Tuntrelife Is Celebrating International Women’s Day March 8, 2019

Tuntrelife is celebrating International Women’s Day with articles about women helping women. International Women’s Day, or Kvinnedagen as it is known in Norway, is held annually on March 8. A theme is chosen for the event that is carried out throughout the year to encourage action. The theme chosen for 2019 is “Balance for Better” and was intended to help foster gender balance across the world because if you “better the balance” of equality you can “better the world.” The International Women’s Day website is full of resources about the event and ways you can get involved. There is a photo contest or you can donate to the International Women’s Day charity of Choice, Catalyst: a nonprofit organization creating workplaces that work for Women. You can also watch the viral video from last year’s event created by Jungle Creations which was designed to show what could happen if men and women switched places for a day.

We also thought International Woman’s Day was the perfect time to write about how women help empower women. A new study indicates that when women have an inner circle of close female associates they are more likely to get placed in senior-level positions.   According to this article that occurred in Forbes, a close inner circle can provide women “access to gender-related tacit information important for women’s success as well as diverse job-market data needed for successful job search and negotiations.”

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