By Hilde and John Kearney

Potential for growth

Transformation. Is it real? Have you awakened yet? Do you feel the deep urge inside to restore, expand, and fulfill your mission here on this beautiful earth so that you can reach your final destination, your ascension into the light? Because as a light bearer you are light. And seeing that you are a light bearer are you wondering if the ascension is within reach for you? The ascension of Jesus is widely celebrated across Christian religions. Do you think the ascension energy is only for Jesus to achieve? Or do you think like us, that the ascension is our ultimate goal and Jesus was our older brother on the spiritual journey, teaching us, guiding us and holding light for us so that we can reach the ascension too, through his inspiration and love?

So what do we do to get there?

That is a very comprehensive list, to say the least! But we will make an attempt to set up some pointers, some ideas on how to increase your energetic vibration, as this is the intention behind setting up our website Tuntrelife. Even though that is to aim for the stars, this is what we want to aspire, because, we think it is possible, we think the ascension is within reach for us all, and that this is our ultimate goal. We also humbly think we have a few ideas worth sharing, and we believe this is part of our divine mission here on the earth plane to help serve the ascension energy. Everything is energy, and we are just step-by-step increasing our own energetic frequency while learning to use the tools at hand.  

This is my take on it, and that is after many, many years of experience, on the spiritual path, living a life that was less than my hopes and dreams for me and my children, to living a life where my biggest dream finally came true with the intense awakening and spiritual upgrade as I met my twin flame, my beloved John. 

It is possible, and it is not only for Jesus. 

Activating your own ascension energies can be confusing and bewildering, to put it mildly. The internet is full of great ideas, but then which ones are the right ones for you, that is the tricky bit. We want to focus on the ultimate ones, the ones that in our experience will take you there safely, and also without all the “detours” on the spiritual journey that we ourselves had to navigate through. Remember, however, that ultimately there is no better guide than your own intuition, and your own heart’s soft and sometimes subtle messages to you. We urge you to trust that, and never doubt your own inner guidance, even with the advice that we are about to share with you, it is ultimately your journey, we are only here to give you a few words of inspiration and direction along the way. 

As we have mentioned here before on Tuntrelife previous posts, Johns spiritual awakening journey really took off as he started exploring Qigong and Meditation. For me, Hilde, it was a much longer journey over the course of my full life in this incarnation, where I had to detox my emotions, my physical body, my mental and spiritual states. At the age of 18, I became a vegetarian spiritual seeker, then 15 years later I found raw foods and juice fasting, which enabled me to reach higher energetic states, and really took me deep into my first Kundalini awakening. Then next I was onto exploring tantra and with it I became clairvoyant to the point where I was seeing the energies and seeing how the chakras worked. I did so much work to detox all of my body’s systems, physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual. For John, the journey to awakening was intense and happened quickly in a relatively short time span. From living a completely stressed out life, to finding meditation and qigong and seeing immense and miraculous results from practicing these.

The Tuntrelife 10 ultimate tools!

We want to share and discuss the different tools with you here, the ultimate tools according to our belief, and give you pointers to how you can start. 

-Qigong. This ancient Chinese tradition is amazing and will help you to open up to your own bodies subtle energies, and also to become more sensitive to the subtle energies in nature, your surroundings and other people too. Qigong has so many benefits it is impossible to list them all, however the most important ones for us has been to reduce stress, nervous tension and mental fatigue. It restores the body and actually fills you up with chi to meet your day in a high energetic frequency. Did you know your body has the ability to store energy like a battery? So much amazing knowledge and benefits to gain from practicing Qigong.

-Mediation. It is about becoming peace, becoming bliss, embodying love, gaining an awakened state of consciousness. Being present in the moment. Feeling a part of all and nothing. To get there you need tools, and Meditation is a very powerful tool. The “Monkey mind” can be challenging to push through, but when you do, the rewards are enormous. However, don’t let the constant mind chatter from a busy monkey mind stop your meditation practice as you will be receiving rewards from just being still and connecting inwards, connecting with your heart, connecting with love, universal love. Because it is everywhere, and it is the only thing that is real.

