By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney

What is it about the trees?

It seems society today takes trees for granted, and we have lost our connection and understanding of these ancient beings. The worst thing however seems to be the lack of respect for all of nature, not only the trees. We would like to help awaken and encourage society to enter into a loving relationship with the trees, based on mutual respect. The trees have so much to give us, and in ways we have totally forgotten. I we open our hearts to the trees, and start approaching them with compassion, magical things will happen. It becomes a cycle of giving and receiving. In the current state that the earth is at, we have all to win, we firmly believe that by letting the trees become a part of our lives, let them communicate to us and through us, life on earth will change for the better.

Deep roots in our consciousness

In the ancient Celtic culture, it was well established that the sacred knowledge was associated with the trees, and the seers and wise of the tribe would always seek the trees for guidance. In the times of ancient Ireland, the Celt’s belief-system was firmly linked with the trees, that was where they found their sacred knowledge, and they would also connect to the trees for becoming one and gaining mystic insights. The sacred groves were indeed sacred, and worship in the old days was often outside between the trees of the sacred grove.

The tree of life

Across the world, you will find the same, an idea of the world tree, or the tree of life, the cosmic tree. With the branches of its crown, it reaches and stretches towards the sky, our father sky, eager to connect with the heavenly spheres. It also stretches and reaches down with strong roots, deep into the earth, our mother earth, for nutrition and nurturing. The tree’s trunk is sort of like a human heart, right between crown and root, in the middle, connecting the two. The crown and the root also refer to our human chakra system, as the crown and root chakra. How fitting to give the chakras names after the tree!

Mystical inspiration

The tree of life, with its branches and roots makes it a communicator with the divine, both the female energies through mother earth and the masculine energies through father sky. This is how the ancient Celts would regard the trees as a medium, or a transmitter of the sacred knowledge and the mystic inspiration that would support spiritual transformation. It connected them with the divine.

Deep wisdom

In past times trees often symbolised wisdom, justice, creation, and protection. Sacred groves of trees were honoured around the world by Celtic, Germanic, Australian, Indian, Native American, and other cultures. A Scandinavian tradition that predated the Vikings saw the planting of a guardian tree, or “tuntre,” — with roots from a sacred grove — at a central location on family farms.

Ancient and benevolent beings

The ancients lived in a deep understanding and balance with nature, and the season would always be a strong influence in their spiritual and mystical understanding of life. The trees came to symbolise death and rebirth through the changing seasons. Observing how the tree transforms from its winter sleep, and as the sun returns and the fresh green shoots brings spring. Then the long days of summer with it’s never ending light in the northern hemisphere, before the leaves turn red and drift off with the autumn wind, into another winter rest in nature.

The powerful seed

But in a less obvious way, that takes up to hundreds of years to complete, is the journey of a seed falling from the tree, and then beginning its journey to root itself and stand among the other trees. This journey is slow and less apparent to a human, as the trees generally speaking can live hundreds of years. They stand as silent witnesses, and their wisdom anchors deeply in the trees’ consciousness. They are our past, our present, and our future, and symbolises the continuous cycle of life. Symbolically the Tree of Life supports us, gives us nutrition, shelter, and warmth, it holds the ancient wisdom, and showers us in its patient love and caring. The tree seems to have eternal life, living for centuries, quietly observing what takes place around its trunk. The magic it holds is almost unbelievable, from the tiniest seeds from the old mother tree, it shoots its tender soft roots down into the soil. Empowered only by the sun’s rays, raindrops from above and a small amount of nutrition provided by its mother, before it was sent on its way. As if by a miracle it stretches it’s trunk towards the light and soars its empowered crown through the undergrowth of the forest. Springtime comes with iridescent shooting leaves of the most sacred light green colour. Its colour is pure love, pure healing, and pure power.

Support the trees

Hilde and John seek to bring exactly this empowering feeling of the purest, divine love for all of nature and it’s healing frequency. In this way they hope to empower anyone that feels drawn to this same frequency of love, and who is hearing the call, feeling its truth. At the same time of course acknowledging the trees, and their unconditional love, wisdom, protection, and support, they both vow to always integrate the trees and nature in all their interactions. It is a natural and easy part of their lives together. They support different organisations for the protecting, support and love of trees. Please join them in this acutely important work to save the trees, and at the same time, Mother Nature. The trees and all of nature needs us now, our love and compassion. We humans can’t live without nature, but nature can live, survive and thrive without us humans. Join in their efforts to expand human awareness of these magnificent, conscious beings that trees actually are, and feel free to support any and all of these organisations mentioned on with them!

In Gandhi’s immortal words, -Be the change you want to see in the world.

Here are some links to charities and organisations that we recommend

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