By Hilde H. Olsen and John Kearney

Cosmic, Divine Star Seeds

Trust is the key word that comes with putting these thoughts into words. Because the whole Catalyst Twin experience might seem like a waste of time and space. Why not just go directly into the Twin Flame Union? Well, the fact is, the whole twin flame template is a journey in itself, and to prepare you and help you open up your heart chakra, the Catalyst twin gets to play that part, and it seems it is an important one too.

The Spilt

Visualize yourself among 144 souls, cosmic star seeds like you. They are your soul-family, a group of souls that are so linked to you because you are created into the same soul group. All of you are sharing a similar soul purpose and life path. Among these 144 souls, 72 are feminine energy aspect and 72 are masculine energy aspect. When you meet any of these souls in your present life on the earth plane, you will feel a very close bond. It seems to be unexplainable, but you can feel it because the relationship crosses space and time. One of these souls is your twin flame. That is the one you were created with as one soul. With the split that happens to enter into the energetic density of the earth plane, this soul needs to devide into its feminine and masculine energetic frequency to become an incarnated light bearer on earth.

Separation is humanity’s biggest wound

If you were anything like me, then you have felt an intense longing for your other half since as long as you can remember. It is a part of your childhood even, a deep knowledge inside that leaves all doubt aside, your twin flame is out there somewhere… And you will never give up before you are together. Nothing can make you change your beliefs around this, it is truth for you, a deep inner truth. It might not make sense for those around you, but it makes total sense for you.

So why the catalyst twin then?

It might seem like there is no point to the catalyst twin, but even if that journey is so painful, it seems to be very necessary. In my experience, this is the part of the journey where you are assisted by your spirit team, your soul family in the intense heart chakra activation and heart opening. And not only that, your catalyst twin is your teacher, your guru, in how to get you ready for your twin flame union. The catalyst twin helps you to remember who you are, and a whole new level of intense energies will start to open up. You will channel knowledge and wisdom from your past lives, and many things in your life will make sense now and fall into the right perspective. You will expand in all your chakras, not only the heart, which means your sexual energies and the way you view sexuality will change. This takes you into the world of understanding divine sexuality, and if you are not already exploring the world of tantra, the purest form of tantra, then this is a good time to start.

If things are so great with the catalyst twin, why not just stay in that relationship?

Again, the catalyst twin is just your teacher, your guru, with or without conscious knowing. You will see very quickly that your relationship doesn’t work. Nothing works. There are so many signs even from the start, that this is not sustainable at all. And if you are anything like most people you will be clinging on to this relationship, thinking it is your twin flame, and you have to do everything to save it.

When your catalyst relationship ends…

There will be tears, and the most intense heartache you have ever felt. Imagine yourself back with the 144 cosmic star seeds again, and visualize all of you standing forming two circles, the 72 women in the inner circle and the 72 men in the outer circle. You are directly facing your twin flame. Your catalyst twin is standing next to your twin flame. That is why they can activate you in such an intense way, his or her light is so similar to your twin flame, it is easy to mistake them, especially when you have been longing and waiting for all those years. The yearning is so intense, you want to believe it is your twin, in spite of all the signs that he or she is really not the one you have been waiting for. No wonder it feels like it will rip you apart, the grief that fills you when you face the fact that this is a dead end. You still might not be aware of this relationship as anything else as your twin flame union. Let your heart heal. This is ultimately what the catalyst twin does for you, expand and heal your heart, after maybe thousands of years of longing, grief, sadness, and heartbreak. Take the time to heal, for me I was in this state of grieving for around 18 months… And to support my heart through it, I took homeopathic remedies, used numerous bottles of Mellisa essential oil, and generally anything I could think of to ease the pain. In the end, I resurfaced. The heart healing had prepared me to meet my twin flame.

Release your twin flame

Now is the time to love your self, and make your self happy. In all ways, you can think of. If you do not love yourself fully then how can your twin flame love you, as you are ultimately one. Love the parts of you-you find the hardest to love even. Make sure you are happy in your life, without your twin flame. Get yourself to the state that you claim responsibility fully for your own happiness and fill your days with joy and wonder. Be happy for no reason. It is a good idea to consciously manifest your twin of course, but feel yourself letting go and release him or her. Feel how you are non-attached to the outcome. As soon as you let go, the magic happens.

Like magnets

It is unavoidable, you just stay in a high vibration of love and trust and manifestation. Trust that your twin flame union is happening. Trust that it is ongoing actually. See it as if it is already here. The two of you are like magnets, and the energetic pull is so awesome, the laws of physics can’t defy this intense love!


We will end this post the way we started it, all is well, trust that. You have a mission to fulfil. The universe and your whole cosmic intergalactic team is aligning to make sure your divine mission will succeed. Trust in that.

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