By Hilde and John Kearney

The internet is full of whispers of juicy twin flame sex. Some claim that the intensity of the sexual union between twin flames is necessary because it helps them to attract each other. We however feel that this misses the mark. Could it be that the intensity is because we are basically wielding the powers of creation itself? That is the most intense powers there is, and with that power it also contains immense healing potential and properties, which is an aspect of the creation supposedly. These energies are not just for enjoyment possibly it might also be for healing. Healing yourself, healing your twin, healing others, healing the world. It is like a giant flashing neon sign in front of you that is just saying, USE THIS FOR GOOD, FOR HELPING OTHERS. Could this be the reason? Have you heard about the twin flame energy and how it expands the heart to the point that one feels all consumed? It is the background story of almost every story we have been told since childhood, and you might have also felt the deep longing that goes hand in hand with the twin flame template, to the point that you too have to enter into the unknown, uncharted territory to explore this further? After crossing through this portal, or this point of no return, – life seems bewildering, confusing even, and many, many things change as transformation take place. Maybe you feel like you need help, you need to learn more, know more, you want to dig deeper into the understanding of this intense energy? Then you have come to the right place, we know what we are talking about from our own self lived experience, so please do read on, we will try to shed some light on the process the way we experienced it personally. Hopefully, it will give you some information that you have been seeking!

I could feel the twin flame energetic template at work in my life

For me, Hilde the twin flame template had been active even from childhood in the sense that I knew he was out there… I KNEW it, no doubts. Somehow life happened though and I found myself in strange and less than satisfying circumstances for many years. Until I was bold enough to make the move and the necessary changes, -and dealing with the inevitable pain of transformation. In retrospect, I can see that this inner force was guiding me, and I guess my time was just up because it felt as if the universe took over and sent me into different experiences that are far from normal in most peoples definition of normal… Abnormal as it may seem to some, I had to experience them through. It started with a massive love expansion and heart chakra activation which then resulted in me floating around on blissful pink clouds for about 1 year. It was all amazing, and it was all very ungrounded! It was my first Kundalini awakening happening, and that threw me onto the next stage of this process which was meeting my catalyst twin… Naturally even more heart chakra activation followed then, I never knew my heart could hold so much love. I felt it pumping, spiraling, and showering over and in my body. In this pure energy of love, I started to “see” visions in my inner eye, in my mind’s eye or my third eye. It enabled me to perceive or sense how the energies work between a woman and a man making love in this high frequency I was in. When I started having these downloads of understanding, (I guess it was just me remembering my wisdom from previous lifetimes), at first it didn’t make much sense to me. If I hadn’t been so extremely high on life in my awakened kundalini state, it would probably had been very disturbing! But luckily I was high as a kite on love only, and it made me curious to seek out more information. Next, I decided to study the sexual energy, and it wasn’t long before I started my tantra teacher training.

One of my visions made me think I was nuts!

I saw what happens energetically when a man and a woman who love each other dearly, and who has the deepest respect for each other are engaged in lovemaking. It is not to be taken lightly what happens, and there is a reason for this beautiful union of love being called the “Sacred Union”, or the “Holy Marriage”. Their heart chakras are so activated that it has the couple upgraded in this loving flow of energy. So when the lovers meet physically and enter into sexual union and the man’s penis penetrates the vagina of his woman, his penis is filled with light energy. The lovers are feeling an intense pulling towards each other, and it feels as if he must penetrate, this is the electromagnetic energies between them that makes this urge for the two to meet in the most intense intimate embrace. As soon as his penis taps on and touches the cervix which is the mouth of the uterus of the woman, the cervix is lit up, and she lights up too. This light continues into her body and floods her whole body. It flows up her spine illuminating each vertebra on its path, and at the heart center, it flows outwards and sends a bolt of light from her heart to the heart of her lover. As this light enters into his heart now, the light flows all over his body and it also finds it’s path down his spine and then into the penis again, so that the lovers are now encircled and intertwined into their own energetic momentum, where the sexual energy is allowed to multiply and increase as it heals and heals old wounds and takes them both into an altered state of consciousness, where they transcend and become one. Time stands still, they merge with their own inner nature, to see themselves completely, all masks fall to the ground, they see themselves fully and at the same time they see the soul of their lover fully and with this they are allowed to become one in spirit, to merge as one. This is like melting into the intended state of being. It is who we truly are, it is our birthright.