-Raw Food, detoxing, juice fasting, Pranic initiation. The physical aspects tend to be forgotten sometimes with spiritual practices in our longing to merge with spirit, with our source. However we have incarnated here on earth at this moment, and as spiritual beings attached to a physical body, we also have responsibility to how we treat our bodies, our temples. Everything is connected, everything is equally important, and if you start treating your body with love, which means giving it the ultimate in nutrition, it will completely love you for it and lift you to new levels altogether! In the words of Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine , and the medicine thy food”. Physically, mentally, emotionally, etherically and spiritually your body will heal, if done regularly you will see awesome progress on all levels of your life, not only for your physical body.

-Kundalini. The experience of the rising serpent, the Kundalini is awakening in process. It is you coming into contact with your divine nature, your universal consciousness. Although this process can be very disturbing in some cases of spontaneous kundalini awakening, and need to be pursued in the right mind frame. You need to do the detoxing on all levels to reach a balanced state where the awakening process is gentle and calm, without the fire and burn that some people experience. Know that it is intense, but it takes you to an altered state of consciousness, still you, but expanded, transformed, and closer to the core of you, and your ultimate potential.

-Tantra, chakra work, manifestation. The deep chakra healing you will experience from exploring tantra is vitally important. Tho move beyond the old paradigm of hurt ego, and into an awakened empathic state where there is love for all. Tantra helps you to go deep within from using dynamic mediations, chakra meditations, visualizations, releasing of old patterns, shedding the ego, chanting ancient mantras and wisdoms mixed with some modern scientific methods.

-Sexual healing. Having amazing, divine sex is something we need to open up to, whether you have a partner in your life or not. We have to get past all old shitty feelings of shame, guilt, sin and blame, to embrace our innate orgasmic nature. It is no longer serving us. Why you might ask? because the orgasm in itself has tremendous healing capacity for us humans, and if we were not in general on this planet so totally sexually repressed and sexually unsatisfied and withdrawn, we would see a planet with a population so much in love, not only with them selves, but with everyone! Sex is our birthright! Love yourself into it!

-Grounding and connecting with nature. We simply love the power of nature to balance and ground when something has made us feel a bit uncentered and unbalanced. Something magical happens! Even though it feels magical, it involves the earths energies which are positively charged, and the atmospheres energies which are negatively charged. When you experience emotional stress, your body becomes more acidic, and as you ground yourself, what happens in scientific terms is that you regain your alkaline natural state which is what the body thrives with. It is so simple, 30 seconds are enough even if it is a cold winter day! Or if you can go longer, 1 hour walk in the forest or on the beach that will be amazing.You will literally feel the energies transform within you, and feel peace being restored… See for yourself.

-Mindset of gratitude, highest frequency of love, peace and calm, enter into FLOW state. Start every morning with this as your intention! How grateful you are for all the wonderful things going great in your life, even if it is only the small things, – like a favorite color you love, or a piece of music. These are free right and available to all, even though we at times feel there is nothing to be grateful for. Start with being grateful for the bird song that cheered you up as you woke in the morning. Then elaborate as you go.

-Breathing, relaxation and stress busting. What is the first thing we do as we are born? Draw our breath… It is the life force entering, and we could say that as long as we are incarnated here at the earth plane we are supplied by the universe with energy, prana, vital life force. The last thing we do as we pass over is to expire, our last breath, it is like as if we return the borrowed energy to the universe, merging with it, becoming one again. Now prana is more than that. It keeps us alive throughout our whole life, and the fact is the more easily we breathe, the more healthy we are. With stress for example, we tend to hold our breath unawares. This makes us feel worse. Every stressful situation should be followed by breathing excersises to enable us to solve the problem quickly and in a good manner.

-Tuntrelife healings. Healing old wounds, hurts and pains behind and everything that no longer serves you is a mayor step towards your transformation, this is why we have tailored several different options for you to chose from. According to where you find yourself in this transformational process, we are here and can help you towards your next step on this magical journey. Please look into our healing services here, and chose which one is the right for you at this moment.

Becoming your ultimate potential

We hope our 10 transformational tools will inspire you to get started today! It will work wonders in your life, this we can guarantee! As you do the work, your physical self heals, but also your mental, emotional, energy body and spiritual state will see the transformation taking place. We both love Greg Braden so much, and here is a small quote from him, that sums it up, -The feeling is the prayer. You feel gratitude, you become gratitude and next you spread gratitude.

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

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