The most EXQUISITE, the most RARE, the most UNIQUE flower in the world – Soul’s Work by Gitte Lassen

By Gitte Lassen

The most EXQUISITE, the most RARE, the most UNIQUE flower in the world
– that is what your Soul’s Work is.

It’s one of a kind with a radiant beauty and a MYSTICAL POWER. It’s like no flower you’ve ever seen before, like no one has ever seen before.

Let me ask you: what have you done with your flower?

Put it in an old ketchup bottle?
Or a generic Ikea vase?

Have you displayed your precious, brilliant, delicate, extraordinary flower in a vase of the FINEST CRYSTAL, a vase that enhances the elegant lines of the flower while amplifying its MYSTIQUE and ALLURE?

Or – if you flower is bold, big, flamboyant – have you sought a bespoke ceramic vase to be the perfect container that reinforces the IMPACT and punch of your flowers MAGNIFICENCE?

And where have you placed your flower?

Have you put the flower on top of the fridge – part of your daily life, there but not treasured?
Maybe even out in the garage, along with all the other things you don’t have much use for and really don’t treasure?
Or maybe put it on your nightstand, so you can have beautiful dreams about it never becomes a real part of your life?

Or have you displayed it in a prominent place where it’s beauty and mystical power is PROUDLY SHOWCASED to the world, on a background that is in itself a work of art, designed specifically to MAGNIFY the sheer elemental gorgeousness, the ethereal delicacy, the breathtaking beauty, the COMMANDING mystical GENIUS of your flower?

Where the ramifications of being in the presence of your flower are so transformational and TRANSCENDENT that people come from afar to see it and admire it, and then they rave about it to everyone and you’re being written up in magazines and asked to come speak on stages and TV shows and there’s a waiting line forming of people who want to be touched by the glorious wonder of your flower?

If you want to turn your Soul’s Work into a successful and THRIVING BUSINESS then you must treat your Soul’s Work like the rare, wondrous and powerful thing your Soul’s Work is.

If you place your Soul’s Work in a generic Ikea vase of formulaic generic business structure, then its power is dampened, minimized and muted instead of being enhanced, reinforced, magnified. And your business will stagnate and stop growing.

If your Soul’s Work is showcased anywhere else than where it’s true beauty is proclaimed boldly for the world to see, aka your promotion and marketing and how much you want to hide or have the courage to stand tall in the truth of your Soul’s Work – then also it’ll hard to create a successful business.

Your Soul’s Work is an EXPRESSION OF DIVINITY and only by listening carefully to its precise tone, its precise energy signature, and then amplifying that exact tone so your Soul Clients can hear it, only then will you be able to turn your Soul’s Work into a successful business.

To your magnificent success,


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