By Hilde Kearney

The modern woman and her man in timeless perspective.

This is such a complex topic, but I will bravely venture into it! We are in the middle of re-defining the social structure of society as we know it and it can be very daunting and confusing at times. As a woman myself who should I trust, and what should I trust? I am sure men feel the same way, there is so much contradicting information out there, and navigating in this landscape puts one at risk of being ridiculed, harassed, and isolated. These are very hard experiences to deal with, and it takes some courage to take it on fully. Many people, both men and women live in fear of stepping out of the norm, into this unfamiliar landscape. As humans, we can only really thrive when we are together in our little flock, so being isolated is like the scariest sentence there is.

Root chakra

Here I am, sitting on my sofa in the lotus position, completely engrossed in one of many seemingly thoughtless female activities. Really, there is not many things more beautiful than a hand knitted piece of clothing. I am knitting, round and around, slowly increasing the measurement of the jumper, it seems to take forever. The orange ball of yarn spins occasionally on the floor. When I knit I fade into a trance-like state, where time seems to stop, and I knit myself into some form of meditation. There is a lot of therapy in knitting, in any creative endeavor really.

Back in the days, knitting was a man’s job. That was the time it was perceived as a respected trade to belong to. As far as I can remember from history classes at uni, there were even organized corporations for different trades and craftsmanships that appeared in feudal Europe. Knitting was one of many, and they got quite powerful. At some point knitting became a female activity, it seems natural to conclude this change was caused by an economic drop in the markets. Since then the knitted garments were mostly produced for the family by women’s hands. Homemade knitted garments are some of my favorite things, they hold so much love, joy, and care, such immense beauty, and it is impossible to put a value on it.

Even though I have so much compassion for the unfairness that occurs in the world, I do not want this post to be another bitter, feministic moan… After all, both women and men have to face challenges in life, it is more important how we deal with the challenges. And this is exactly the point I want to get to, I would like to inspire and light a spark of enthusiasm, that could potentially lead to some action. Even something great could come out of this one act! Let’s all turn the tide and help inspire each other to reach a new level of awakening, into intelligent, visionary, and heart-centered Godlike men, who bravely unite with their powerful and awesome Goddesses. Together we take the leap of faith into an envisioned future that we only can catch a glimpse of at the moment. We are on the threshold, together. We are walking through the portal, hand in hand. We can only sense and imagine the contours of this new landscape. But one thing is for sure, this new landscape has been created in balance, divine balance between man and woman. A balanced upgraded man and his balanced upgraded woman. Centred and confident in his roots, with a deep knowing of who he is. Calm and grounded, using his heart to guide him and his intellect to invoke his curious nature..

Sacral chakra

While knitting, and as one enters this trance-like meditative state, there is a sacred power to be found. It is the creative force. The Sacral chakra spins around, round after round, keeping the pace with the orange ball of yarn, in united creative expression. The Sacral chakra is generally seen to be a feminine energy, as the root is keeping with a masculine energy, and the rest of the chakras follow, solar plexus is masculine, and heart again feminine. The Sacral chakra is located by the womb, and in Sanskrit the word for the womb, Yoni, means the sacred vessel, or sacred container. It can create the universe. As the fine woolen thread slowly slides between the fingers and takes shape, so does my thoughts, they travel wide and into the endless space of creation. The imagination holds the most amazing creative power, and I am conscious of the power of my thoughts to create. With a loving intention towards a vision of what the future ideally should hold for us all.  And what foundation it should rest on. In this way, we have the power to co-create our future, with the feminine creative force. By loving intention, we can bring in love and help increase the energetic vibration for everyone so that it is possible for us all to live according to our highest vibration of love. In Gregg Braden’s words, -The feeling is the prayer.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I love men! This is not intended to criticise or ridicule, only to inspire the true potential of who we are as men, or as women. I love the energy, the ability of men to take action, and the responsibility you guys take for your little “clan”. I adore the broad shoulders, and sinking down onto my beloved’s chest, feeling so protected by my man, knowing he “has my back”. And when the sun sets, he returns to his home, to support and care for his loved ones. I love a man with a big heart and a happy nature, who will not be intimidated by anything, and who is so secure in his masculinity that he is not worried about embracing his femininity. When he feels safe to express his feminine nature in his very own masculine way, living from both the mind and the heart, equally. Who cares for nature and every creature and plant in it. He deeply cares, because he knows that everything starts by caring. He is just because that is compassion. I love a man with big, warm hands, and feeling their gentle patient strokes on the skin. I love a man who is brave enough to listen from his heart, and he listens to his woman, making her feel like a goddess. I love a man who trusts life, and all its colors, and who has the capability to laugh from a place deep inside in the heart, and I love to hear how his laughter spreads out from this place deep inside and comes rumbling out through his beard. I love a man who is brave enough to let his feeling heart guide him in life. It is about balance. The same goes for a woman, she must be in tune with her divine masculine to embrace her divine feminine fully — then only can we step into our full potential.

Solar Plexus Chakra

For a long time, I have not been able to see Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the balanced states. All too often I observe men and women both lost, stuck in their misery, without the tools to move on from the situation. In Western society, we have been brought up to use our brain more than the heart, and it seems to create some split in us. There is no balance. Seen from above our culture seems to be in confusion, and so unhappy. We need security, to take action and improve our lives. Somehow society has reduced us to mindless robots, without the capacity to feel oneness. Oneness with nature, source energy, but also oneness and connectedness with each other. By taking action, and by being brave enough to let the heart lead the way, we see in a full perspective, and this is the perspective where we can solve our problems of the past.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. By mobilizing unknown resources inside, stepping into our true potential of action lead from the heart. Always from the heart.

Heart chakra

When a man can overcome the ego and the pride of the Solar Plexus energy that resides in him, that wants for him to be more successful than his woman, and be totally unafraid and even support her on her journey to success, magical things will happen! He then moves on from his stuck Solar Plexus energies, and steps into the heart energy. It is the greatest surrender he can do, and as it happens in him, he lifts his woman at the same time and updates her into her goddess nature. Nothing can hold her back anymore. And the same goes for himself, he is totally upgraded by acceptance and surrender, and he is transformed into his God-like state. They are free to enter into a divine partnership, without creating any more karma. They are both connected to Father Sky and Mother Earth. The heart is the bridge where the connection of the energies from grounding to the earth and cosmic spirituality meet.

Throat chakra

What a relief, all their words are now spoken with a wish to speak only truth, authentically and lovingly. This new energy spurs them both into unknown pools of creativity, where they are totally safe to be themselves. The release in this is felt so deeply in both of them, it is intense. They are free to pursue their soul’s purpose, their mission of being in service.

Third Eye chakra

They are now falling into ease in their own divine nature, and in this realization is the feeling of oneness with each other, oneness with all. Everything is visible, transparent. The transformation has already happened.

Crown chakra

The twin flame love allows them to enter pure consciousness, their own core beings. They are reunited forever, in the ultimate cosmic love. Everything is energy in its purest form.

As my knitted jumper is taking shape, I dare to hope. I dare to imagine… We are so loved by the universe, and all benevolent cosmic beings there, we will always deserve the best. Only the best is good enough for us gods and goddesses walking on the earth plane.

Everyone will be heard and appreciated

Everyone will be seen for who they truly are

Everyone is known in their fullest potential

Everyone is so loved

Everyone is shining in their true inner light, spreading their wings in flight

Everyone is living their life in bliss and ecstatic joy, according to our birthright

This is what we all wish for, in total faith that life will always support each and every one of us, love and care for us all in full abundance from a loving universe.

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