by Hilde H. Olsen

What happens when you finally meet your beloved?

After millenia of deep knowing, longing, and even searching for your divine counterpart, have you thought about what actually happens when you after all these years of separation, finally come together?

This is not for the faint hearted, the twin flame journey, there is a certain level of “warrior” energy in having chosen this twin flame template for yourself in this lifetime! It is a journey that most find very challenging and intense. Hundreds of years, maybe even thousands, have separated you so far, and the trauma of that is like a “bleeding wound” in itself. Through the years you have slowly managed to increase your own energetic vibration to a level that activates the template of the twin flame union within you and your twin has been doing the same at hi or her end. This spirals you on in an upwards loving energy. It also guides you because there are strong forces in the universe that needs you to merge as one now. You and your twin flame are like magnets, you are destined to meet. The time has come and you are both being called forth. It will feel like you are supported on the journey, you are still not in physical union, you might even be on different continents living your lives totally unaware of each other, until the awakening process triggers you both into action. Forces are set in motion for you to meet. You are both getting ready to take the leap, but not quite.

To get to this point of feeling him or her close, and getting ready for physical union, there is just years and years of the most painful memories, karma, and life lessons to transmute. Probably you have been through at least one relationship which you would be able to classify as a “karmic” relationship. This is the relationship with that someone from your past, (your past lives together might come to you in fragments) that brings to the surface your karma. It needs to be looked at and dealt with, before you are ready to take the next step, and in my own experience I refer to these years as “The Dark Years”. I remember I used to think of this time as similar to when Jesus experienced the dark night of the soul. All the colors dissipate from your life, and all you can see are shades of black and white. It can be a time of feeling utterly alone, even though this will always be an illusion. Still, the depth of it is felt as hitting “rock bottom”. Things can hardly get any worse. It is like taking a huge punch to the stomach from the fist of life. It literally knocks the wind out of you!

In the middle of “The Black Years” it is hard to even understand where you get the guts and stamina to keep going. It is a relentless journey none the less. One step at the time, you stagger, each day something new to transmute, until you have reached the level of spirituality and maturity where you are ready for your Kundalini awakening. This energy takes most people by surprise, it certainly did with me, I had no idea what the fuck was going on! It is pure craziness multiplied by one thousand. The Kundalini energy just raises as your own energetic vibration increases, and at a certain level this will just occur. For some this is a very rough ride, for others this is a step by step upgrade, and it might be experienced as many Kundalini events one after the other. When the Kundalini energy upgrades the body, one can feel totally ungrounded and lost. It is very important at this time to do physical detox, as well as a change in your diet, as this will help the body cope with the intense energies, and it is also very important to ground oneself and connect to Mother Earth. This is after all where you are at present, and by anchoring yourself to mother earth this will also increase your spiritual connection to Father Sky. It is a part of your souls ascension into the light.

“Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”

Quote by Adyashanti.

Heart Chakra Awakens

Around this time you will be ready to meet your Catalyst Twin… He or she will just blow open your heart chakra. The reason it is called the catalyst twin is because you will think this is your twin flame, but the real purpose of their presence in your life is to be your guide. His or her energy is so closely linked to that of your twin flame, and the way they make you feel is so fantastic, it is no wonder there is so much confusion about this. However there will be signs very early in your relationship with the catalyst twin that this will never work. It feels completely hopeless, the challenges facing you are unsurmountable, and as if there are no solutions to the problems between you. Of course the catalyst relationship will “crash and burn”, leaving you in the most intense heartache, and pain. The intense heart opening and frankly the intense opening of all your chakras is beyond anything you have ever felt before, and it will awaken you to another level again.

Remembering your true nature

The catalyst twin has come to help you remember who you truly are, preparing you for the twin flame love, -and he or she is teaching you the most profound lessons at this point. At some point you will have to turn away from it and it will be disturbingly painful, but know that there is so much healing taking place at this time. Your heart is being healed like never before, and every tear shed will lift you, just give it time… There is nothing else to do than to surrender to the tears and let it take the time it needs to take to mend your grieving heart. I cried every day for close to 2 years while my heart was healing, the floodgates opened many times per day. I just let it flow, there was nothing else to do. Except, I did support my body by detoxing with raw food and juicing, I took Homeopathic remedies for heart break, and I also supported my heart chakra with the Young Living essential oil of Melissa, which is a very powerful oil to support grief as well. Of course grief is a natural human response, and you should know there is nothing wrong in grieving. It is a process, but of course, the little and big things you can do to support yourself during this time, will just help you to go through this somehow. Still, I do remember thinking many times during this time, that I couldn’t see the point of living anymore, this is how heavy it can appear. Now, in retrospect, I am of course so grateful to my catalyst twin, and it is so much easier to see the big picture why this was necessary to go through at all.

