By HIlde Larsen

Health/Mindset Coach/Author/Speaker/Detox Specialist/Life-Enthusiast

What am I doing? Well, I stepped back from eating, to juice for a while.
To Inspire those of my clients who are juicing for amazing health benefits 
I stepped back from eating, to juice for a while, and had to be creative with my powerhouses.
My berries.

Because they absolutely ROCK the brain and nervous system, and if you ever need to turn the light on, to regenerate nerves, to remember more easily, to get your vision back on, I mean, most ANYTHING, this is how we roll.

Beauty food #1 = Same thing. 
I mean, look at the color!
The real superfood IS not only wild but bountiful.

So, when you can get your hands on wild berries, or homegrown, OR organic, you say YES thank you! 
The power is in the color, in the antioxidant, and it doesn’t take that much you see, BUT it does take that you actually eat them.

Great for the skin, these little powerhouses contribute to the health of the collagen matrix by neutralizing enzymes that destroy connective tissue, and by scavenging free radicals. 
Antiaging right there!

Berries aid in great vision, an anti-UTI food par excellence, acts as a strong anti-inflammatory, healthier veins, and the list goes on. I`m not going to list all the benefits of every berry, but rather inspire you to try what I am making these days and feel the buzz for yourself.
Oh, and they taste amazing!
To me, THAT is the gold right there.
I mean, ALL real food has benefits to the human body.
Nothing like the mucus forming, acidic alternatives.

So, even if you cannot pick fresh berries where you are there is hope. The Bilberries are said to be as good frozen as they are fresh. According to a recent study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, none of the berries’ nutritional values or antioxidant goodness are lost by freezing, and they’ll keep well for up to two years.

Ok, so this is a mix of:
Red currants
Black currants.

All frozen from this last summer.

I usually use them in a smoothie, but for my juicing, this is what I do:

Defrost the berries you want to juice. Completely.
Blend them in your Vitamix.
No water added.
Add the blend to a nut bag.
Squeeze out the juice by hand to not lose a single drop of this gold.
Drink plain, or like me, with some fresh apple juice added.
I would say 1/4 apple juice.

Now THAT is what I call fuel for a healthy thriving body.

We know that wild food is the original true food. At one point all food was wild food, and all food was medicine. 
In nature, there is no obstruction, constipation, or bad choices. We can state that no matter what we live or do, it is ok and that every journey is the right one. 
Still, cause and effect rules.
By choosing a path, any path, we will have to wear the robe, to walk our talk. 
Cause and effect. 
We are seeing the effect of not following the laws of nature, and we are paying the bill.

Through sickness and stress, the lack of feeling loved and safe, we are experiencing the panic of not having or being enough. We are always enough, always.

Our basic needs are simple and few in numbers. 
There is no solution in complication, and there is no large puzzle to solve. 
There is only life, the simple exercise of breathing, loving and being. 
We can complicate it if we want, with but`s and reasons for hanging on to stuff, but it will not set us free.

True freedom is seeing the simplicity in everything, and knowing that it is perfect the way it is. Nature is effortless in its growth and manifestations.

The wild foods are natures medicine, and by ingesting them, we are ingesting the healing vibration that comes with it. 
The nutritional composition is out of comparison with our farm-grown produce.

The wild food is very dense in nutrients and will go a long way. Spending time in nature, picking and eating what nature has provided for us, is a calm connecting practice in itself. 
ALMOST my favorite part.

By embracing true wisdom from nature, we will be nourished on all levels.
And by making a few smart changes, like incorporating the berries into our diet we are one step closer to a life free from pain and suffering.
Heck yeah!

So my friends, try this and let me know.
I have a feeling you will want more.
And that’s ok.
This is just a small part of what can help you become a healthier YOU.
The rest?
It will follow as you turn towards those who have done what you want to do.


Hilde Larsen
Health/Mindset Coach/Author/Speaker/Detox Specialist/Life-Enthusiast

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