The Polar Vortex Is About To Split Into 3 Pieces Sending Cold Temperatures South

This article provides information about the split in the Polar Vortex that some weather forecasters are predicting to occur soon. This break up of atmospheric conditions over northern Polar regions causes severe cold weather to shift south. The article explains how stratospheric warming that has been observed over the past two weeks in in the Siberian Arctic and the North Pole could mean a split in the Polar Vortex. The article also mentions that similar disruptions in 2018 caused several March snowstorms in the Northeast last winter and the “Beast from the East” cold spell in Europe.

Also mentioned is Dr. Judah Cohen, from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), who performs analysis used to track conditions that could indicate when a split of the Polar Vortex is about to occur. Dr. Cohen’s blog can be seen here. Dr. Cohen is indicating that conditions are favorable for the split to take place over the next two weeks and if it does cold temperatures could be moving south for a while.

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