The Spiralling Dance of Excitement

by Hilde H. Olsen

An Alchemical Marriage in the Garden of Eden

The meadow in the forest had just exploded in all the colours of the rainbow. Both imaginable and un-imaginable colours. At the same time the surroundings were bathed in a light that seemed other worldly. The sweet scent of Ylang-Ylang hung in the air, and the beautiful Rose-bushes had been activated by love in it’s most pristine form to send out their healing scent. All the flowers of the forest had to respond to this wonderful fragrance on the air, it was like a deep power inside of them started to stir and open up a dormant energy flow. The whole forest was trembling in anticipation. The bushes and trees were singing their soul-song of wisdom  back to the loving couple, stretching their treetops towards an endless sky above. In the meadow one could see flowers as far as the eyes could reach. They sung in deep gratitude for the display of pure, pristine love they were silently witnessing. All the flowers sung and danced in delight, as the force from within sparked an inner radiance through all of the flowers in the meadow. Suddenly they had awoke to the stirrings of the heart, and in this state the flowers seemed to again remember their soul purpose as they silently radiated their beauty and mysterious glow. The message in this power was so profound, it took a while for the inhabitants of the forest to all wake up from their slumber and remember again. Each blade of grass was noticeable, one could see them one in all, and one could see them all in one. Everything was possible. Mother Nature of course, she knew this and held her breath for a moment as if to really savour what was happening in her beloved forest. Each straw of grass and every berry bush had awoken into a sensitivity of touch. The soft breeze was carrying the scents of love that filled the air. With it’s breath it gently caressed the meadows and the forest with all it’s inhabitants. Every plant felt the dancing chills through the sensory nerves. Then Mother Nature let out a soft sigh in surrender. Even though her sigh was almost inaudible, the leaves of the fruit trees were shivering even more in delight. The fruits on the Pomegranate trees seemed to immediately grow bigger and brighter. Then they showered an excited juiciness over the lovers as they swirled past, bare feet in the grass. The mere anticipation of loving touches made them both shine. Magic was stirring on every branch and every leaf in the forest and all the plants could sense it. They were remembering the deepest sensation of bliss. 

Playfully he had picked a fully ripe raspberry as he looked her deep in the eyes. He offered it to her, by teasingly letting the raspberry tickle her softly across the lips. Then quickly he removed it, just as she was trying to bite down to taste it. They both laughed. Her cheeks were raspberry red in anticipation. His eyes sparkled from the response she had given him. His fingers a bit more bold this time, and while holding the berry between his fingers, he offered the berry to her lips again. Her lips were slightly parted, and as he slipped the berry between them, he was opening them wider. She teased him right back and bit him playfully over his fingertips. The ripe juices from the berry exploded in her mouth and mixed with the salty taste of his fingers. She felt her head spin. What was up and where was down? The birds where singing high above them and seemed to fly in a spiral formation above their heads. They flew higher and higher, then they went into a spiralling dive. Mother Nature smiled.

The lovers slipped under the Honeysuckle bushes where twin flames are destined to meet. Under there they were covered by a large canopy of light yellow and pink sweetness. The lovers seemed unaware of any magic taking place around them, naturally they only had eyes for the magic mystery between themselves. Two pairs of eyes, glowing. Playing. Exploring. Caressing. Her wild, curly hair brushed across his shoulders, sending immediate sparks of fire up and down his spine. He could not hold back anymore, his one hand cupped her face while the other slipped around her waist in a tight embrace. Mother Nature let out another sigh of anticipation and so did the lovers. Two pairs of eyes, interlocked. Two bodies intertwined, longing for each other, needing to merge as one, become as one, to celebrate the mystery of life. 

The lovers were one in all of creation, one with the meadow in the forest, one with the wind and it’s sweetest scent. One with the Honeysuckle bushes. They were one in their own spiralling dance of excitement. In an embrace of remembrance they seemed to be slowly soaring upwards in a golden dance of healing and love. The way he caressed her skin with his lips, his eyes, his touch, his present radiance, had made her reach a state of bliss and ecstasy that would linger for days in the beauty of the meadow. Mother Nature knew that too. This was the colours of their birthright. Bliss was their birthright. These colours of bliss were all within reach for the lovers of pure hearts.

The lovers laughed innocently. They tasted each other again and again, deeper and deeper. Sparkles filled the air around them, and with a twinkle in his eyes, his fingers slowly found their way down from her neck. Then even slower his fingers were trembling across her chest, awakening each cell on it’s longing path. His fingers danced further down, and a faint moan left her lips. He caressed her breasts lovingly and circled the responding bud lightly, a soft touch between the tips of his fingers. Immediately a fountain rose up her spine. Rising from that delicious spot, and all the way up until crowning her head. She was overflowing and felt showers of divine bliss caressing her whole body and soul. In her feminine way, she answered him by almost unnoticeably pulling him towards her, downwards, landing them both softly in the meadow under the Honeysuckle canopy. Eagerly she opened enough for him to feel her flower. His warm fingers ran smoothly all over her body, finding their way, as she wished him welcome to co-create with her.  

Together they would lovingly create magic in all it’s radiance. His pillar filled with the golden light from their healing love spiral. Her cave pulled him in, craved him, and claimed him with all his loving force. Strength merging with love to create the whole universe. A whole new universe. The strength of his light filled her up from the inside. The waves of ecstasy bathed them both in light. His light found it’s way and flooded her spine, it flooded her system, her chest, her jaw and face, then her brain, her breasts, her heart. Time was endless, and time had stopped. The birds were flying so high they were one with the light blue sky. Mother Nature closed her eyes feeling the deepest heart beat of all her creation. The rainbow had come out to mirror the flowers and fruits in even more abundance. Every cell in the lover’s bodies were singing the soul song now. Once her heart had felt the strength of his light, it had melted and she had sensed immense waves of loving light flowing from her heart directly into his chest, in search of his heart. Her heart and his heart, where did one heart begin and another one end? It was as if a wild river merged with the ocean of a vast universe by now. Golden shivers. Ice and volcanoes. Waves of bliss united them forever, the meadow itself had melted in the golden light. She could no longer distinguish were she ended and he began. He felt her in his heart, limitless, as they were one, in divine union. In the light of the rainbow, the meadow in the forest was radiating all these colours of imagining and infinite possibilities. Mother Nature knew all was good. As they were all one like the source of the rainbow’s colours itself. These are the colours of our birthright.

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