles, caressing her every part. Next he would feel her caressing him through the flow of love from her heart. They would be busy loving each other for days on end, while seemingly attending to everyday life. Their love was nurturing them, their love was their prana, their life force. Those were the first days of their love bubble.

There was magic, wonder and divine timing written all around the time they eventually found each other. It was instant. The magician knew. The mystic, she also knew. The body is incapable of lying, and in the matters of the heart one only has to trust the heart’s deepest voice. There is no other way. in these matters. The heart must have its way. Because every cell has started singing the song of their creation, and every fiber in them both just longs for their union. Nothing else is real, it is total, and carries an intensity they had never experienced before. To the point of being too much, scary or too much to handle. They both felt they could drop off the cliff any minute. Would they lose themselves? Thank Goddess they never passed over to that side of confusion and bewilderment. Thank God and Goddess their joy and happiness of finding the other exceeded those feelings of losing their footing. Besides, throughout the years they had already laid the foundation and done the groundwork to prepare themselves, by constantly reaching further, cleaning up their mess to better themselves. It was hell to go through, but so worth it at the present moment, and they did not look back, there was no need to. Only the present moment was real to them, and there everything else melted away, it ceased to exist, only their love existed in the world. 

Being in the presence of each other set them both on fire, it didn’t matter if they were close or apart, they were still always one. The way they looked at each other was otherworldly. The deepest loving respect and humbleness for the other soul was plain to see, they were one.

The magician, he was always searching for a way to do, to solve, to expand his knowledge and his life revolves around doing to feel the connection to source. Invoking change, performing transformation vertically and through this, the magic happens. He needs to feel active and admired in her love.

The mystic, she inspires, breathes, observes and stays present in the now, aspiring to be with source, to create with source, horizontally, calmly. She needs to feel trust and connection.

They were bouncing off each other all the time, what one did would immediately be enhanced, intensified and multiplied so that the other one would heal, feel loved, being empowered to heal the world. This is how the energy kept increasing in intensity between them. One word uttered from the lips of one of them would give such inspiration and love for the other to assure upwards spiraling energy, and they just kept feeding each other in this way. It was their own little magic energy, sending them upwards towards the light, making them feel even more loved and whole than before. The feeling it gave them was so nurturing, the words they said were all so healing, every cell received the DNA upgrade. Every cell kept dancing, and all the chakras were spinning, glowing and pumping in juiciness.

The only truth for them both was to keep loving that other part of themselves to take them both even higher. That is how they did it, they healed the world together by multiplying their energy. With loving intent only. Nothing else was real in their world. The sparks that immersed them both, shot through the air around them, casting light into even the darkest corners. Nothing was allowed to remain in the dark, it was all good, it was all light in it’s purest crystalline form.

The universe could breathe again, they had merged as one. The magician and the mystic had remembered.

This is an excerpt from the book by Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney, ” The Best Book Ever, a Twin Flame Grimoire”.

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