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By Gitte Lassen

Founder of and co-founder of Academy of Health Mastery,

When you hear the word success, is your first association an older white business man?

And next greed, power hunger, wealth abuse, corruption?

For most of my life I’ve had a love/hate relationship with success. Sure, I wanted it for myself but as an enlightened being I could not condone success when it was, and is, success-at-the-expense-of-others, success-sourced-in-greed, success-creating-corruption, hoarding wealth, abusing wealth and power, and so on.

So, I’ve been teetering, for decades, on the razor’s edge of having enough success but not too much and erring on the side of too little. (Totally sucks, by the way.)

So, something had to give.

And that something ended up being the creation of a completely new paradigm of success, one that is based on supreme authenticity and sourced in your Soul and its fullest expression into your human life. I call it sovereign and sacred success.

And, my God, what freedom it has given me even though it meant I’ve had to dig deep, very deep, to replace my old paradigm of empowerment with the new of Sovereignty; it is hard work, as you would guess.

But what it means is that I can now move forward creating ever increasing success without having to fight myself, without holding myself back at the same time I’m pushing forward.

In fact, there is no pushing anymore.

I effortlessly flow toward success, just like it was always meant to be.

After Empowerment, Sovereignty

Empowerment is becoming the new normal. Not quite as much as I’d like but more and more people are becoming empowered every day all over the world — and isn’t it wonderful?

For our purpose here, empowerment is the end result of personal development work, therapy, emotional healing, trauma work, addiction and codependence healing etc. You feel good about yourself, you don’t beat yourself up, you take responsibility for your own life, you live your truth. Pain is gone, life is wonderful.

And yet, after a while it becomes apparent there’s more in you wanting to come out. There’s more potential hiding inside of you, pushing to be set free. What once gave you joy, doesn’t anymore. Actually, you might even be kind of bored. Life is ‘meh’ instead of glorious. And you look around and can’t understand why, it doesn’t make any sense since everything is as good as it’s always been.

(It’s your Soul, knowing that once you’ve completed the human journey to empowerment, you are now ready to grow into true sovereignty — but you don’t know this yet!)

So you go back to the things that have helped you become empowered: therapy, coaching, NLP, positive thinking, affirmations, meditation, yoga, shamanism… It all helps a bit but it’s not quite giving you the results you’re looking for!

And, truthfully it won’t, no matter how much of it you do. And no matter how many different coaches you try and how much you meditate and how much you do of whatever it is. Because those methods are all helpful to boost your journey to empowerment but inadequate and insufficient to become Sovereign.

To become Sovereign, you have to raise your values higher, and then higher again and again, than you ever would have thought would be realistic and acceptable and be part of your reality. You have to take responsibility for creating a life that never compromises on those values, never ever ever! You have to be willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your desires from a space of full authenticity. And you have to own your full identity as a Creator: You command the Power of Creation. I know it sounds like empowerment but trust me, it’s a completely new state of being.

The journey from empowered to Sovereign is the journey of stepping out of your human personality and into serving your Soul by letting it infuse all of your life, letting it determine your desires, your decisions, your actions. Letting it lead the way. You are in effect giving up being a human being on a spiritual journey and making the shift, not just as a concept but concretely and for real, to be a spiritual being on a human journey.

No longer is your mind, feelings and beliefs leading the way. No longer are obligations, promises, commitments leading the way. No longer do you look at what the world has to offer and create your own place in it. No longer do you let your human need for safety and approval and love lead the way. No longer does being nice have a place in your life, only truth matters.

You can no longer accept playing small (yes, even if you’re empowered you’re still playing small in the eyes of your Soul).

You have to crack open and let all of your Soul Self come out and play on the human playground.

And once you do, your Soul will begin to whisper to you what is next. All the time, not only on special occasions because it knows that now you’ve surrendered yourself to it. It whispers through your intuition: Do this next, do that next. Leave this behind, take that leap of faith. Create this, take that action. Follow that nudge, notice the ideas popping up in your mind.

There is only one way to become Sovereign and that’s to follow your intuition unquestioningly, no matter where it takes you. It’s not a journey for the faint of heart (human heart). Rather, it’s a journey for those of us who can’t deny the desire for more and for better: a better life and a better world for everyone. We are moved by the calling of our Soul and compassion for the world. It’s important we heed the Soul’s calling because the best way to make this world a better place is to become Sovereign and live infused with the light and energy of our Soul, so it radiates brightly and divinely into the world.

But also, sweet surrender, so so sweet surrender. Because it’s also surrender to God as love as truth and our truth as spiritual beings before we were ever human.

When the success you create for yourself is compelled by intuitive whispers from your Soul, when it comes about as a series of leaps of faith, so many in fact that it’s become flight of faith, then success is not only sovereign but also sacred.

The Universal Principles of Feminine and Masculine

The universal, divine masculine principle is to Provide, Protect & Pamper. When it’s perverted and out of control we get Greed, Conquer and Corruption, and it should go without saying that it’s been running rampant in our world for the last several millennia.

