The Power Of Gratitude In Our Love Relationships

This article discusses the benefits of using gratitude in our love relationships. Research has shown the use of gratitude can promote our well being and health (see here for further information). The same also holds true for using gratitude in our love relationships. As the following quote indicates, the benefits of utilizing gratitude in our love relationships are many:

” Research indicates that both the experience and the expression of gratitude in ongoing relationships have important functions in maintaining the relationship. Feeling appreciative of one’s partner has been shown to lead to noticing new positive qualities in them, spending more time with them and being more willing to compromise or make sacrifices for them. Feeling appreciated leads to more relationship maintenance behaviours which signal responsiveness, engagement and commitment to the relationship leading to the other partner feeling appreciated, and facilitating a positive feedback loop, promoting an upward cycle of relationship growth, commitment and stability.  ” 

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