By Gitte Lassen

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My passion is transformation

”To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground”.

Through my work I have been blessed with deeply touching the souls of many people.

I can find no better way to describe the humbleness, the honor, the privilige it evokes in me than in the quote above: I am holding a sacred trust,

I am walking on holy ground.

Holding a sacred trust compels me to strive ever harder to embody my teachings. I have to be a living example that inspires and motivates and encourages others to walk their paths to full glory.

My passion is transformation. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing people transform themselves and their lives through their interaction with me. It’s a privilege, a great honor when people let go of their guards and bare their souls to me –and I cannot help but to deeply love and care about everyone. It humbles me to see how much trust people place in me. And it is the greatest responsibility to meet an opened soul with love and understanding.

My responsibility then becomes to be acutely, always, self-aware and to continuously work my own transformation. Only thus do I walk my talk.

Some years ago I wrote down how I wanted to feel about myself and my life. I wanted to:

* Be less perfect and more authentic

* Be childlike, innocent, pure, and beautiful –but not childish

* Be full of vitality, joy, enthusiasm and exuberance

* Find strength, power and courage inside myself

* No longer seek approval from others, rather seek approval from myself

* Find the voice inside myself that guides me to my Highest Good

* Be willing to feel the pain to get to the joy

* Realize my inner source of wisdom and integrity, compassion and unconditional love

* Listen to my soul’s dream and make it come true

* Believe in myself, not wait for others to believe in me

* Be ME

I am there most of the time, and my deepest wish is for everyone to be there with me.

Life is more magical and wonderful than I could have ever imagined to be.