The inverses, divine feminine principle is to Desire, Decree & Receive. When it’s perverted and out of control we get Control, Anxiety and Neediness. And guess what? That’s also been running rampant in our world for millennia.

To have sovereign success, we have to step out of the perverted forms of the masculine and feminine principles and into their divine true expression.

The feminine principle is also the Yin principle. It’s the void of the Cosmos, it’s the Dark, it is unlimited possibilities, it is chaos, it is death and rebirth and it is spirituality. It’s our multidimensional Soul Self.

The masculine principle is also the Yang principle. It’s our Earth existence, the Light, transmuting energy into physical form, it is structure and order, it is healing and it is materiality. It is our three-dimensional human being-ness.

Desire is born in the divine feminine as an expression of the Soul, decreed to the masculine who provides and pampers to the feminine, who receives — and the masculine protects.

The desire birthed out of the divine feminine chaos has its source in your Soul. Transmuting the desire into physical form is your divine masculine, also an expression of your divine Soul, and also the conduit through which your Soul inhabits Earth life and humanness.

When we up-level into the divine feminine and divine masculine, we surrender to our Soul. When we live and create success from our Soul, we live and we do our Soul’s Work, it cannot be otherwise.

Your success has become not only sovereign but also sacred; your Soul’s Work will always be sacred, it’s an expression of the divine.

Sacred Success is what success was meant to be. It’s based on our divinity, channelled from our Soul through our human being. It’s the most authentic expression of who we are as spiritual beings.

Manifesting into Life through the Chakras

The chakras are the vehicle of the divine masculine through which the feminine principle’s desire is manifested and given material form in our human life.

Starting from top and going down through the chakras, here’s an overview of how each play an important role in manifesting success.

The Soul sends an energetic code to you via your crown chakra, your connection to the divine, that it’s time to create something or take an action. What’s important to notice here is that the impulse to create or do is entirely coming from your Soul, not your mind or beliefs or obligations, etc.

Your third eye chakra, the chakra of envisioning and imagination, ‘installs’ the code and unscrambles it to something that your mind can understand. A visual, an idea, a curiosity, an urge, words lingering in your mind, a direct knowing — it’s your intuition being received and acknowledged. If you’re a painter, it will most likely be a vision of your next painting. When I create a program, I will know what specific energy codes I want my participants to have embodied, what their transformation will have been on an energy level, at the end of the program.

Your throat chakra, your chakra of self-expression, figures out the practical details. If you’re a painter, it might be the specifics of the painting: canvas size, medium choices, style. For me, creating the program, it will be the what, why and how of it.

Then it sinks into your heart chakra, which is all about love. The truth is, if you don’t love the idea of the final result enough it will never happen. So, this is all about loving your idea so much you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. For the artist, it’s loving the vision of the final painting. For me and my program, it’s loving the transformation I know my clients will receive so much that I will do the work necessary to make it come true.

The solar plexus chakra is clarity of mind and your power to and power for. Here your motivation begins to filter into the realm of physicality as you gain clarity about the actions that you need to take. For the artist, it’s buying a new canvas and gathering the paints. For me and my program, it’s giving my content concrete down whether it’s PowerPoint presentations, videos, writing something or promoting it.

Trickling down into the sacral chakra, your chakra that holds your power as Creator and where you create something out of nothing, is where it takes final shape. You are creating something that has never existed before, it’s no longer a concept but a concrete act of Creation. As a painter, you’re the Creator of something that has never existed before. As for me and my program, I’ve created a powerful means of transforming and up-leveling people’s energy codes.

Finally, in the root chakra, the chakra of everything material, it’s sent out into the world as a finished concrete and physical object. The painter shows and sells her paintings and I invite people to join my program.

Final words

We were born to successfully express our Soul into our human life. It’s been my desire to show that success can be a spiritual expression of your most beautiful, glorious, highest Self, your Soul.

Suffering and persistent struggle is unnatural and abhorrent as is any kind of success that is built on suffering, harm and abuse. But just because the world has for millennia been indulging in the unenlightened success of the perverted and out of control masculine and feminine energies, we don’t have to continue it.

We can claim our right to success without guilt when it’s the channelling and fullest expression of our Soul into our human life.

And honestly? I think we should. Success needs to be sovereign and sacred if we are to make this world a better place.

About the author

Gitte Lassen is the founder of Sisters of Sacred Success — The School where she helps students make the journey from empowered to Sovereign and create sacred success. Gitte has been giving the gift of being able to pinpoint the exact nature of people’s Soul’s Work and is a Bespoke Business Architect, basing her business coaching on helping holistic and spiritual healers and entrepreneurs create a business structure that amplifies their Soul’s Work for greater impact and highest success. Find Gitte at and on Facebook:

This article was in part inspired by Lorna Johnson and her teachings.

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