Digging deeper

So you must have also thought my last paragraph is a little out there! Maybe even that I am nuts, but I really hope this makes sense though and that you hear your own inner intuitive voice confirming my experience to be true. It only started to make sense to me a few months later. I had ordered a book on tantra on Amazon, Diana Richardson “The heart of Tantric Sex” – A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment (Buy it here!), and even at the moment I first opened this book I got validation of my vision from the absolute first sentence I read in Diana’s book! It explained how the ancient Sanskrit name for penis was lingam which means – a pillar of light. YES! It was what I had seen, I knew this already, I had been told from spirit the exact same thing! I kept reading of course! Next, I found out that the Sanskrit name for the vagina is yoni, which means -sacred vessel. Now it was all starting to make sense.

More about the yoni – lingam magic!

From now on I will only use the Sanskrit terms Yoni and Lingam, not to be pretentious, but because Yoni is just so much more than a vagina and the same goes for Lingam, it is so much much more than a penis… A lingam is an awakened penis, it is filled with a consciousness, with presence. It doesn’t fuck anymore, it makes love, it has been energetically upgraded. Through the awakening, there is the transformation. This same goes for yoni, she can be conscious or unconscious, awakened or asleep, healed and respected or traumatized and disrespected. It is a conscious choice in what way we choose to go with this energy of sexual healing, of energetic expansion.

Yin and Yang of the Yoni Lingam

In the ancient sexual teachings of Taoism, older even than the Tantric traditions, they explain the electromagnetic energies at work. However, because they experienced it rather than witnessed it scientifically, they used different words than we are used to from modern scientific studies. Yin and Yang are the opposite energies and can be widely used to describe opposites, positive – negative, male and female, light – dark, giving – receiving, etc. The male lingam energy is positive, and the yoni has a negative charge. Another way to describe the attracting energies is that the male active energy is electric in nature, while the receiving female energy is magnetic. This causes the push and pull and in some cases stronger than other of course. When this energy is set into motion as two lovers engage sexually, it causes the masculine, positive energy of the lingam to meet with the feminine, negative energy of the yoni. The energy of the woman’s heart center is positive in nature, as this is where the energy is active and giving in women. The energy spirals up her spine and into her heart chakra multiplied by their own creative sexual energetic force, and flows to her heart and further into his heart which is receiving, feminine energy in nature before it intensifies the momentum further and the energy escalates onto the orgasm. Picking up momentum as it spirals between positive and negative charge, multiplied by the lover’s deep love for each other.

Pristine energies deserves clear loving intentions

In our experience, this energy can only be felt fully as the heart expands, and the loving energy is a deep and integral part of the lovemaking, That is where it is divine in nature. And ultimately that is what you deserve, and nothing less than this, as this is our divine birthright to be bliss, experience bliss, and even more, live a life of permanent ecstatic bliss, through the ecstatic nature of the orgasm itself.

Benefits of divine lovemaking between twin flames

The energy between twin flames is on an upwards energetic spiral if you keep yourself in a pure loving energy. This must always be the goal. You are on a mission as twin flames and with that you also carry the responsibility to stay in high service for humanity and the planet. We are listing here some of the benefits clearly:

-Increased connection to oneself, one’s twin and becoming one with all.

-Sexual healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual.

-Huge opening into love, bliss, joy, peace, happiness, calm and ecstasy.

-Upgrade of energetic frequency, and multiple kundalini awakenings

-“Superpowers” of many different kinds

-Increased sensitivity and empathy, while at the same time gaining an ability to remain calmly in your own strong energetic frequency

-Loss of ego

-Otherworldly feelings of permanent states of ecstasy, inside and outside of the bedroom!

-The sexual energy between twin flames is approximately 5 % physical and 95 % pure energy sex!

So is it all that magical?

We certainly believe that this energy is meant to be used for good, and for the service of helping to create an ultimate life where everyone can thrive! Sex is also an evolutionary process, and we in this present time have now moved beyond having sex for pro-creational reasons, also for pure enjoyment. It wouldn’t be such a powerful energy source of healing and creation if this was it. As twin flames, we owe it to our self and to our twin, to others and the universe at large to keep our energy pristinely clear and in the highest possible frequency vibration. It is not always easy, but we do find that as you succeed and come to a state of master of these energies, you will be a very strong manifester. Instantly with your thoughts only you will be able to solve problems within a relatively short time, conflicts between you and your friends will diminish and you’ll find that your relationships take a new turn for the better! Information you need will present itself for you before you even get the opportunity to think that you need it. These are your new Super powers! GO claim them! And make sure to always feel into your heart, and use them for good. So, yes, we will claim this energy to be pretty lightening bolt magical, definitely…

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