Winter Is Coming: Coldest Arctic Outbreak In At Least Two Decades Is Possible This Week In Parts Of The USA Midwest

Weather forecasters are predicting extreme cold temperatures to hit the USA next week as explained in this article from the Weather Channel. Temperatures and Wind-chill levels may hit measurements not seen in decades. Climate Change experts have indicated that these cold temperatures at low latitudes are due to shrinking Arctic sea ice and other global warming factors that are causing a breakup of the Arctic Vortex weather pattern. This break causes cold weather patterns that would normally exist only in northern and arctic regions to shift south. Therefore, Tuntrelife decided to provide links to a series of articles explaining how this is possible. These articles will help explain How Global Warming and the breakup of the Polar Vortex is causing cold the weather in 2019. So put on your hats and gloves, try to stay warm, and take a look.

Recent January Cold Weather Temperatures 

Below are quotes from this Weather Channel Article regarding cold temps felt in parts of the USA since January 19, 2019:

  • “Madison, Wisconsin, set a daily record low of 23 degrees below zero on early Saturday which is their coldest morning since Feb. 3, 1996.”
  • “Saturday morning, Dubuque, Iowa, and Moline, Illinois, set daily record lows of minus 20 degrees and minus 22 degrees, respectively.”
  • “Chicago and Milwaukee dipped below zero for the first time this season Friday morning.”
  • “Worcester, Massachusetts, tied its daily record low of minus 6 degrees Jan. 21. The wind chill at that time was minus 34 degrees.”
  • “Muskegon, Michigan, set a daily record low of minus 12 degrees Jan. 21, topping the previous record for Jan. 21 of minus 5 degrees.”
  • “Temperatures dropped into the 30s and 40s below zero last weekend (Jan. 19-20) in northern Minnesota, though no daily record lows were set.”

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