Highest vibration of love

Emerging from all of that, you just keep raising your frequency, making sure you maintain the highest vibration of love as much as possible for yourself through every challenge that comes to the surface to be healed. It doesn’t stop, even though you have come so far, – if anything it just gets more intense. You will feel yourself stronger than ever, but you are still in the “school of life”. For me during this time, was when I pursued the Tantric wisdom. My catalyst twin had woken up my chakras in a whole new way, and I had learned through that relationship about the sexual energy, and divine sexuality. He had been my first Tantra teacher, completely without conscious knowledge of it. There was a whole new universe that had blown open for me, and I knew I had more to learn. Through the study of Tantra, I was encouraged to go even deeper into chakra healing. And I went deep, there was still a lot of “clutter to clean” from my physical temple. I did the work, and I heard the call of the universe, or was it my twin calling me? I kept at it, relentlessly tidying up my bodily temple. So much going on at once, it was a very deep physical process. I could feel how it worked through my body, waking me up one cell at a time, I could feel the DNA changing and being upgraded even. At this point my beloved felt so close, I was thinking about our union night and day it seemed. There was so much deep longing, it was ancient and it was very intense. It was not until I finally got so fed up with pining for him, silently waiting.

Self love

I decided I want to make my life FUN, HAPPY and ECSTATIC, even if he is not in my life in physical. No more pining, no more longing, this has got to stop. I was ready to take full responsibility for my own happiness, and with no more excuses from living my life fully. I let go of the longing, and set him free, that is when it finally happened!

I had been feeling myself growing tired of the long wait, and with a new energy I had never had before, I decided in my heart of hearts that I would never let the seeming separation between my twin flame and me keep me hostage in longing for him ever again. I suddenly realized that I was the one responsible for my own happiness, I had to make my days shine in joy and happiness. If he wasn’t there, that would never stop me from being content in the moment again. This was about me and making the most of it, because that is what I was worth! Self love. So I took responsibility for my own life and decided that bliss and ecstasy is my birthright, I chose living my life according to that philosophy now and forever. At that moment the wheels of the universe clicked into a new gear and my life totally shifted.

I met my beloved.

We entered the twin flame love bubble as if we had invented it. Our love was epic, and with our love all the other love stories ever written throughout the ages all faded away and we rewrote them all…

The Magician and the Mystic

The love of a Twin Flame bubble is magical. We were both in an altered state of consciousness where we could travel to each other day or night, all the time, we had our very own twin flame tunnel where we were invisible and invincible, it would take us to our magical garden of our lost paradise. It had never been lost really, but we had “forgotten” how to access it, and in this excitement of finally waking up to remembering our true nature, miracles kept happening around us. Every day something new. The twin flame love bubble is there for this exact purpose, for the twin flames to remember who they really are.


The twin flame path is all about being in service. Traditionally relationships used to be a couple getting together for the purpose of having children. The twin flame path is just so much more. It is about being in loving service. Presently, more and more twin flame couples are woken up to this service of love for the universe. The twin flame couples are hearing the call, they are on a mission to heal, and the planet is at a state where the twin flame loving energy can help bring in the new dawn. The new earth. The love that is brought to this earth through twin flame unions will catapult Mother Earth into the next dimension. This is the ascension process of humanity and also of our dear Mother Earth. Together we are creating a place where only love is real. The people on earth awaken to the realisation that their true nature is as spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings having spiritual experiences.

In the beautiful and deeply meaningful words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The old dogma of separation from source energy is finally lifted, and the earth can ascend into the light. So will the twin flame couples, they will ascend into the next energetic frequency. This is what brings in the new earth, and takes this planet from a frequency of war, fear and separation in 3D, – into a paradise on earth similar to what we had in the time of Atlantis, when humanity lived in 5D, before the fall.

The twin flame path and its energetic vibration is epic, and glorious, I can only begin to understand how huge this energy of love is. There is an old saying;

Energy flows where intention goes.

This is the key, we hold the power. Trough our love. And through allowing and letting yourself feeling the love. Just let your heart chakra open up to it, let it crack through your armour. See love shower everything like a huge tidal wave from the universe. It is forever holding us in love. This kind of love has the power to turn you into the shining star you are meant to be, and to bring in the new earth.

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